Thursday, June 30, 2005

Jug-Ears Fell Flat

Looks like Jug-Ears' lame and ridiculous speech on Tuesday night didn't do a damned thing to improve his poll ratings. Awwww...

He offered nothing new, he stumbled in the speech, he still sounded like Karl Rove was working his jaw by remote control, and he made sure he was speaking to an audience who could be court-martialed for dissing the Commander in Chief.

Just finished reading John Dean's Worse Than Watergate, about Jug-Ears' first term. It's not bad, but it suffers from the main problem attendant on all Presidential biographies while the jack-off is still in office--ongoing developments that make the book obsolete. I still want to see a really good account of the whole disgraceful and sickening Clinton era. If someone reads the latest anti-Hillary book and it's any good as far as an account of those eight appalling years, let me know, OK?


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