Friday, July 29, 2005

Over There

Watched the first episode of "Over There" on FX on Wednesday night. That's the first television series about Iraq, which may some day develop into this generation's "MASH" or "China Beach."

Mmm, not too bad an effort. Little too much niggerism in it for my taste, but what do you expect out of Hollywood these days? Also, it's pretty obvious it was filmed out in the Mojave desert someplace. You'd think that there would be enough friendly Arab countries like Jordan or Turkey where the film crew could go and hire local extras as insurgents, etc., but on second thought it's probably too dangerous right now for any American enterprise to go anywhere near that part of the world. Nor do you want to be giving the locals AK-47s, even to fire blanks. My guess would be that all the "Iraqi" extras are really Mexicans.

Nonetheless, the first episode did bring up some good issues, like female soldiers bogging down the combat troops in action, torture, an incompetent monkoid officer, and sullen nigger troops muttering mutiny behind the White officers' backs, shades of Vietnam.

Not too bad for a first effort at portraying Jug-Ears' moronic little adventure. I'd give it a B. Let's see how they do in future episodes.


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