Saturday, August 27, 2005

Gotta Have Them Boots On The Ground

You all know why they're closing all those military bases around the country and cannibalizing all the equipment and facilities, right?

It's because the Empire doesn't have enough troops even to keep things minimally stable any more in Iraq. The 140,000 or so troops they've got in Iraq right now simply aren't enough, never were enough, to keep an entire nation in subjection. And those 140,000 are already worn to a frazzle--some of those soldiers and Marines are starting their third tour in three years in that hellhole. Their morale is low, their equipment falling to pieces, more and more of them are committing suicide and self-inflicting wounds to get out of there, and the whole occupation is starting to come apart.

The neo-cons are going to be dragging every OD green body they can over there to keep the lid on, including the tens of thousands who have been on garrison duty in all those old Cold War bases they're closing now. Clerks, clooks, technical people, whatever. Everybody in the Army is going to get a chance to be an infantryman and play John Wayne now, eh?

And when that fails--and when the neo-cons understand that they don't have enough manpower to hang onto Iraq, never mind invade Iran and Syria and Saudi Arabia and Egypt--then they're either going to have to give up their plans for world conquest, or else bring back the draft.

Which do you think it will be?


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