Sunday, July 17, 2005

Basic Precautions

[Courtesy of the Militia of Montana]

What follows are suggestions to help keep us out of trouble, discovered the hard way by people who continue to pay the price.

1) Beware of all strangers. Historically, resistance to tyrants has taken the form of small autonomous groups (cells) whose members know and trust one another from long experience.

2) Beware of the man who is "too perfect". He says all the right things, needs little persuasion, plus he supplies a substantial amount of money.

3) Beware of handling someone else's firearms, or, you may find your fingerprints showing up at a crime scene.

4) Be doubly aware of a stranger who proposes illegal activities. You will soon find him testifying against you in federal court.

5) Beware of those who draw checks from the enemy. They are likely to have divided loyalties.

6) Avoid drunks, drug users and any one of unstable character. Always choose quality over quantity.

7) Beware of someone whose intellect, education and background appear different from those with whom he attempts to associate. Most people inter-relate with others of similar interests and background.

8) Do a little investigation. To be sure, the Federals can create a good cover. But they seldom bother because up to now resistance groups have almost never checked their associates background.

9) Recognize the ruthlessness of the tyrant and act accordingly. A government which will mass murder innocent families, including women and children, is not going to play "fair" with you.

10) Beware of signing up for any militia organization or you could find yourself taking orders from F.E.M.A., as much of California and 23 other states are now finding out.

11) Recognize the media's tactics. Do not react to buzz words: religious separatists; White supremacists; tax protesters; cultists; Nazis and other words which the masses are conditioned to hate. After the media has demonized the target, as in Ruby Ridge and Waco, the government is free to murder as it chooses.

We must create our own means of informing the masses to cause them to be sympathetic to our cause (learn to fish in friendly waters). We must be committed to spreading the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Endeavor always to send messages which will ring true in the ears of our countrymen. There is an enormous amount of moral and ideological high ground which has been abandoned by our foes. Claim it and use it. As our cause continues to rapidly grow in numbers and knowledge, it has not been without pain. We must all bear in mind that we are volunteers from all walks of life. Each of us must guard against ego eruptions.

To be a good leader, you must first be willing to be a servant. Study the book, "The Art Of War" over and over. You must earn respect - don't demand it. Keep it simple - building from the bottom up - "private" cells and public meetings. Have you ever tried to build a house starting with the shingles first? The militia is as strong as the preparedness of each individual family. If you can't eat it, wear it, shoot it, do you really need it? What good are your guns and bullets if your stomach is empty and your feet are bloody or frozen?


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