Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bush's Social Security Rip-Off Stalled

The Social Security system celebrated its 70th birthday recently, and to everyone's relief it's still intact, despite the efforts of Jug-Ears to dismantle it and hand over all that lovely money to his cronies on Wall Street to play with. Bush's plan to "fix Social Security" seems dead in the water, probably due to the fact that it's such an obvious scam to get the Social Security account, the only remaining government fund that's in the black, into private hands. Amazingly, there seems to still be a few things the neo-cons can't get away with. Americans pay more attention to their own wallets than they do to minor things like declaring war on Iraq.

Granted, there is a problem with Social Security. In a few years, the Baby Boomers are going to start retiring and there are going to be more people drawing on the fund than there are paying into it. The solution is to quit pouring money down the rathole of Iraq and top up the Social Security fund as needed with the dollars we'd save by not trying to conquer the world...but NOOOOO. Many pundits and left-wing media propagandists claim that this is one reason why we need massive Third World immigration in this country, since White people are no longer having babies in any demographically significant numbers. Supposedly all those wonderful brown young people are all working legally and paying their withholding taxes, and joyfully contributing towards the retirement of all us White folks.

That's bushwah (or Bushwah?) The majority of our beloved Third World immigrants are working completely off paper and not paying withholding tax one, while drawing every available welfare benefit. But that's still not the main point of Social Security "reform." Jug-Ears is in fact coming to bury Social Security, not to save it.

It's partly ideological. For generations, America has been ruled from the back rooms and boardrooms by country club Republicans (and Democrats), soulless white men and Jews in business suits who believe in what is known as laissez-faire capitalism, i.e. screw thy neighbor. Their ancestors in the nineteenth century were black-moustachio'd villains who evicted poor widows and orphans out into the snow and made little children work fourteen hours a day in the mines and mills. They hate labor unions and hate anything that stands in the way of their making money hand over fist. These are the people who gave us NAFTA in their eternal search for cheap, disposable labor, and who are about to give us CAFTA.

These people hate Social Security because from their point it gives away precious money to useless old White people, money they could be using to rampage through the stock market with, money that could be used to stock mini-bars in their hotel suites and buy corporate executives more Rolls and Lear jets.

The suits have had their knives sharpened for Social Security, in their Victorian lust to un-do the very last remaining significant piece of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's hated New Deal. In essence, the Bush "reform" plan would transform Social Security from a social insurance program into a mutual fund, with nothing except a name in common with the system originally created to let working people retire with some dignity and safety.

Under the "reformed" system a worker begins slaving for the Judaeo-capitalist state at age sixteen or so, pays into Social Security all his life, and instead of receiving a guaranteed benefit at his retirement at age 65, what he gets, if anything, depends on his "investment" has done. He isn't paying into a central kitty any more, he has given his retirement money to a group of Enron style soulless men in suits to "invest" for him in whatever Ivan Boesky-style junk bonds come along.

The "reformers" claim benefits would still be "guaranteed." Guaranteed with what? Instead of putting the money in the bank, so to speak, it is being taken to the casino of the stock market and put on the table for gambling purposes. Suppose it is lost? There is no way on earth any government can "guarantee" a gamble. Oh, did I mention they keep raising the retirement age for full benefits higher and higher? It's now officially 67, and it will be 70 soon.

Bush has already neo-conned us into this stupid war in Iraq and thrown open our borders to the mudflow. It's not too late to raise enough holy hell to keep his kosher hands off our retirement money.


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