Monday, June 13, 2005

The Best Justice Money Can Buy

Well, looks like Jacko plied 'em with plonk and diddled their digits, and he got away with it. Ain't Amurrican Jewstice just peachy?

O. J., Robert Blake, Jacko. I wonder if there is any remaining point in putting celebrities on trial any more in this country, for anything? Why not just declare that after some jack-off like Jacko reaches a certain number of Celebrity Points they are immune from the law and they can do whatever the hell they want? That's the way it works in practice anyway.

There is simply no way in hell that any sane jury could have brought in a not guilty verdict against that freak. It is in contradiction to all the evidence. Either they were gotten to in some way, or more likely they were simply so star-struck that they couldn't think straight. Of course, boobus Americanus, as H. L. Mencken called him, can't think straight anyway.

Okay, they got the Jewess Winona Ryder (nee Moskowitz) on shoplifting charges, but shoplifting is a petty and boring, sleazy little crime, and in addition they had the Jewess on tape stuffing her tote bag with luxury goods (which the cloth-eared bint had enough cash on her to pay for, never mind her limitless credit cards.) And Winona didn't get any time, just a slap on the wrist. Winona's case doesn't really count. Plus, let's face it, she was never that big a celeb. She wasn't too bad in "Heathers" and "Dracula," but beyond that Winona Ryder ain't no great shakes as an actress at all.

What do you want to bet that Jacko goes back to Neverland and within a matter of weeks, if not sooner, he's buggering little boys' bottoms again with that jar of Vaseline and homo porno coffee table book right back on his nightstand? Think I'm kidding. Hey, he didn't learn the first time. Why should he learn the second?


Anonymous Col. Bat Guano, USAF (ret) said...

Or just declare if you have a certain amount of money you are automatically eliminated from having to face the Jewstice system for any crime, civil or criminal. This would also apply to any minority or illegal alien without regard to monetary status. In these times, is it not beyond reason why any individual would question a 43 year old male nigger wanting to sleep with male children? Come to think of it, ZOG is truly a Beast!

11:01 PM  

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