Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Looting the Big Easy

Rampaging nigger looters in New Orleans--even in the face of their own demise from starvation, thirst, and disease, the first instinct of the negroid is to try and steal from the White man.

The rate of looting in Mississippi and Alabama is significantly less--those coastal areas are much Whiter, hence less criminality. A simple matter of demographics. More niggers, more looting. Fewer niggers, less looting.

I wonder how long the media will be able to cover this story without someone publicly stating what we can all see with our own eyes on CNN.

Race matters.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mona Charen's Fantasy World

I just completed reading Jewish neo-con Mona Charen's book Do-Gooders: How Liberals Hurt the People They Claim to Help. All the usual arguments against liberals and their deranged domestic agenda. Not bad as far as it goes, but it's all been said before, and better. Nyeh.

But to me there is one fascinating aspect about this book. Mona Charen, this Jewess, manages to write a book about politics, published in the year 2005, and she never mentions the word "Iraq" once. The word "Iraq" doesn't even appear in the index.

It's like the whole thing just isn't happening, and she's living in some weird pre-9/11 world. And it's not because Mona Charen isn't a big Israel-Firster. She is, and she's screamed for Israel on more than one occasion in her columns. So she's just deliberately ignoring it. Pretending the whole terrible muddle doesn't even exist.


Monday, August 29, 2005

"We Ah Gathuhed Heah Today..."

Ironic Negroid Humor Department: I notice that when the authorities were herding all those inner city monkoids in Nw Orleans into the Superdome to save them from the wrath of God as expressed in Hurricane Katrina, the process of packing about 20,000 of them in there was somewhat delayed due to the necessity of the police searching the "evacuees" for guns and drugs before they entered.

Cain't hab de brothuhs throwin' down and doin' dat gang-bangin' and blowin' smoke while Mother Nature rages outside, now, can we? Especially with all those news cameras around.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Raving Monkoid

You might want to check out the following site just to remind yourself of what life is like outside the Cosby Show:

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Gotta Have Them Boots On The Ground

You all know why they're closing all those military bases around the country and cannibalizing all the equipment and facilities, right?

It's because the Empire doesn't have enough troops even to keep things minimally stable any more in Iraq. The 140,000 or so troops they've got in Iraq right now simply aren't enough, never were enough, to keep an entire nation in subjection. And those 140,000 are already worn to a frazzle--some of those soldiers and Marines are starting their third tour in three years in that hellhole. Their morale is low, their equipment falling to pieces, more and more of them are committing suicide and self-inflicting wounds to get out of there, and the whole occupation is starting to come apart.

The neo-cons are going to be dragging every OD green body they can over there to keep the lid on, including the tens of thousands who have been on garrison duty in all those old Cold War bases they're closing now. Clerks, clooks, technical people, whatever. Everybody in the Army is going to get a chance to be an infantryman and play John Wayne now, eh?

And when that fails--and when the neo-cons understand that they don't have enough manpower to hang onto Iraq, never mind invade Iran and Syria and Saudi Arabia and Egypt--then they're either going to have to give up their plans for world conquest, or else bring back the draft.

Which do you think it will be?

Friday, August 26, 2005

Zundel Mail Intercepted

Aparently the German prison authorities are interfering with Ernst's mail. I will publish more details as I get them.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Who Is George Lincoln Rockwell?

[No, I haven't forgotten what day it is. - HAC]

George Lincoln Rockwell was born in Bloomington, Illinois, in the home of his maternal grandfather, on March 9, 1918. His father was a very successful headline comedian from 1912 until about 1935. His ancestors were German, French, English, and Scotch, numbering among them many Revolutionary War figures and going back to Marie Antoinette, the French Queen.

Rockwell stayed in Bloomington, Illinois, only until he was old enough to get out of the hospital, when he was taken on the vaudeville circuit by his parents. He then spent some time in New Jersey, New York, and California, but most of his youthn was spent in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. He attended Hebron Academy, a prep school near Lewiston, Maine after which he entered Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, majoring in philosophy. In college, Rockwell enjoyed and did well in the sciences and other objective courses, but fought blindly and instinctively against the "sociology" and other similar departments which, unknown to him, were then preaching the Marxist environmentalism and equalism which has played such havoc with our human, biological sciences.

Leaving Brown in the middle of his junior year in 1940, when it became obvious that the U.S. would get into World War Two, Rockwell enlisted as a seaman in the United States Navy in Boston, Massachusetts. By the outbreak of World War Two on December 7, 1941 he had entered naval aviation, and became a scout pilot and a fighter pilot. He served aboard the U. S. S. Omaha in the South Atlantic and off North Africa during the invasion. He was then sent to the Naval Photographic School for pilots and assigned to the U.S.S. Wasp, and from there went to the Pacific theater. He became a Commander of Forward Air Control Operations for Marine Corps assault troops. He was at Guadalcanal, Guam, and other Pacific hot spots. At the end of World War II he was commanding officer of a squadron in Hawaii, earning nine decorations.

Released from active duty, Rockwell attended Pratt Institute art school in New York, working part time in advertising and commercial art. In 1948, while still at Pratt, he won first prize of $1,000 in the National Society of Illustrators competition for a full page newspaper ad for the American Cancer Society. Although still in the ready reserves as Commanding Officer of a squadron in Washington, D.C. he launched a new magazine, "U. S. Lady", for the wives of U. S. service men. In 1949, Rockwell founded the first big national advertising agency in the state of Maine. Recalled for the Korean War in 1950, he trained Marine and Navy pilots in close support of troops and then was transferred to Iceland, where he became commanding officer of a squadron at Keflavik.

At about this time he became deeply concerned about the way all he had fought for in two wars was being turned over to Communism. He noticed that almost all of the convicted Communist spies and traitors such as Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Nathan Silvermaster, Harry Dexter White (Weiss), Robert Soblen, Morton Sobell, David Greenglass, Judith Coplon, Harry Gold, Miriam Moskowitz, Fred Rosenberg, and Sam Cohen (chief Communist spies caught in Canada) and most of the Communist intellectual leaders such as Herbert and Bettina Aptheker, were racial Jews. He was especially shocked to find that "Who's Who In World Jewry", published b the Jews themselves, listed many of these atheist Communists very proudly as Jews, even though Rockwell then believed Jews were just a religion.

Observing that Hitler had said that Communism was Jewish, and that the Jews were out to degenerate and conquer the White race by subversion and race-mixing, Rockwell bought a copy of MEIN KAMPF and read it, even though he thought he already knew what was in it from all he'd heard. He was astounded to find that it was actually a brilliant analysis of the mess Western Civilization had gotten into, and the only plan he'd ever seen for the White race to save itself.

For a number of years, he tried to work with various "right wing" organizations, all of whom believed, as he did for a while, that it was necessary to disguise one's belief in Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. Finally disgusted with the emptiness, the weakness, the hypocrisy and especially the cowardice of the so-called "conservatives", Rockwell determined to ATTACK at last, flying the Swastika banner which had come so close to saving Western civilization and the White race. "Since our Cause is fundamentally the truth," he explained to horrified friends, "I do not see how we can win by lying or misrepresenting what we are for fear of the Jews.The only time in the hundred years of the rise of Communism that this plague has ever actually been BEATEN, it was beaten not by 'conservatives' but by radicals and fighters whom the enemy called Nazis and Fascists and whomthey really did fear. Only in Germany, Spain and Italy has Communism ever been conquered. We are damned fools to be afraid to follow the only examples that ever worked!"

He hung up a Nazi banner in front of his home and dared the Jews to do something about it. They---and their friends and dupes---came in droves and mobs to do something about it, but Rockwell survived all the shooting, the rocks and other Jewish "arguments". The publicity gave him a much-needed platform from which to call the attention of his fellow Americans to the increasingly desperate situation of America and our great White family of peoples.

Rockwell believed it was time for the White man to take America back from the aliens, the minorities, and the terrorists in power, under the demagoguery of cheap politicians. To accomplish this Rockwell believed he had to win not the few in the right wing, or the upper classes, but the millions and millions of our people. And to win these people he had to offer them something besides a lot of empty platitudes about freedom and the Constitution. Only National Socialism offered a positive and progressive program for ALL Aryan people, rather than just the middle and upper classes, and combined a concern for the purity and protection of the White race with a fighting determination to stop all further mongrelization of our people.

Within five years Rockwell had led the Nazi Party from a tiny and scorned band of roughnecks willing to take to the streets to fight treason and race-mixing, to a Party which had headquarters in Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, and most major cities, and commanded the grudging respect of the enemy, even though there was powerful censorship of the American right to know what Rockwell was doing.

Under Commander Rockwell, the Party published the ROCKWELL REPORT, the STORMTROOPER, and the NATIONAL SOCIALIST WORLD, along with bulletins for Party members only. Rockwell had plans to organize the White Guard---young, White fighting men to help protect society from the black and Red revolution which had already conquered the police departments of Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland and many other cities.

George Lincoln Rockwell is the father of the present-day racialist movement in the U.S. and the founder of American National Socialism. For most of his turbulent career as Commander of the A.N.P, Rockwell lived a shadowy existence on the fringes of the American political scene. He was misunderstood and rejected by the vast majority of his fellow White Americans, whom he loved dearly. He and his tiny band of "roughnecks" were alternately cursed, ridiculed and ignored by the mass media. They fought street battles without end against Communist and Jewish thugs who sought to silence them by force, and spent many a night in jail, courtesy of hostile politicians and police officers. Throughout it all, Lincoln Rockwell's warrior spirit of courage, idealism, and heroic defiance was never crushed.

His years of persistence finally paid off in 1966, when thousands of White men, women, and youth in Chicago followed his leadership in a spontaneous uprising against efforts forcibly to integrate all-White working class neighborhoods. The uprising culminated in the now-famous White People's March of September 10th, 1966, in which hundreds of Whites followed Commander Rockwell's leadership under the sign of the Swastika.

Tragically, within a year Lincoln Rockwell was dead. On August 25th, 1967 this authentic American hero was murdered in Arlington, Virginia, under circumstances which have never been satisfactorily cleared up but which point very heavily towards the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, and also to at least some involvement on the part of the man who seized control of the Nazi headquarters and "succeeded" Rockwell. The trigger man was later convicted and received a short prison term; his accomplices in the corridors of power and the traitor within the headquarters who made the phone call telling the gunman where Rockwell would be were never charged or punished.

Yet although Lincoln Rockwell died on that dark Friday in August, his heroic spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of White men and women everywhere who continue to draw inspiration from his mighty example.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Transfer Is Feasible

Another profound lesson from the Israeli evacuation of Gaza: the transfer of inconvenient populations from place to place and out of certain areas where they are not wanted, and where their presence is causing trouble, is in fact possible, when it is approached methodically with the power of a government behind it on one hand (Israel in this case) and motivated by an armed revolutionary movement (the Palestinians) on the other.

Racial demographics are not chiseled in granite. It is possible for nation-states to assign and apportion land for the use of specific racial and ethnic groups, and to ban and remove undesirable racial and ethnic groups from specific geographical areas. Israel just did it, right in front of our eyes.

Granted, this thing in Gaza is very small scale. But it was accomplished a lot faster and more efficiently than anyone thought possible, once the Fat Man put his mind to it, quit screwing around, and actually sent in the troops to re-adjust that border and load those kikes onto the buses.

Clearly, population transfer is not just a relic of World War Two. (Stalin transferred populations within the USSR all the time without a peep of protest from the world liberal establishment.) Transfer is a viable and possible,permissible solution to the world's problems. Because the government doing it this time was Jewish, they were able to accomplish it without all the screams about "ethnic cleansing" and all the threats from the United Nations.

In other words, if the political will exists, we really can remove the non-white population from three Pacific Northwest states and create a territory for Whites only. All we need to do is to change our thinking and recover our ancient courage.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

A Historic Moment

I'm leaving this blog up for a couple of days, and no, I'm not just being lazy. This is something really important, and I want to make sure everyone reads this and internalizes it. We are at a crossroads in history.

I admit it. Sydney Greenstreet lookalike Ariel Sharon sure as hell fooled me. He really did it. The Fat Man dragged those obnoxious hebes in the knitted blue kipas kicking and screaming out of Gaza. He did it for all the wrong reasons, i.e. to avoid a corruption indictment against himself and his sons and to avoid leaving the office of Israeli prime minister in disgrace and going to prison for his greed and his fraud, but never mind--he did it. The Fat Man came through. Good for him.

This is a genuinely historic moment. For the first time since 1939, the Jewish people have been forced to surrender their ill-gotten gains and give back something they stole. This is something that no one living has ever seen.

For the first time since 1939 there is now a portion of the earth--a small sliver of land, granted, but still somewhere--where it is illegal to be a Jew. And that's sure as hell something that hasn't been seen in the memory of anyone living, except for a few very old German grandpas and grandmas.

For the first time in the history of the Zionist experiment, the Jews have specifically been forced to disgorge stolen land in Palestine and return it to its original Muslim owners. This is unheard-of. Since the first kibbutzes in the 1890s, the Jews have always swallowed land in Palestine like some gigantic serpent, never returning any of it.

(Although my skepticism does re-assert itself a bit here. Will the actual Palestinian Arabs themselves ever get to walk on the beach and sea the ocean most of them have never even seen even though they live a mile away? Or will some kind of "international commission" or "development authority" seize control of the evacuated territory to build a casino or something of the kind, and the true owners of the land still be kept out so the beaches can be kept pristine for the affluent Euro-tourists? Or only allowed in as cheap labor for whatever corrupt capitalist boondoggle takes the place of the settlements?)

But whatever happens, this week the Zionist tide reached its highest crest in Gaza and began to recede. The screaming, sobbing settlers are right about one thing: this is the first step in the end of Israel. When I was younger I never thought I would see the end of Communism; now it exists only in two small countries, North Korea and Cuba, and on a few American university campuses. The Berlin Wall is down and now it's possible we may live to see the spanking new Wall of Palestine fall as well.

Next on the "disengagement" list: that plague spot in Hebron! I REALLY want to see the soldiers dragging away that asshole David Wilder!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Stop Your Sobbing!

Personal Thanks

Friday night I had a visit. I came home and saw a man running to the back door. With, as I later realized, my laptop, my watch, and some cash. I called a friend, but she had little time for me: her sister in Ramat Gan had just enjoyed a similar visit; they even took her car. Another friend took my case as an alarm, in vain: a week later their house in Hod HaSharon was broken into while they were sleeping. My blacksmith in Netanya wasn't surprised: "I've been in this business for 30 years, and never seen a flood like this week. I now take orders exclusively from clients who had a burglary."

The entire Israeli police force is in and around Gaza. Except for a few units left over to break the bones of the peaceful anti-wall demonstrators in Bil'in, the Israeli forces are all in the South. The Masters of the State are struggling with the Masters of the Land, and we, common Israelis, have to live with rising criminality. Thank you, dear settlers.

Our Poor Settlers

You won't find a word about the wave of crime in the Israeli media. The media in now in "empathy mode": we are celebrating the terrible suffering of our brothers the settlers.

Oh, how they suffer. It breaks one's heart. "People are thrown to the street," said Rabbi Shlomo Aviner from Bet-El, who infiltrated Gaza to incite his disciples. "Our life was stopped, and it will never resume," mourns one settler.

"My mother was taken out of her home and put on a bus in Poland," cries another victim, "and now they're going to do the same to me." The same, sure thing. "They're going to destroy 20 synagogues, almost like in Kristallnacht," complains a third idiot. Some of them say it out loud: "it's a Holocaust." Perhaps even worse?

"If Gentiles had done this to me, it would have been better; but Jews…" one settler said on television. Ha'aretz journalist Ari Shavit – once the hope of Israel's peace camp, now a sickening right-winger – draws an analogy between a bereaved settler's lost son and her house: "Just as her son is no longer with her, so her home will not be hers."

Losing a son, leaving a house – it's all the same. It seems that the more the settlers defy and despise democracy, morality, rationality, history, even the Holocaust, the stronger the media embraces them. Not to portray them as lunatics, but as traumatized victims whose deranged behavior is the ultimate evidence for their suffering.

The "poor settlers" image dominates the Israeli media not because it is in love with the settlers, but because it is obedient. Prime Minister Sharon wants the eviction to be portrayed as a huge national trauma – as a means against any future withdrawals – so that's what the media is doing. The narrative adopted is the settlers' narrative. The tears dripping from my television set day and night are shed by both the settlers and the evicting forces, and it's the same tears: both sides share a narrative that portrays the removal of the illegal settlements, or the decolonization of occupied Palestinian land, as an historic tragedy, "uprooting," "deportation."

Neither the government nor the media offers an alternative – neither a narrative of decolonization as a step toward peace (the very last narrative Sharon would ever adopt) nor any other. All that the soldiers and policemen cling to is the formal argumentation of obeying legitimate orders following a democratically taken decision. And at any rate, they have been ordered not to argue with the settlers, so that the latter's narrative dominates the entire stage. The settlers, observes Ehud Asheri, are "Losing on the ground, winning on TV."

Our Spoiled Settlers

This representation may seem inevitable to Israeli media consumers, but it's definitely not the only possible one. There is a lot of antagonism toward the settlers; none of it reaches the media, except for rare scoops like the police officer unknowingly recorded telling his men to "f*ck these damned settlers" (he was dismissed immediately, of course).

Why hate the settlers? Look: last week the worst-ever Poverty Report was published, giving Israel a Western-world-record in child poverty: 33 percent of Israeli children now live in poverty, compared to 22 percent in the United States, 15 percent in Canada, 10 percent in Germany, and 4 percent in Sweden. On this background, take a close look at the pictures from the settlements: a great villa for every family, beautiful gardens, well-paved streets, luxurious community facilities.

Nothing to compare with the slums of nearby Sderot, the poor, unemployment-struck town inside Israel, not even with the common apartment blocks of the Israeli middle class within the Green Line. In a rare interview, an elderly man from Sderot told Israeli television that if all the money hadn't gone to the settlements, it could have made his home town prosperous.

Meanwhile, rows of slums in Sderot, often bombed by Palestinian homemade missiles, are offered for sale. Unlike the settlements, here there are no generous public facilities, no bulletproof windows, and definitely no compensation for those wishing to leave.

The settlers have been spoiled by the state to such an extent that the real question is not why they are resented, but how come they are not resented even more. The answer lies in the openness of the settlements' project: Israeli lower-middle-class families have the option to pack their belongings, leave their slums behind, and "uproot" themselves the other way around, to high-quality, highly subsidized housing within a generously supportive community in the Occupied Territories.

In fact, many of them did so, especially to the bigger settlements next to the Green Line, like Maale Adumim. That's the power of Israel's colonization policy, but that's its Achilles heel as well: it's these settlers, motivated by economic benefits rather than by ultra-nationalist fanaticism, who now "betray" and readily return to Israel for very generous compensations. In fact, the real pain in the neck facing the evicting forces is not the Gaza settlers, most of whom have left, but thousands of young rabble from the West Bank who infiltrated Gaza, practically occupying the emptying settlements to resist the "uprooting" of the homes of others.


There are other stories, other perspectives the media could choose.

Take the story of Dugit. The small settlement on the northern coast of Gaza is represented just as any other: "uprooting," tears and all. Nobody seems to remember that 10 years ago the settlers of Dugit went to demonstrate in front of PM Rabin's office in Jerusalem, demanding to get a piece of coast inside Israel and get out of Gaza.

It's time for peace now, they said, let us out. The government refused. I'd love to hear their perspective: how many of them were killed or injured in Palestinian terror attacks since? What do they think of the dirty game played with them? Not a word of it in the media.

Extremely rare are also settlers' perspectives like the one brought by Akiva Eldar: "From the age of three to the age of 30 we licked honey," says a Gaza settler.

"We lived in a rented house with a view of the sea, and we paid maybe one-tenth of the rent and property tax for a similar house in Herzliya. There are those who didn't even pay that pittance and also got electricity and water for free. We made a decision not to accept compensation."

The media could have concentrated on such voices too: much more honest, much more authentic than the fanatics' endlessly recycled propaganda. "What broke me," says the same conscientious settler, "was the theft of land between Neveh Dekalim and Shirat Hayam. I saw a fellow, someone who looked like a perfectly normal citizen to me expelling a group of Arabs from the Muasi from their vegetable patch. … I was in shock. I realized that these people were enlisting the ideology in order to get control of lands."

Yes – the media could wonder on whose lands the Gaza settlements were located, from whom and how these lands were seized. Instead, the only context in which Palestinians are mentioned is in their fixed role: namely, "will there be more terrorism after the withdrawal?" A single different voice is that of Danny Rubinstein, who, while the entire media recycles the hypocritical clamors about the "uprooting" of 8,000 settlers, reminds us that

"During the course of the bloody conflicts of recent years, approximately 30,000 inhabitants of the Gaza Strip have been uprooted from their homes. Entire Palestinian neighborhoods along the Philadelphi route in Rafah, at the edges of the Khan Yunis refugee camp, along the route to Netzarim and in the north on the edges of Beit Hanun have been turned into heaps of ruins by the Israel Defense Forces."

The Israeli media could take such perspectives – points of view of the many victims of Israel's colonization, inside and outside, in past and present. It could remind the viewers that in this case, the end is also a new beginning, and that with an average $250,000 per family the settlers are welcome to start a new life in a more friendly place. Then, there could be some hope that the pullout is a first step toward true decolonization. However, the way it is represented right now seems to confirm that basically, nothing in Israel's colonialist ideology has changed.

-Ran HaCohen
Israeli Academic

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Forgotten War

I usually go by the official CNN toll for my Iraq war casualty figures. They count soldiers from other countries as well as Americans, but not civilian "contractors" or journalists. That's regrettable--I wish there was someplace I could find them all listed--but I don't think anyone does publish a truly comprehensive list like that. The CNN Iraq casualty counter may be found at

Now at long last, CNN had a similar casualty site up for the Empire's forgotten war, the one in Afghanistan. Did you know that we've lost 226 dead in Afghanistan since 2001? Yeah, it's mounting up. Two more Imperial troops were killed recently. Them hillbillies are starting to get stroppy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Those Screams of Beauty!

Okay, okay, I admit it! I was wrong. The Fat Man really is moving those hebes out of Gaza.

And ah, those lovely screams coming from those brown, ugly, sheep-like faces! Those nappy-headed punk kids and those skanky, plug-ugly women! God I love to hear them howl and see them kick as they are dragged away from the land they stole, the land they have soaked with the blood of the innocent, the land they defile with their very presence.

True, I wish it was SS men or Russian cossacks or even good old Chicago cops who were doing the dragging. At least Chicago cops know how to use a nightstick. I keep hoping to see a couple of good whops on some blue knitted kipa-wearing noggin to silence the flow of filth from those liver lips, but I guess the media won't show that. [Sigh...]

These mooks have been swaggering along that beautiful beach for over thirty-five years, lording it over the Palestinians, never letting a Palestinian near the beach--there are kids who grew up in Khan Younis, not a mile from the ocean, and because of these thieving murdering Jews, they've never even seen the sea once in their entire lives.

Now I wonder--will the actual Palestinians themselves be allowed to get into the newly liberated lands? Will the Arag dhows that used to run a thriving fishing industry there be allowed to return and take over the tanning resorts the Jews created for Swedish tourists? Or is Sharon really going to build a casino on it in cahoots with some corrupt PLO officials?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bush's Social Security Rip-Off Stalled

The Social Security system celebrated its 70th birthday recently, and to everyone's relief it's still intact, despite the efforts of Jug-Ears to dismantle it and hand over all that lovely money to his cronies on Wall Street to play with. Bush's plan to "fix Social Security" seems dead in the water, probably due to the fact that it's such an obvious scam to get the Social Security account, the only remaining government fund that's in the black, into private hands. Amazingly, there seems to still be a few things the neo-cons can't get away with. Americans pay more attention to their own wallets than they do to minor things like declaring war on Iraq.

Granted, there is a problem with Social Security. In a few years, the Baby Boomers are going to start retiring and there are going to be more people drawing on the fund than there are paying into it. The solution is to quit pouring money down the rathole of Iraq and top up the Social Security fund as needed with the dollars we'd save by not trying to conquer the world...but NOOOOO. Many pundits and left-wing media propagandists claim that this is one reason why we need massive Third World immigration in this country, since White people are no longer having babies in any demographically significant numbers. Supposedly all those wonderful brown young people are all working legally and paying their withholding taxes, and joyfully contributing towards the retirement of all us White folks.

That's bushwah (or Bushwah?) The majority of our beloved Third World immigrants are working completely off paper and not paying withholding tax one, while drawing every available welfare benefit. But that's still not the main point of Social Security "reform." Jug-Ears is in fact coming to bury Social Security, not to save it.

It's partly ideological. For generations, America has been ruled from the back rooms and boardrooms by country club Republicans (and Democrats), soulless white men and Jews in business suits who believe in what is known as laissez-faire capitalism, i.e. screw thy neighbor. Their ancestors in the nineteenth century were black-moustachio'd villains who evicted poor widows and orphans out into the snow and made little children work fourteen hours a day in the mines and mills. They hate labor unions and hate anything that stands in the way of their making money hand over fist. These are the people who gave us NAFTA in their eternal search for cheap, disposable labor, and who are about to give us CAFTA.

These people hate Social Security because from their point it gives away precious money to useless old White people, money they could be using to rampage through the stock market with, money that could be used to stock mini-bars in their hotel suites and buy corporate executives more Rolls and Lear jets.

The suits have had their knives sharpened for Social Security, in their Victorian lust to un-do the very last remaining significant piece of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's hated New Deal. In essence, the Bush "reform" plan would transform Social Security from a social insurance program into a mutual fund, with nothing except a name in common with the system originally created to let working people retire with some dignity and safety.

Under the "reformed" system a worker begins slaving for the Judaeo-capitalist state at age sixteen or so, pays into Social Security all his life, and instead of receiving a guaranteed benefit at his retirement at age 65, what he gets, if anything, depends on his "investment" has done. He isn't paying into a central kitty any more, he has given his retirement money to a group of Enron style soulless men in suits to "invest" for him in whatever Ivan Boesky-style junk bonds come along.

The "reformers" claim benefits would still be "guaranteed." Guaranteed with what? Instead of putting the money in the bank, so to speak, it is being taken to the casino of the stock market and put on the table for gambling purposes. Suppose it is lost? There is no way on earth any government can "guarantee" a gamble. Oh, did I mention they keep raising the retirement age for full benefits higher and higher? It's now officially 67, and it will be 70 soon.

Bush has already neo-conned us into this stupid war in Iraq and thrown open our borders to the mudflow. It's not too late to raise enough holy hell to keep his kosher hands off our retirement money.

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Screaming Begins

In Gaza, the first eviction notices have been served on those nasty-ass little human worms in the knitted blue kipas, and they're starting to scream. Check out

Damn, I love to hear Jews scream!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Bodies Piling Higher

Six American soldiers dead in the past twenty-four hours and 45 dead in the month of August so far. And I go by the relatively conservative CNN figures, that don't count dead civilian contractors and journalists.

And Jug-Ears is still on a five week vacation in Crawford. Five weeks out of which he can't seem to find one single hour to meet with Cindy Sheehan.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Monday's the Day

Okay, Monday is the day. August 15th is when Sharon is supposed to get the "Disengagement" show on the road. On Monday, a nice polite police officer is supposed to knock on every door in the Gaza settlements and give the inhabitants two days to get out. He is also supposed to inform those he finds in inhabited dwellings that on August 17th they will be dragged out and thrown on a cattle car, er, I mean a bus, by force, and if they have to be forced out, they will receive no compensation.

According to the Israeli media, about half of the 8,000 Gaza settlers have already packed up and left their homes, for which they have received a compensation package and benefits totalling roughly one million U. S. dollars per family. (Guess who's pocket that's coming out of?) Many of these Gaza settlers are moving to other settlements on the West Bank, so if and when "Disengagement" time rolls around there, they will get another huge compensation package courtesy of the U. S. taxpayer. So much for Ahavat Yisroel. Instead of Hatikvah, looks like for these Zionists the national anthem should be "Show Me De Money."

But about 4,000 of the hard-core, knitted blue sheenie-beanie wearing jackanapes remain, and also there are about 4,000 hard core Jewish extremists who have infiltrated Gush Katif over the past few weeks, smuggled in in the trunks of cars, allowed through the roadblocks by sympathetic soldiers manning the checkpoints, etc. Opposed to them are something like 20,000 Border Police, regular police, and Army troops who have been specially trained in the fine art of dragging kicking screaming hebes onto vehicles.

The Israeli military has apparently banned most media from Gaza. Damn! I wanted to watch!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Roll Dem Bones on De Strip?

One thing that you'll find virtually nothing about in all the reams of media coverage about the Gaza evacuation--uh, sorry, "disengagement"--is just what, exactly, is going to become of all those villas and swimming pools the 8,000 Jewish settlers used to live in?

Supposedly the Israeli army is going to send in their famous bulldozers and flatten everything so the Arabs get nothing except the land--but which Arabs, exactly, will occupy the land, and how? No one seems to have quite figured that out. Mohammed Abbas, the so-called Palestinian prime minister, hasn't said much of anything on the subject.

I keep reading these rumors in the fringe Israeli press that Sharon fixer and Israel's political evil eminence, Ehud Olmert, has worked a deal with some old cronies of his late buddy Yasir Arafat to seize the land evacuated by the settlers and build a casino resort on the property with some kind of international freeport status, like Sun City. I guess maybe Hamas can launch their Qassam rockets at Sderot and Ashkelon from the rooftops of the new luxury hotels.

God, wouldn't that be a hoot!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Over There" Getting Somewhat Better

The FX series Over There about the Iraq war is getting a little better. Not ideal yet, since the "I" word has yet to make its appearance and probably won't, but better.

Last night they had an episode that showed an asshole American torturer finally breaking a gallant young Iraqi rebel into revealing secrets by bringing in his 15 year-old sister and threatening to hand her over to the Pakistanis to be raped and tortured. On top of that, they showed him breaking his word and having the inhabitants of a small Iraqi farm slaughtered from the sky by a missile.

I have to admit, it's a kick seeing Amurricans in movie roles usually reserved for evil Nazi Germans with saber scars or inscrutable Orientals.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Fat Man Must Be Sweating

Israeli police arrested a soldier yesterday who had gone AWOL from his unit, on charges of planning to assassinate Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in an attempt to stop the Gaza pullout.

Admittedly, this assassin wasn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. His asking the way to Sycamore Ranch, Ariel Sharon's private estate (did I mention it's the largest private landholding in Iz-ra-hell?) and stating "I want to shoot the Prime Minister" kind of gave the game away.

Still--as one who knows just how kooky those hebes in the little blue knitted beanies can be, I imagine the fat man is sweating these days. After all, Yigal Amir got close enough to Rabin to plug his kosher ass. And with all those nutty rabbis and Meir Kahane wannabes running around on the West Bank--well, all it takes is one man and one bullet, and Iz-ra-hell is small enough to where that one man and one bullet can change history.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Making Millions Disappear

Assorted gibbering Jews in the "right-wing" Israeli media keep asking what Iz-ra-hell will gain from the Gaza pullout?

Well, one thing they will gain is that, on paper at least, they will make 1.5 million Palestinians disappear. The teeming Gaza population will no longer be statistically counted as under Israeli occupation and officially, anyway, the population of "Greater Israel" will drop by one and a half million Arabs, with the Jewish "majority" rising accordingly.

You see, right now the biggest threat to Israel's existence is what is referred to as the demographic time bomb, i.e. the fact that the Arabs are reproducing at almost five times the rate of the Jews. Or as one spluttering rabbi put it, "Arab women are in the delivery rooms bearing another generation of Arabs; Jewish women are lounging on the beaches or gossiping in beauty parlors having their nails done."

It seems that Jews are just as vulnerable to the poisoned lures of feminism and materialism as Whites are--or secular Jews are, anyway. Living a luxurious middle-class life style in the Israeli manner means only one or two little hebelets while Daddystein and Mommystein both work. The only Jews having large families in Israel these days are what is known as haredi, or ultra-Orthodox hebes who wear those weird getups their ancestors wore in the Polish shtetls. (Damn, those things must be hot in the desert!)

The haredi don't work, by the by--thanks to the numerous little religious parties, they are paid generous stipends by the state to sit around on their asses all day and study Torah, and every now and then go dancing around in the street waving wine bottles and doing the Fiddler on the Roof number. All very picturesque for the tourists, no doubt, but it it doesn't do much for the basket case Israeli economy. Oh, and the Orthodox kids don't have to go into the army and get bombed and shot at by the Pals, either, which makes them real popular with their secular neighbors.

Anyway, at some point in time the Pals are going to wake up and realize that this two-state nonsense is bull, and was always pretty much a con to maintain control by the Arafat/Tunis old guard of the PLO. They are going to come to understand that the best way for them to go in order to get their country back is the South Africa way, i.e. demand citizenship in Iz-ra-hell and the vote.

We are supposed to be in the process of conquering the Middle East in the name of democracy, and so it would be pretty hard for Jug-Ears and his neo-con crew to resist the slogan of "one man, one vote" in Palestine--since within the next ten years, the Jews will be outnumbered.

That basically is what the Gaza pullout is about (besides Ariel Sharon trying to change the subject and avoid indictment of himself and his sons on corruption charges.) It's about eliminating 1.5 million potential voters. Casting them off into outer darkness. Of course, those 1.5 million Arabs will still actually be there in reality--and very, very pissed off. With reason. As bad as the West Bank is, Israel has turned Gaza into a hell on earth, the world's largest open-air prison, something out of Escape from New York.

Arabs have long memories--they still refer to American soldiers in Iraq as "Crusaders." Somehow, I think those 1.5 million will find some way to remind the Jews of their existence from time to time.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Gaza Settlers Get Military Ultimatum

IDF: Forced evacuation to begin August 17 in Gaza
Amos Harel and Yair Ettinger, Ha'aretz Correspondents

"Israel Defense Forces officers distributed letters Monday afternoon to Gaza settlers telling them their presence in the Strip will be considered illegal as of August 15.

"Starting from midnight August 17, the IDF will evacuate any settlers still in Gaza.The letters, which were signed by GOC Central Command Dan Harel and Brigadier General Guy Tzur, also offer IDF assistance in the evacuation for those who decide to leave voluntarily by midnight of August 16.The settlers will receive evacuation orders the morning of August 15 telling them to leave the area by midnight of the next day.

"From the 12th of [the Hebrew month of] Av (17.8), starting at 00:01, the forced phase of the evacuation will begin and security forces will evacuate the residents who choose to remain and with whom security forces will be compelled to clash in order to carry out the law," the letter said.

"'I am sure their commitment to the rule of law and responsibility for the completeness of the nation will direct your protests,' Harel wrote in the letter. 'I pray for the wellbeing of all of us - the citizens of Israel, the residents of the Gaza Strip, the IDF and the Israel Police.'

"Eran Sternberg, the spokesman for the Gaza settlement bloc of Gush Katif, said the letters contained 'threats of financial terrorism toward those residents who do the obvious and stay in their homes.' Senior rabbis in Gaza are calling on those slated to be evacuated to remain in their homes 'until the end,' beyond the deadline set by the army.

"The rabbis' comments come despite the risk taken by families remaining in Gaza after August 15, since the government has said it is not obligated to recover any property they leave behind. Families who remain in Gaza after the pullout date also relinquish one-third of the compensation money being offered to evacuees.

"Gush Katif residents believe most settlers will adhere to the rabbis' call.'We stand before critical and decisive moments,' settler rabbi Yigal Kamintzky wrote. 'Let us not bow our heads. The nation of Israel needs us here today as strong and fierce as ever, because we are the heart and the foundation of the struggle.'

Kamintzky added that Gaza settlers could pack their belongings if they feared having their property taken from them.'Whoever feels that this insane reality, in which one's property is likely to be robbed from him and packing belongings will provide peace of mind for the continuation of the struggle, then it is legitimate and acceptable to do so,' wrote the rabbi. 'However, it must be done as late as possible and with as much humility as possible.'

Meanwhile, pullout opponents on Monday briefly blocked the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway to protest the disengagement. They also demonstrated at the entrance to Jerusalem and near the Geha and Givat Shmuel junctions in the Tel Aviv area. "

* * * * *
Well, that looks pretty definitive to me. Looks like the whole thing is moving forward on rails now, and even if the settlers do manage to clip Sharon the expulsion will take place anyway.
Sharon, of course, won't show his face anywhere near the operational zone. He's supposed to be cowering on his ranch (the largest private property holding in Israel) surrounded by bodyguards. Of course, how loyal are the bodyguards? Have they been listening to the rabbis as well? Is there a Yigal Amir in there among your boys somewhere, Arik? Maybe some thug who starts hearing voices from the ghost of Menachem Schneerson?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Gaza "Disengagement" - Opening Rave

I have never been so happy to be wrong.

I admit it, I was wrong. I thought Ariel Sharon had no intention of evacuating so much as a potted plant out of those vile Jewish settlements in Gaza. I thought that at the last minute he'd find some way to slither out of it. After all, isn't "our Arik" the Father of All Settlements?

But I admit, it does look like he's serious. The "disengagement" is supposed to start in six days now. God, "our Arik" must have had his arm twisted by his own prosecutors and by somebody in America--or else just plain old needs-must intervened.

Over the coming week or so I'm going to be talking mostly about this genuinely historic event, one that in its own way is equivalent to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Guys, this is one time I recommend you switch on the Toob. This thing promises to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys to watch!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Iraq Getting Worse and Worse

[Okay, one more reprint, and then for the next couple of weeks we've got "disengagement" coming up in Iz-ra-hell, so that should give me plenty of interesting stuff to write about. - HAC]

Analysis: Iraq news was bad, trends worseBy Martin Sieff
UPI Senior News Analyst
Published August 5, 2005

WASHINGTON -- Even by the grim standards of the summer, which has been arguably the worst time for U.S. troops and policymakers in Iraq since the huge bombings and shattering surprises of August 2003, the past week has been an especially bad one.

In quick succession, 14 U.S. Marines from a reserve regiment were killed Wednesday when their transport was blasted by a massive roadside bomb and exploded in the western Iraqi town of Haditha. And six elite snipers were ambushed and killed Monday in another attack, also in Haditha. As a result, the total U.S. military death toll in Iraq from all causes inched above the 1,800 mark.

No war is fought without casualties and it is an often overlooked tribute to the exceptional professionalism and tactical training of the U.S. armed forces in Iraq and to the design of their personal body armor that casualty levels, especially the death toll, have not in fact been far higher, given the scale and intensity of the insurgency. Also, it is inevitable in the ghastly messiness of war that at one time or another, the enemy will just get lucky.

But what was most ominous about these two attacks was not the overall death toll, but the evidence they gave of mounting tactical capabilities on the part of the insurgents.

It may indeed be that the insurgents just got lucky. But the patterns of conflict in Iraq will be watched even more closely by U.S. analysts over the coming weeks to see if they can be prevented from inflicting such a scale of casualties again.

The attack on the amphibious troop carrier that killed the Marines was arguably evidence of the insurgents ability, backed by what military explosives experts believes to have been sustained and detailed mentoring for the Iran-supported Hezbollah, or Party of God, militia in Southern Lebanon, to construct far more powerful bombs than ever before.

None of the 25,000 armored Humvees that the Pentagon belatedly and eventually rushed to Iraq or amended there with heavier armored protection than they originally had would be capable of protecting the troops it carried in the face of such a blast.

Also, an insurgent message after the ambush of the snipers boasted that the operation to lure them into the trap had taken weeks. This could, hopefully, mean that such complex operations will be few and far between, and now that that U.S. forces have experienced one of them, they will be able to quickly learn and adapt, as they have done so often before, to minimize the risks of future ones. But it could also, many U.S. military analysts fear, reflect a growing expertise and far potential for increased tactical capability on the part of the insurgents.

According to the Iraq Index Project of the Brookings Institution, from July 8 through Aug. 3, 28 U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq. Ironically, the numbers for the first four days of that period only came to seven, but then the destruction of the troop carrier Wednesday boosted the Tuesday-Wednesday toll to 20, one of the worst spikes in the more than two year history of the insurgency.

The number of U.S. troops wounded in action from the beginning of hostilities on March 19, 2003, through Wednesday, Aug. 3 was 13,769, an increase of 112 over the course of the week., the IIP said.

This figure remained far below the figure of 293 U.S. soldiers wounded from July 6 to July 13, but still above the grim average of over 100 U.S. soldiers injured per week, many of them losing limbs or suffering other permanent disabilities. Far more than the dramatic incidents of the Haditha bombing of the troop carrier, or the killing of the snipers, it suggested that the insurgency was continuing to run at the same serious levels as it has in recent weeks with no reduction in sight.

This sobering conclusion was supported by the level of casualties that the insurgents managed to inflict upon the Iraqi security forces during the same period of time. From July 27 to Aug. 3, 80 Iraqi troops and police were killed, an increase of more than 50 percent on the already grim figure of 52 of them killed for the previous one week period from July 20 to July 27. That brought the total number of Iraqi police and military killed from June 1, 2003 to Wednesday of this week to 2,797 according to the IIP figures.

The monthly breakdowns told an even more depressing story. The number of Iraqi police and troops killed jumped during the last week of July to reach a record total of 304 for the month, the highest monthly total on record yet, the IIP said. And this spike came after earlier trends recorded in previous benchmark columns over the month of July had suggested that the total figure would be a little less, or not significantly more, than the previous two months.

It also meant that the numbers of Iraqi police and military whom the insurgents are managing to kill per month has been remorselessly rising since January when it totaled "only" 103. (There was a marginal improvement in April compared with March, but so minimal as to be statistically insignificant. In all, 199 Iraqi security force members were killed in April compared with 200 the previous month according to the IIP figures.)

Apart from that minor fluctuation, this casualty figure has risen remorselessly upward over the past six months and still shows no signs at all of leveling off. In July, almost three times as many Iraqi security troops were killed as in January and February.

This also contrasts with a monthly average of only 65 Iraqi security force members killed per week from April 1, 2003 through Dec. 31, 2004 according to the IIP. Currently, the vastly expanded Iraqi security forces are being killed at a rate four-and-a-half times greater per month than they were then.

August looks likely to be almost as bad. For in the first three days of this month, the IIP recorded 27 Iraqi security force members killed, an average of nine a day. If sustained, that could lead to a total of 279 killed by Aug. 31, less than June or July but still significantly higher than 259 killed in May.

In conclusion, a sobering week: The headline news was bad, but the underlying trends arguably were even worse.

Friday, August 05, 2005

More on the Provo Buy-Out

There seems to be a fairly high level of interest in the Movement in the Provos' surrender document the other day, given all the cackles about "democracy" triumphing after 35 years, yadda yadda yadda. Plus we had a heckler on here claiming they weren't really bought off. A few points:

In the first place, the Provos were never defeated in the field, so to speak. Their leaders most certainly were bought off with the massive jobs-for-the-boys program that was the Good Friday Agreement. Gerry Adams is drawing, what, now, a total of five princely salaries from various sources, most of them coming from the British and Irish taxpayer? (Money one Republican website accuses him of using to pay a hairdresser to dye his beard.)

Not to mention a government car and other perks, chump change here in America, but quids in over in Ireland. I know Ian Paisley's drawing five salaries and I'm sure Adams is right in there slopping at the trough with his erstwhile adversary Big Ian. Both of them have cleaned up on this deal.

However, fact of the matter is, those gunmen and bombers whom the Establishment pols screamed they'd never compromise with and never surrender to are now sitting beside them in the Dail and Brussels, etc. And what with the EU they've damned near got their united Ireland in practice anyway.

This is hardly a "triumph over terrorism." Any way you slice it, that one was a draw, and it took the British government thirty years to get even this. Not bad for an organization that had on the average about fifty guys on "active service" in the North at any one given time.

Both sides just wore each other down. The basic issue hasn't been solved and my guess is there will be another outbreak in the next generation. The fact is that once the Provos finally figured out where John Bull's goolies were and started kicking them, "standing for civilization" went out the window. The toffs didn't care how many Ulster Protestants or soldiers were murdered--they're just expendable peasants. But when the stockbroking gents of the City can't take the Tube in to Bishopsgate and Cannon Street Station--good God, Carruthers!

I'd be willing to wager that the Brits, so far from "standing for civilization," will be out of Iraq in a year. America--who knows? Jug-Ears is just dumb enough to try invading Iran or Syria or Saudi or God knows where, especially with those tub-thumping Evangelicals whispering in his ear that we have to have Armageddon in order to make Jebus come back. The British, I predict, will learn their lesson. The signals from Whitehall are already on that wave length. Us dumb-ass Americans? Well, what can you say about a nation where fifty-nine million people voted to re-elect a drunken midget?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Nation That Dare Not Conscript an Army

Caught an interesting snippet on the Toob today. I normally don't watch Fox News, since it rots the brain, but I watched a bit of Bill O'Reilly and neo-con slut Ann Coulter. To my amazement, even Bill O'Reilly now admits the Americans are losing the war in Iraq.

O'Reilly, of course, claims it's all because we don't have enough troops rotting away in the desert over there. His solution, of course, is to bring back the draft and drown the Iraqi resistance in a sea of blood, theirs and that of thousands of hapless American conscripts who get pulled into Jug-Ears' war as cannon fodder. But will this happen?

I used to think it was right around the corner after the 2004 election. Now I'm not so sure. Contrary to popular belief, not all Americans are utter morons, and by now they seem to have figured out that we are neck deep in the Big Muddy, as the old song goes. If you can believe the polls, anyway.

I am starting to wonder if maybe the penny has dropped in the corridors of power in La Cesspoole Grande that the one thing Mini-Me and his neo-con buddies can't get away with is reviving the draft. For one thing, you and I and everyone else knows darned well that the sons and maybe daughters of the wealthy would find some way to slither out of any new conscription law, and that this would quickly become obvious to the poor and middle-class families whose kids did have to go. I am starting to toy with the idea that maybe this is the limit of our tolerance for Jug-Ears and the Jews. Forcing Kevin and Jennifer to die for Israel may finally gag the great Amurrican consumer hogs to the point where they break out of the sty.

It could well be that the United States is a nation that dare not conscript an army, because the result might be the overthrow, at least in the electoral sense, of the regime attempting it.

Okay, so if that's the case--whither the neo-cons' dreams of conquering the entire Middle East, starting with huge and populous Iran?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Neo-Con Flack Whacked

Yesterday a "free lance journalist" from New York City named Steven Vincent was abducted from a currency exchange shop in Basra, Iraq, allegedly by five men in a police car. Snatched up into the car along with him was his female interpreter, an Iraqi girl named Noor Teidis whom Vincent referred to on his blog as "Layla."

Vincent's bullet-riddled body was found dumped into a ditch outside Basra a short while later, and the girl was shot and left for dead as well. She is in the hospital, or whatever they still have in Basra that passes for a hospital under the Anglo-American occupation. The usual howls among the media about the poor martyred journalist are already wafting their way up to the heavens.

Well, I actually read some of Vincent's acclaimed Red Zone Blog last night, and frankly I'm amazed that he lasted as long as he did.

In the first place, to give the poor dumb bastard his due, Vincent was a good reporter. Parts of his articles in the New York Times and the Christian Science Monitor were interesting. He exposed corruption and the infiltration of the Shi'ite religious parties into the occupation government authorities and the Iraqi police. Okay, this is hardly news. What? Corruption in the Middle East? Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East? I'm shocked, Carruthers, shocked, I tell you! And yet Vincent plowed on like a bull in a China shop, and he did so not from some nice air-conditioned trailer in the Green Zone but from out in the Red Zone on the street, hence the title of his blog.

Vincent also exposed the Geramsha and Halaf, two Mafia-like criminal tribes running protection rackets, waterfront rip-offs, and other organized crime in the port city of Basra. There are some who would call this behavior courageous. I personally think it crossed the line from courage into blind stupidity and pure American arrogance, but hey, it was his life.

But this was not just some Jimmy Olsen type willing to lay his ass on the line for a story. Vincent was more than that, and worse than that. The man was a an open and unabashed, raging neo-con, and a cheerleader for the vile and illegal American occupation of Iraq. He said flat out in his columns "American values are just better," and never once questioned Jug-Ears' mental or leadership capacities, or questioned Amurrica's right to go into someone else's country, steal their oil, and civilize the native chappies at the point of a gun.

He was also a religious bigot. I don't know if Steven Vincent was a Christian religious rightist, but he clearly had issues with Islam. He seems to have gone to Iraq specifically for the purpose of writing and publishing every insulting, belittling, demeaning thing he could say about Islam. To him, any Muslim who actually believed in his religion was a "turban" and by definition incompetent, vicious, and stupid. He made fun of Iraqi men, insulted and belittled them in almost every paragraph, while simultaneously making his unabashed admiration and longing for them dusky-eyed Arab beauties manifest.

Vincent went so far in his lust for Arab females that he furthermore outraged Muslim morality by his practice of swanning around Basra in the company of an unmarried Iraqi woman, who was at least partially un-veiled some of the time, according to his accounts of his daily life on his arrogant and grating blog. He took this girl Layla into bars in the Green Zone where there was mixed company (including the loathed female soldiers whose very presence is an insult to the entire Middle Eastern culture) and where alcohol was served. Jesus Christ, could he have spat in those people's faces any worse? Why didn't he just piss in a mosque while he was at it?

The dumb-ass simply didn't seem to be able to wrap his mind around the fact that not everybody on earth grew up on MTV, Sex in the City, and Married with Children. Not everybody on earth was raised ogling Kelly Bundy's jiggly nubile young bod. There are some people remaining on the face of this earth who have not yet surrendered to Ronald McDonald culture and who actually insist on enforcing some kind of behavioral standards and decorum on women, which I know is a hard concept for pussy-whipped American men to comprehend, but there it is.

Over there, when Girls Behave Badly they actually get punished, again a concept which I know Americans have great difficulty in grasping. As I keep trying to tell these slack-jawed, Fox News-staring morons over here, not everybody in the world is ready to roll over and play dead yet and put up a Wal-Mart on the site of their ancient temples to their "false" gods.

Steven Vincent had the guts (or stupidity) to risk his own life for what he believed in, however pernicious and stupid and thoroughly wrong his beliefs. I'm rather surprised he wasn't capable of looking around the streets of Basra and noticing all those characters lounging in the corners with AK-47s and saying to himself, "Hey, Toto, we're not in Kansas any more," but apparently the penny never dropped.

Steven Vincent was typically American in his hubris, and that hubris killed him. Apparently Vincent thought he could get away with insulting, humiliating, and threatening the livelihoods of people in whose land he had not one bit of business, and still strut around Basra every day with his Iraqi "whore" (for thus she was viewed by her countrymen) with complete immunity.

Vincent had the right to risk his own life like that, call it courage or ignorant American arrogance as you will. He didn't have the right to risk the life of that Iraqi girl along with his own. He should have known better and if his regard for Iraqi women was so high, then he shouldn't have dragged one down with him. Even if she survives, Layla is now marked forever and ruined as a collaborator and prostitute, regardless of whatever their relationship really was. She's collateral damage. That's what Americans leave behind throughout the world, including the ones like Steven Vincent who carry a camera instead of a gun.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Brits Getting Ready to Beat Feet

U.S.-led troops in Iraq part of problem-UK's Straw

LONDON, Aug 2 (Reuters) - The presence of British and U.S. troops in Iraq is fueling the Sunni-led insurgency which has killed hundreds of people, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said in comments published on Tuesday.

"In an interview with Britain's Financial Times newspaper, Straw said it was crucial Iraq's draft constitution was ready by a mid-August deadline to pave the way for a troop withdrawal."The more certainty you have on that (the constitution), the more you can have a programme for the draw-down of troops which is important for the Iraqis," he said."Because -- unlike in Afghanistan -- although we are part of the security solution there, we are also part of the problem." [snip]

* * * * *

In other words, cutting through all the bobance and boasting and threatening and chest-beating from 10 Downing Street, the fact is that behind the scenes the Brits are preparing the ground for a cut-and-run. They have gotten the message from those bombs on the Tube loud and clear, and although, being British, they will never admit it in a thousand years, they can read the handwriting on the wall.

There are similar strains coming from the American side, like a second orchestra tuning and warming up on a rear stage while a concert is going forward on the main stage; the new theme is beginning to become audible over all the crashing neo-con crescendos and allegro con Jug-Ears.

The smart money is coming to realize we've backed the wrong horse in the Middle East, and preparations for a backdown and a pullout are starting. Oh, it will be all tied up with pretty ribbons and masked in a smoke screen of bullshit rhetoric. There are still people over here who won't admit we got our asses kicked in Vietnam, as well. And a lot more people are going to die before both the British and the Americans are dragged, kicking and screaming, into doing what everyone has known for the past two years they will have to do.

Monday, August 01, 2005

The Frank Collin Affair

Dear Harold -

Would you mind just briefly summarizing what the deal with Frank Collin was? I'm curious.

Terry Butler

* * * * *
Dear Terry,

Sorry, I keep forgetting how old I am. I keep forgetting that to a lot of you, all this is ancient history.

Okay, very long and very complex story made as short and simple as possible:

In 1979 a man named Frank Collin was head of the National Socialist Party of America based in Chicago. The NSPA was one of two splits from Koehl's NSWPP that survived, the second being Allen Vincent's National Socialist White Worker's Party.

Frank had a lot of personal and leadership problems--I was his Deputy Leader for several years and more or less ran the Party, to be quite honest,which included among other things signing John Hinckley's membership card, which is another story--but basically, the fact was that other than the loathsome Matt Koehl, Collin was the only other NS game in town.

Bear in mind this was when we were all wearing the costume and pretending it was the 1930s in Europe, myself included. We had a sense of history and destiny which, as misplaced as it was, I would give a lot to recover. Those of you old enough to remember the genuinely significant Operation Skokie--well, that was Frank's outfit, including myself at the time.

In the autumn of 1979 an NSPA member named Mike Whalen discovered actual, incontrovertible, physical proof that Collin was buggering little boys in the Nazi headquarters building in Marquette Park and elsewhere. As in photographs. I will not get into the details because they make me physically ill even today. I yammer a lot about buggery and queer conspiracies, but I have a great deal of difficulty actually describing the filthy things they do. Put it this way--it was bad. We eventually accumulated a mass of evidence including more photos and cassette tapes (Collin recorded his activities, if you can believe that) which we kept in something we called "the dirt box."

An informal group formed to consider what to do, rather similar to the medieval Fehmegericht. We had the means to physically eject Frank from the Party and the building, which I provided, and there was never any question that he was going out and he was going to bounce when he did. But the question was: was this enough? I will not re-hash the long hours of debate between myself, Gerhard Lauck, and the members of the Chicago unit. That was one of the worst times of my life and I would rather forget it all happened, but I can't.

This was in 1979, remember, before the internet, and the people involved were of my generation or older, so there was actually some remaining vestige of moralprinciple in the Movement in those days. We were actually capable of doing something purely because it was the right thing to do. You just don't let someone betray National Socialism like that and do nothing.

Our choices boiled down to two: kill the son of a bitch or turn him in to the police. I had more than enough volunteers to kill him, men I knew to be sincere, but I vetoed it not just on the grounds of our probable incompetence to pull off a successful murder, but also because I didn't want anyone, myself or any of those fine Chicago boys, destroying ourselves over that yellow dog. He wasn't worth it. So we turned Collin in to the police and he ended up doing seven years in Joliet and Menard for homosexual child molestation, to which he pleaded guilty.

Collin did his time, got out, went to live with his parents in Olympia Fields, formed some sort of weird nut cult revolving around Atlantis which I presume involves rituals with little boys, and I am told he used to spend a lot of time making heckling phone calls to an short-wave evangelist in South Carolina calling himself Brother Stair.

Nowadays, of course, a guilty plea would mean nothing. As in the case of David Duke, it would by now have been simply air-brushed out of the picture. Hell, nowadays Collin would be on salary with the National Alliance, leaving his excrement on people's doorsteps and posting pictures of himself in his underwear on web sites.

I daily expect to hear of some attempt on his part to return to the "Movement." Hell, if Glenn Miller can do it, why not Frank Collin?

And that's the name of that tune.