Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Fat Man Must Be Sweating

Israeli police arrested a soldier yesterday who had gone AWOL from his unit, on charges of planning to assassinate Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in an attempt to stop the Gaza pullout.

Admittedly, this assassin wasn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. His asking the way to Sycamore Ranch, Ariel Sharon's private estate (did I mention it's the largest private landholding in Iz-ra-hell?) and stating "I want to shoot the Prime Minister" kind of gave the game away.

Still--as one who knows just how kooky those hebes in the little blue knitted beanies can be, I imagine the fat man is sweating these days. After all, Yigal Amir got close enough to Rabin to plug his kosher ass. And with all those nutty rabbis and Meir Kahane wannabes running around on the West Bank--well, all it takes is one man and one bullet, and Iz-ra-hell is small enough to where that one man and one bullet can change history.


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