Sunday, July 24, 2005

Still Trying to Nail Sharon Junior

For those of you who came in late, it has always been clear that the entire Gaza "disengagement" proceedings are nothing more than a massive attempt on the part of Ariel Sharon to change the subject in Israel--away from indicting himself and two of his sons on a wide assortment of sleaze.

By creating a massive tzimmes in the entire country, (Jews hate it when we throw Yiddish expressions at them), Sharon hopes to distract the attention of the Joosh pipples from the fact that he's a thief and a liar who steals and lies from other Jews, which is an unforgivable sin in their religion. This is one reason why I still believe that, even at this late date, Sharon is going to find some excuse to postpone and then shelve the "disengagement." He's not after a withdrawal. He wants the sound and fury of the process itself.

For one thing, once he did successfully withdraw from Gaza, it would be pretty obvious which settlement would have to go next--that looney bin in Hebron, home to the craziest and most homicidal of the settlers. These are the ones that produced mass murderer Baruch Goldstein, the crazed Brooklyn Jew who went berserk in a historic Hebron mosque and machine-gunned over thirty Palestinian worshippers, before being beaten to death with a fire extinguisher.

But apparently Ariel Sharon is not out of the woods yet on the corruption indictments, or at least his wheeling-dealing son Omri isn't. Omri has always been Daddy's bag man. The Israeli Attorney General, presumably acting on orders from the shadowy figures who exercise real power in the world, is still holding an indictment over Omri's head, and it could include fraud charges which mandate prison time, as reported in Ha'aretz today.

People sometimes ask me why I follow the doings of our enemies more than I spend my time poring over old right-wing and NS material that tells me things I already know. Simple. It's fun. There's nothing more fun than watching Israeli politics; it's like a day at the zoo, in front of the monkey house. It's especially amusing when it begins to appear that the American dog might finally be beginning to wag the Israeli tail, instead of vice versa. Yeah, I know, that's right-wing blasphemy, but there is such a thing as realpolitik, dudes.

Wanna hear the hebes scream and scream and scream? Check out the settlers' web site, It's a barrel of laughs.


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