Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Medieval Jewish Conspiracy

[Okay, this is from the fourteenth century, so admittedly, a lot of it probably has to be taken with a grain of salt. But isn't it strange how, down through the ages, in many different parts of the world, in fact everywhere that the Jews have traveled, the same kind of stories keep popping up? This little episode has counterparts all through world history from ancient Egypt to medieval France to 19th century Germany and 20th century Russia, and has been described in the 1898 Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. In 1948 the kikes finally succeeded. - HAC]

* * * * *

"The French Crown was brought into the [anti-Jewish] pogroms later in the summer [of 1348] by the alarming discovery of a secret covenant between the Jews, the Muslims, and the lepers.

"The compact first came to light at the end of June, during a solar eclipse in Anjou and Touraine. For a period of four hours on the twenty-sixth, the afternoon sun appeared swollen and horribly engorged, as if bursting with blood; then, during the night, hideous black spots dimpled the moon, as if the craters on its acned face had turned inside out. Certain that the world was coming to an end, the next morning the populace attacked the Jews.

"During the rampage, a copy of the secret covenant was discovered inside a casket in the home of a Jew named Bananias. Written in Hebrew and adorned with a gold seal weighing the equivalent of nineteen florins, the document wa decorated with the carving of a Jew--though the figure could have been a Muslim--defecating into the face of the crucified Christ.

"On reading a translated copy of the covenant, Philip VI was horrified. The Muslim ruler of Jerusalem, through his emissary, the viceroy of Islamic Granada, was extending to the Jewish people the hand of eternal peace and friendship. The gesture was occasioned by the recent discovery of the lost ark of the Old Testament and the stone tablets upon which God had etched the Law with his own finger. Both were found in a perfect condition in a ditch in the Sinai Desert and had awoken in the Muslims, who discovered them, a desire to be circumcised, convert to Judaism, and return the Holy Land to the Jews." [N. B. - Sounds like a red herring of some kind,similar to Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction. - HAC]

"However, since this would leave millions of Palestinian Muslims homeless, the King of Jerusalem wanted the Jews to give him France in return. The guilty homeowner Bananias told French authorities that after the Muslim offer, the Jews of France concocted the well-poisoning plot and hired the lepers to carry it out.

"After reading the translation and several corroborating documents, including a highly incriminating letter from the Muslim King of Tunisia, Philip ordered all the Jews of France arrested for ' bring about the death of the people and the subjects of the kingdom.' Two years later, any Jewish survivors of the royal terror were exiled from the country."

-from The Great Mortality by John Kelly


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