Monday, July 25, 2005

Islamic News More Accurate

Quick note: it's Monday, and the United States military is officially confirming a major combat loss in Iraq. Four soldiers killed in a mine attack on their vehicle near Baghdad, which occurred on Friday. That's almost four days between incident and confirmation.

The Islamic rebels' websites had the claim of four GIs dead, the incident accurately portrayed in the (Arabic) text, with a crude but serviceable video of the bomb attack itself, on their websites within minutes after the incident on Friday. Apparently some of the rebel active service units are now taking webcams with them as they go into action and if you know where to look (I haven't found it yet) you can see real-time, live coverage of insurgent attacks on the Zionist occupying forces. Of course, it also helps to speak Arabic so you know what you're looking at.

The point I'm making is that with the advent of al-Jazeera (opening an English language channel in this country next year) and such technology, Hadji Reb's public information system is more accurate than the Americans. How long before Hadji Reb figures out he needs to put up some of those websites in English?


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