Monday, July 11, 2005

More on That Odd Leaked Memo

I find it significant that the leak of the memo on the alleged withdrawal plans of the U. S. and, more importantly, the U. K., came just days after the London bombings. It also seems to have originated on the British side of the water.

According to that leaked memo, which basically involves handing Iraq over to the local thugs like we've largely done in Afghanistan, it appears that the British military presence in the country will be reduced to a token couple of hundred Tommies hanging around the embassy in Basra by this time next year. It's almost like the Brits are sending Al-Qaeda and other Islamic resistance groups in Iraq and elsewhere the sub rosa message that "Right, we're leaving, please, no more bombs on the Tube, eh what?"

I have lived in London for two extended periods, and not as a tourist, but as the locals do, including depending on that Tube for transport to and from work. The United Kingdom is a luxury sedan among nations, despite its many problems. London is its engine. A car can't run without its engine. Great Britain can't function without London up and running.

Shut down public transportation in London and you shut down London. Great Britain must, repeat, must have that Tube and those buses running every day. Driving in to work in automobiles like Americans do every day simply isn't feasible. Even a few hours of shutdown costs millions of pounds; repeated shutdowns over a period of months cost billions and bring England to the edge of ruin. It took the I. R. A. almost 25 years to figure this out. It took the Arabs less than four.

I remember Maggie Thatcher and John Major swaggering and beating their chests and invoking the spirit of old Winnie and offering only blood, sweat, and tears and all that toffee-nosed twaddle back then, too. It took a while, but there came the Good Friday agreement and the same guys who were planting the bombs in the Tube back in '91 and '92 when I was there are now sitting in various parliamentary and governmental bodies and drawing big, fat salaries from the British taxpayer. And for all their smoke and mirrors and blarney, so far as I can tell from reading the Irish media on the internet anyway, the Provos haven't "decommissioned" or given up so much as a single matchlock musket.

The I. R. A. allowed themselves to be bought off on Good Friday. Somehow, I don't think these gentry in the turbans are after money.

My guess is: on July 7th, even Tony Blair and the most virulent of the British neo-cons got the message, and very quietly they're getting ready to make like Sir Robin in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and boldly bugger off. After eating Tony's minstrels, no doubt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The I. R. A. allowed themselves to be bought off on Good Friday.

If you are going to comment on the IRA you should at least do a little research first so that you don't sound like an ass. The IRA were not "bought off".

12:32 PM  
Anonymous HAC said...

The Provos surrendered their goal of a United Ireland in exchange for "participation" in, among other things, a completely useless and powerless Northern Ireland Assembly which essentially constitutes nothing but jobs for the boys and girls, along with assorted reserved jobs in local councils, the new re-vamped "non-sectarian" police, etc. What else would you call it?

9:30 PM  

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