Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Making Millions Disappear

Assorted gibbering Jews in the "right-wing" Israeli media keep asking what Iz-ra-hell will gain from the Gaza pullout?

Well, one thing they will gain is that, on paper at least, they will make 1.5 million Palestinians disappear. The teeming Gaza population will no longer be statistically counted as under Israeli occupation and officially, anyway, the population of "Greater Israel" will drop by one and a half million Arabs, with the Jewish "majority" rising accordingly.

You see, right now the biggest threat to Israel's existence is what is referred to as the demographic time bomb, i.e. the fact that the Arabs are reproducing at almost five times the rate of the Jews. Or as one spluttering rabbi put it, "Arab women are in the delivery rooms bearing another generation of Arabs; Jewish women are lounging on the beaches or gossiping in beauty parlors having their nails done."

It seems that Jews are just as vulnerable to the poisoned lures of feminism and materialism as Whites are--or secular Jews are, anyway. Living a luxurious middle-class life style in the Israeli manner means only one or two little hebelets while Daddystein and Mommystein both work. The only Jews having large families in Israel these days are what is known as haredi, or ultra-Orthodox hebes who wear those weird getups their ancestors wore in the Polish shtetls. (Damn, those things must be hot in the desert!)

The haredi don't work, by the by--thanks to the numerous little religious parties, they are paid generous stipends by the state to sit around on their asses all day and study Torah, and every now and then go dancing around in the street waving wine bottles and doing the Fiddler on the Roof number. All very picturesque for the tourists, no doubt, but it it doesn't do much for the basket case Israeli economy. Oh, and the Orthodox kids don't have to go into the army and get bombed and shot at by the Pals, either, which makes them real popular with their secular neighbors.

Anyway, at some point in time the Pals are going to wake up and realize that this two-state nonsense is bull, and was always pretty much a con to maintain control by the Arafat/Tunis old guard of the PLO. They are going to come to understand that the best way for them to go in order to get their country back is the South Africa way, i.e. demand citizenship in Iz-ra-hell and the vote.

We are supposed to be in the process of conquering the Middle East in the name of democracy, and so it would be pretty hard for Jug-Ears and his neo-con crew to resist the slogan of "one man, one vote" in Palestine--since within the next ten years, the Jews will be outnumbered.

That basically is what the Gaza pullout is about (besides Ariel Sharon trying to change the subject and avoid indictment of himself and his sons on corruption charges.) It's about eliminating 1.5 million potential voters. Casting them off into outer darkness. Of course, those 1.5 million Arabs will still actually be there in reality--and very, very pissed off. With reason. As bad as the West Bank is, Israel has turned Gaza into a hell on earth, the world's largest open-air prison, something out of Escape from New York.

Arabs have long memories--they still refer to American soldiers in Iraq as "Crusaders." Somehow, I think those 1.5 million will find some way to remind the Jews of their existence from time to time.


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