Saturday, July 16, 2005

I Still Don't Believe The Fat Man Will Sing

There's some more scuffling and shuffling in Gaza tonight, as Palestinian fights Palestinian. Abbas very stupidly tried to placate the Jews by harassing Hamas over their ineffective but symbolic pyrotechnics, and Hamas hit back.

You'd think a guy like Abbas would have learned by now; there is simply no placating the hebes. Every time the Palestinians even make a gesture all they get is "You must do more!" from the kikes and from Condi of the Bubble Lip. Meaning he must be a good little lickspittle lackey to the Jews and start a civil war with his own people at their behest, and in return the millions of Palestinians might graciously receive permission to live on a postage-stamp size portion of their own land.

There's been a serenade of Qassams onto the settlements by Hamas, who are trying to claim credit (possibly at least partially correctly) for the allegedly impending withdrawal of Jewish settlers. And now there's mutterings among the Israeli bureaucracy about postponing the "disengagement." Ser-prise, ser-prise, Sergeant Carter!

Mmmm...I'm still not convinced that Ariel Sharon actually intends to move so much as a potted plant out of Gaza. The man is not only a murderer, he is a pathological liar and as crooked as a dog's hind leg. The only reason he started this whole "disengagement" lark anyway is because his own Attorney General was about to indict him and his sons for a particularly sleazy piece of electoral corruption and he needed a distraction. I still think the whole thing may be some kind of gigantic gull to set the Palestinians up and perpetuate the occupation forever. I'll believe it when I see it. Thirty days now, supposedly.

We'll see.


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