Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mona Charen's Fantasy World

I just completed reading Jewish neo-con Mona Charen's book Do-Gooders: How Liberals Hurt the People They Claim to Help. All the usual arguments against liberals and their deranged domestic agenda. Not bad as far as it goes, but it's all been said before, and better. Nyeh.

But to me there is one fascinating aspect about this book. Mona Charen, this Jewess, manages to write a book about politics, published in the year 2005, and she never mentions the word "Iraq" once. The word "Iraq" doesn't even appear in the index.

It's like the whole thing just isn't happening, and she's living in some weird pre-9/11 world. And it's not because Mona Charen isn't a big Israel-Firster. She is, and she's screamed for Israel on more than one occasion in her columns. So she's just deliberately ignoring it. Pretending the whole terrible muddle doesn't even exist.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, and Mona Charen isn't the only one! The Salem Radio Network supposedly a Christian Radio Network of stations controlled by North Carolina Baptists have allowed false prophets which happen to be Jewish to take over their network and effectively control what is dispersed to the sheeple (Goyim). Michael Medved is another such creature on this network which promote Israel and the New World Order first, and of course America LAST. Maybe the herd is finally waking up to these phonies!

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