Friday, June 17, 2005

Propaganda of the Deed

In response to an e-mail:

"Propaganda of the Deed" is the left-wing theory which holds that under certain circumstances, within certain parameters, and if properly done in an intelligent and disciplined manner, it is possible for an insurrectionary movement to jump-start a revolution and CREATE a revolutionary situation through acts of armed struggle and strikes against key targets and institutions of the state.

This is interesting because it removes the standard rite-wing excuse that "the people aren't ready," "the balloon hasn't gone up yet," "conditions aren't bad enough yet", "the White man still has his beer and TV so we mustn't try actually to DO anything," etc.

Propaganda of the deed has a patchy history. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The classic example of PoD is Che Guevara. He was able to make it work in Cuba, and establish a state which endures to this day and is one of the longest surviving non-liberal democratic regimes in the world. He wasn't able to make it work in Bolivia, and he got himself killed for his trouble.

In our own time: suppose--just SUPPOSE--that whatever the hell Oklahoma City was really about, it had been part of a real live, honest to God rite-wing and racist conspiracy on the part of militias or whoever?

Suppose OKC had just been the "opening gun" and there had been a FOLLOW-UP paramilitary campaign?

I know, in these times it's dangerous even to speculate. Nonetheless, why not get your wee brains a-whirring on that topic and see what you can come up with in your own mind?


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