Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Please Help Chester Doles and His Family

The story of Chester Doles should need no re-telling.

Even behind prison bars, Chester is attempting to support his family by making high quality leather products. These include purses, wallets, belts, checkbooks, and other items. His speciality is worked leather family coats of arms, 24" X 24".

His prices are:

Belts and wallets - $35.00

Purses - $150.00 (round) and $100.00 (regular)
Checkbooks - $25.00
Coats of arms - $250.00

By buying one of these products you will be helping the Doles family directly; no third party is involved in this appeal.

Anyone wanting to purchase one of these products should place their order with Teresa Doles at

Chester Doles himself may be contacted at

Chester Doles #54525-019

Federal Correctional Institution
P. O. Box 4000
Manchester, KY. 40962

Guys, this man and his family have been shafted enough by the Movement. It's time we offered our support and our concrete help to a genuine hero and a White family struggling to get by. Get in touch with Teresa Doles today and even if you can't place an order, drop Chester a line and let him know that he has not been forgotten and abandoned by those who were once his comrades.


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