Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Death in Aruba

Q. What kind of parents allow an 18 year-old girl to "vacation" on a party island full of drunks, niggers, and drunken niggers?

Q. What kind of girl goes partying and drinking with Third World negroid primitives?

Q. When in God's name are some of these brainless White bimbos going to learn?

I'm sorry. Maybe I'm turning into an old curmudgeon and crank. In fact, probably I'm turning into an old curmudgeon and crank. But I am finding it very hard to work up any sympathy on this one. I save that for the White girls who are snatched out of parking lots or wake up at night and find a carnivorous ape standing by their beds. Yes, Virginia...out here in the real world, there is such a thing as asking for it.


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