Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Chat - Sunday Night, July 24th

We're having our regular chat on Sunday night.

6 PM Pacific time
9 PM Eastern Time
8 PM Central
7 PM Mountain,
2 AM European Time

We use Yahoo Messenger for our chats, because we had all kinds of problems with the Truth Commission and Hate and Flame chat rooms. What you need to do is:

*Download Yahoo Messenger off the main Yahoo site, if you don't already have it;

*Get a Yahoo ID registered, which takes about 3 minutes;

*Let me know what that ID is so I can add it to my contact list. My ownYahoo ID is h_covington3.

*When chat time comes, log onto Yahoo Messenger, not just the internet itself, so I can see you are there and invite you. Also, some people have their YM's masked so others don't see they're online and pester them with chat while they're working, which I understand, but if I can't see you're online, I can't invite you.

These chats are held regularly on Sunday nights.



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