Wednesday, June 08, 2005

25,000 Jobs Gone At GM

Twenty-five thousand jobs gone at General Motors. Not just any jobs. These are among the last of the "real" jobs remaining on this continent, the last of the decent, family-raising living wage jobs.

Oh, well. I'm sure McDonalds is hiring in all those communities about to lose their lives and future.

The hell of it is, the people who are hit worst by this are the very same blue collar, hard-hat, Amurrican-flag T-shirt wearing, Fox News-staring yay-hoos who most strongly support Jug-Ears and his neo-cons' moronic war of world conquest. And in 2006 and 2008 they're going to troop to the polls and vote Republican like obedient little doggies who have been shown the whip by their master.

And the managers will be walking away with how many millions of dollars in golden handshakes and golden parachutes? Most likely walking into other white-collar positions where they earn obscene salaries and bonuses for doing nothing?

Do you think anything will ever cause these pale-faced Amurrican dumb-asses to question the system itself? Is there any crime, injury, or insult that Jug-Ears might do that would possibly get through those skulls full of mush?



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