Thursday, June 30, 2005

Jug-Ears Fell Flat

Looks like Jug-Ears' lame and ridiculous speech on Tuesday night didn't do a damned thing to improve his poll ratings. Awwww...

He offered nothing new, he stumbled in the speech, he still sounded like Karl Rove was working his jaw by remote control, and he made sure he was speaking to an audience who could be court-martialed for dissing the Commander in Chief.

Just finished reading John Dean's Worse Than Watergate, about Jug-Ears' first term. It's not bad, but it suffers from the main problem attendant on all Presidential biographies while the jack-off is still in office--ongoing developments that make the book obsolete. I still want to see a really good account of the whole disgraceful and sickening Clinton era. If someone reads the latest anti-Hillary book and it's any good as far as an account of those eight appalling years, let me know, OK?

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Black Hawk Down

Them thar Muslim hillbillies in Afghanistan seem to be just as much crack marksmen as their counterparts in West Virginia. On Tuesday they brought down an American chopper with 17 Imperial soldiers on it.

Interestingly, the media are now spinning this by claiming it's the first Imperial copter shootdown in Afghanistan, although Hadji Reb in Iraq has brought them down by the dozens. That is just plain not true: the Taliban got another one a few years ago that killed something like eight or nine Imperial troops in one go. I can't recall the details but I remember the general incident quite clearly. By now maybe, like Winston Smith, I am the only one left in possession of a memory. This media subservience to Jug-Ears and the neo-con madness of the Empire is getting downright Orwellian.

The official body count in Afghanistan is now over 200 Americans. God knows what it really is--it is common knowledge that Afghanistan causalties have been seriously lowballed since October 2001 when this whole lunatic Ninth Crusade began.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Jug-Eared Moron

Watched Jug-Ears on the toob tonight. The moron didn't have anything new to say other than onward and upward, better living through chemistry, blah blah blah. Jesus Christ. What planet is that yo-yo living on? Hadji Reb is kicking ass over there in the desert and apparently the American commander in chief is the only one who doesn't know it.

When the Borgia pope, Alexander VI, was elected, the young Cardinal Giovanni de Medici wrote to a friend, "Flee! We are in the hands of a wolf!"

Flee! We are in the hands of ridge-running bush ape with nothing but pork fat between his ears!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Democracy, U. S. Style

I must say again, I realize that the habit of re-posting material from elsewhere on a blog is lazy, a cop-out, and also risks somebody screaming about copyright violation, especially when the author is a Jew. It needs to be done only in the rarest of circumstances if you're going to be a real blogger. But sometimes, someone says something that needs saying, and says it so perfectly that you just have to give his words a little bit of extra distribution. This is from Eric Margolis of the Toronto Sun. - HAC

* * * * *

LONDON -- U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice went to Cairo last week to tell her Egyptian hosts and the Saudis, America's two most important Arab allies: No more stalling, you have to hold honest elections now.

Rice's tough talk was certainly long overdue. She admitted America's policy of supporting Mideast despots and oligarchs for the past 30 years had been wrong. (Actually, Condi, it's 60 years, but never mind.)

So will Washington really push its Arab client states into genuine democracy? Don't bank on it.

The Bush administration has correctly concluded the kings, sheiks and generals who run the Mideast under American tutelage are a spent force. They have lost all legitimacy and are increasingly unable to repress the wave of Islamic militancy fuelled by Osama bin Laden that is sweeping the strategic region.

So Washington decided its loyal Mideast satraps are due for regime change. As Henry Kissinger once quipped about South Vietnam, it's more dangerous being an ally of the U.S. than an enemy.

Bush's Mideast policy team and its Israeli mentors concluded the best way to defuse Islamic militancy is to bring in new "moderate" civilian regimes elected in what appears, at least from afar, to be a democratic process.

The new model of Mideast rulers Washington has in mind can be seen in Afghanistan and Iraq. Turbans and general's hats are out. The Mideast's new look will be "moderates" -- low-key, non-flamboyant, fluent English-speakers in sober business suits who are "Muslims lite" and owe their total financial and political support, as well as personal protection, to Washington.

They will continue to sell oil cheap, open their markets to U.S. business, buy arms they can't use, allow U.S. military bases, reconfigure their military forces for internal security control, suppress political Islam, and make nice with Israel. In other words, just what the former kings and generals did, but with far less flash and much more subtlety.

The new breed of Mideast rulers will be elected in nominally "democratic" elections pre-determined to produce pro-U.S. winners and exclude all but token voices from radicals or troublesome Islamists. The U.S. media will sanctify them with glowing reports and fulsome praise.

This week's parliamentary elections in Lebanon are a good example of ersatz democracy at work. Former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri was murdered last February. The killing seemed to implicate Syria, which had long occupied Lebanon. National outrage over the murder drove Syria's troops out of Lebanon. New elections were held. An anti-Syrian won.

The White House ballyhooed the vote as the dawn of Mideast democracy and vindication of its policies -- notably invading Iraq.

But from up close the situation is not too heroic. Lebanon's politics remain deeply corrupt. Some voters in northern Lebanon were reportedly bribed $500 US apiece to cast their ballots for the U.S.-backed anti-Syrian faction. Around $35 billion borrowed by the former Hariri government to rebuild civil-war-shattered Lebanon is still unaccounted for. Since Hariri co-operated with Syria, his unsolved murder may have been committed by those seeking to drive Syria from Lebanon, or in revenge for the missing billions.

Finding pliable "moderates" in other Arab nations will be hard. Their ruthless, U.S.-supported regimes long ago crushed any legitimate opposition, leaving only underground extremist groups. They -- notably the Muslim Brotherhood -- with whom the U.S. should be talking, were branded "terrorists" by Bush.

The United States is hated across the Muslim world. If truly free elections were held tomorrow in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, their U.S.-backed regimes would be swept away by anti-U.S. Islamists.

Control of the Arab world and its oil is a pillar of U.S. power. It's unlikely Washington will ever countenance genuinely free Mideast elections. After Jimmy Carter called for democracy in Iran in 1979, and began withdrawing U.S. support from its grotesque Shah, a key U.S. ally, popular revolution erupted that brought in a violently anti-U.S. Islamic government.

The Arab world's only fully honest election was held in Algeria in 1992. It produced a landslide for Islamic parties. Algeria's U.S.- and French-backed military immediately staged a coup and annulled the election.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

"I Went To Hell in That Place"

'I went to hell in that place. After a while I could not feel pain any more'

by Jamie Dowd
Sunday June 26, 2005
The Observer

"Crispen Kulinji spent much of last week wondering whether he would be tortured before he was murdered. The omens were bad.

"When the Zimbabwean army came for Kulinji two years ago they blindfolded and handcuffed him. The soldiers then proceeded to beat him and subjected him to a series of electric shocks that left him permanently scarred. The two truckloads of troops loyal to the Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, who had descended on Kulinji's home in the capital city's district of Mabvuku proceeded to subject his mother to horrific sexual torture, and to beat his sister so brutally that she is still fighting for her life.

"A prominent member of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the political organisation opposed to Mugabe's regime, Kulinji was dragged away and tortured during a brutal interrogation process that lasted several days. 'They tried to get me to reveal details of who I knew in the MDC. There was blood all over my body.' Kulinji thinks around 40 soldiers worked him over. 'I went to hell in that place,' he said. 'They used electricity on my legs and under my tongue. After a while I couldn't feel pain any more. My body is now covered in scars. For some time I couldn't walk.'

"He was left for dead in a pit before being found by a Good Samaritan who got him to hospital. Kulinji was unconscious for four days before being transferred by the hospital to a safe house."

* * * * *
When I was in the Rhodesian Army (1974-1976) I did in fact do some security related work due to my American passport, which was handy, and I came into contact with some Special Branch people. Then later on in 1976 when I was active in the Rhodesia White People's Party I was arrested by the Branch myself and convicted on a "terrorist: charge (by a Colored judge) and deported.
I can tell you that the White government under Ian Smith, dumb-asses as they were, never, ever did anything like this. I was treated with unfailing courtesy and correctness both by Inspector Reg Painting who busted me and another Inspector named Drummond who escorted me around later. And no, they didn't treat black suspects any different, other than some solitary confinement cells they had at Khami prison for black prisoners who showed their butts. The closest thing I ever saw to racial violence against blacks other than terrorist combat was a sergeant at Llewellin Barracks who slapped his garden boy and was later disciplined by the OC for conduct unbecoming.
I will never forgive those stupid, stupid shitheads on all sides who destroyed that place of beauty and wonder.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Bitches of War Go Splat

Hadji Reb popped the top in Falluja yesterday (you know, Falluja, where the Mighty Marines supposedly conquered all?) and probably more through sheer luck than anything else, splatted a bunch of female "soldiers."

This falls into the category of "what the hell can I say that shouldn't be obvious in any sane society?" Why does a subject like this even exist?

No American soldier, male or female, should be there at all. Women shouldn't be in a combat situation. They shouldn't be anywhere near the military. And any man of any race or persuasion who allows a woman to take his place in battle is a piece of dog shit who needs to be scraped off the shoe of the cosmos.

I'm leaving this one alone or I'll just rave on and on...

Friday, June 24, 2005

Weird Aryan History

Okay, I have been advised henceforth to avoid the use of humor in my posts. Apparently it's going over some of your heads.

I have also been advised to explain everything clearly, concisely, and simply, since apparently some of you are confused. So let me start by explaining the concept of a "Weird Aryan History" series.

Someone once said that Americans are a people without a past. I once saw a statistic to the effect that less than 50% of Americans (meaning White Americans) can name all four of their grandparents (I mean actually name them: Grandpa and Mee-Maw don't count) and less than ten percent could name more than one great-grandparent. Many Americans confuse the Korean War with World War Two. Something like 30% of reporters in the Gulf War did not know there had been a World War One, although you'd think the designation of World War Two might have tipped them off that there was a World War One floating around somewhere. (True story.)

We as a people have no idea where we've been, so it's no wonder we have no idea where we're going.

My Weird Aryan History series is an attempt to remedy that, to inform White Nationalists of some of the more interesting events in the history of our people and let them know that yes, in fact there were Aryan events going on before the time of cowboys and Indians, which is far back as most Americans have any historical awareness at all.

Beyond a highly inaccurate movie version of the Wild West, some Americans have a vague impression of the Civil War (some re-enactors are downright anal about the 1861-1865 period to the exclusion of the other 3000-odd years of Western civilization, just like some National Socialists can recite a day by day history of the Third Reich from 1933 to 1945 and nothing else at all.) There is a dimmer impression in a few consciousnesses of George Washington crossing the Delaware, and guys in white wigs signing something in 1776, and beyond that there's Elmer Fudd in Puritan dress, wearing a cartoon steeple-crown hat and carrying a blunderbuss, hunting turkeys for Thanksgiving (nobody hunts with a blunderbuss) while having run-ins with Bugs Bunny. For 99% of Americans, that's it.

Now, in addition to being a people with amnesia, we are also a very sleazy people, as the current pre-occupation with Court TV and assorted media hyped crap indicates, from Scott Peterson to Natalee Holloway. Fine, I'm sleazy too. So I will be selecting all kinds of weird, wonderful, violent, bloody, bizarre, and ghastly stuff from the history of our race and presenting it for our own little tabloid show here on the internet. I started off last night with the mystery of the Princes in the Tower.

These articles will in fact be mostly fairly long and detailed and you will have to dust off the old attention span and give it a good workout to read and understand most of them, but I will try to intersperse short little Aryan factoids as well. I think this will actually be a kind of entertaining project, something to occupy myself while waiting for the lights to go out, and something many of you will appreciate. If you don't, there's always the old delete button.

Okay, are we clear on what the Weird Aryan History Series is and why? We do know that there is a purpose to it and it's not just Harold losing his marbles? Good.

To subscribe to the Weird History Series send a "subscribe" to

Tell 'em the Old Man sent you.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Aruba Antics

I understand the latest in the Natalee Holloway disappearance is that the Aruban police have now arrested the father of the White suspect. The one was was going to be a judge. Hmmm...probably trying to pressure him to get him to rat on the kid.

I dunno, though. I get the impression that frankly they don't have a clue and they're just lashing out in all directions. I wonder if the authorities, negroid or not, down there couldn't do a better job if they didn't have dumb-ass bitches like Nancy Grace and Greta Van Susteren, and suppurating pustules like Bill O'Reilly swaggering around their island telling the ignorant native chappies all about how it's done. Americans get in an awful lot of trouble like that. Niggers or not, it's their island and my guess would be that they probably know the ropes down there better than some blow-dried blonde bimbo with a big mouth and a microphone in her hand.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Preacher Killen's Martyrdom

I honestly don't trust myself to say what I feel about the hideous thing which has been inflicted on Preacher Killen in Mississippi. If I were to say what's on my mind it would probably get me a visit from the FBI, and at the moment that's not convenient. At the moment, anyway. So I'll let Rudyard Kipling do my talking for me.

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy -- willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005



"In the lives of most nations there comes a moment when a stand has to be made for principle, whatever the consequences. This moment has come to Rhodesia. I pray, and I hope other Rhodesians will pray today, that our government will be given the wisdom and strength to bring Rhodesia safely through.

"I call upon all of you in this historic hour to support me and my government in the struggle in which we are engaged. I believe that we are a courageous people and history has cast us in a heroic role. To us has been given the privilege of being the first Western nation in the last two decades to have the determination and fortitude to say "so far and no further".

"We may be a small country, but we are a determined people who have been called upon to play a role of world-wide significance. We Rhodesians have rejected the doctrinaire philosophy of appeasement and surrender. The decision which we have taken today is a refusal by Rhodesians to sell their birth-right, and even if we were to surrender, does anyone believe that Rhodesia would be the last target of the Communists and the Afro-Asian bloc?

"We have struck a blow for the preservation of justice, civilization and Christianity, and in the spirit of this belief have this day assumed our sovereign independence.

"God bless you all."

-Ian Douglas Smith
11th November, 1965

Monday, June 20, 2005

Can You Say Pork Barrel?

You know all those military bases that are closing down and devastating dozens of local economies, largely in blue states and places like New England? Well, guess where all those troops and their paychecks and money-spending dependents and the minimum wage service jobs the military brings are being re-assigned? (Besides Iraq.)

Texas. Fort Hood alone, outside El Paso, will be doubling in size. Other "relieved" garrisons will be heading for Southern states with all those nice blow-dried, beehive-hair-doed tub-thumping 700 Club voters who can be counted on to fall down and adore at anything Jug-Ears and his little Jewish friends do or say, no matter how insane it is.

Gaw-lee, Sergeant Carter! Ser-rpise, ser-prise!

Can you say corruption? Sure you can!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Yes, Virginia, Jug-Ears Lied

With the so-called Downing Street memos, we now have final proof positive, if any were needed, that Jug-Ears lied to to the world in order to launch an unprovoked war of aggression and conquest against a small country that never did us any harm, a small country which in fact, up until 1991, only wanted to be America's ally. In the name of democracy, we have destroyed the only secular and Westernized state in the Middle East. (Turkey doesn't count; the Turks aren't Arabs.)

And of course, this appalling revelation is being met with a shrug. Any sense of outrage is significant by its absence; you get the feeling the media are just going through the motions.

So Jug-Ears lied? Everyone already knows this and it's no big deal. Everyone already knows that George W. Bush is very stupid and dishonest man and it's yesterday's news. The casual acceptance of the fact that every word that comes out of his mouth is nonsensical bullshit is one of the most creepy and unnerving aspects of this whole ghastly area. After his Daddy and Billyboy, no one expects the President of the United States to tell the truth any more, about anything.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hank Lynn, R. I. P.

It is with deepest regret that I must inform everyone that our friend and comrade, Hank Lynn of Cordova, Alabama passed away on the evening of June 17th, after a long struggle with a variety of illnesses.

Hank was a Vietnam veteran and former law enforcement officer, and a long-time friend and supporter of mine. He will be sadly missed.

I will let you guys know who to send cards to as soon as his daughter gets back to me.

Und Ihr habt doch gesiegt, Kamerad.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Propaganda of the Deed

In response to an e-mail:

"Propaganda of the Deed" is the left-wing theory which holds that under certain circumstances, within certain parameters, and if properly done in an intelligent and disciplined manner, it is possible for an insurrectionary movement to jump-start a revolution and CREATE a revolutionary situation through acts of armed struggle and strikes against key targets and institutions of the state.

This is interesting because it removes the standard rite-wing excuse that "the people aren't ready," "the balloon hasn't gone up yet," "conditions aren't bad enough yet", "the White man still has his beer and TV so we mustn't try actually to DO anything," etc.

Propaganda of the deed has a patchy history. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The classic example of PoD is Che Guevara. He was able to make it work in Cuba, and establish a state which endures to this day and is one of the longest surviving non-liberal democratic regimes in the world. He wasn't able to make it work in Bolivia, and he got himself killed for his trouble.

In our own time: suppose--just SUPPOSE--that whatever the hell Oklahoma City was really about, it had been part of a real live, honest to God rite-wing and racist conspiracy on the part of militias or whoever?

Suppose OKC had just been the "opening gun" and there had been a FOLLOW-UP paramilitary campaign?

I know, in these times it's dangerous even to speculate. Nonetheless, why not get your wee brains a-whirring on that topic and see what you can come up with in your own mind?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pedo's Pecker Picture Possession Panned

Newly-acquitted Michael Jackson is now demanding that District Attorney Thomas Sneddon return photographs of his (Jackson's) John Thomas which Sneddon wanted to introduce at the trial. He (Jackson) is afraid the pecker pics will be leaked onto the internet, and that would be most undignified. And we can't have Michael Jackson's dignity assailed, now can we?

The reason the cops wanted the peter pictures was that apparently, back when Jackson was having his skin peel or his drug treatment or whatever it was that he used to transform himself into a Puerto Rican, either the doctors or Androgynous Rex himself didn't want to apply the process to his male organ. Ergo, Jackson's schlong is still black. The boys observed this during their buggery bouts at Neverland, told the cops, and the prosecution wanted to show the jury Jackson's pubic portrait in order to verify the kids' version of events.

Sneddon says he doesn't have the offending pecker pics, which are no doubt in police 8 X 10 glossy like you'd find in the trash at Alice's Restaurant. Gawd, who would want the damned things? Anyone care to make a small bet they really do end up on the Net?

God, this country is a zoo.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Was The Jackson Jury Nobbled?

I'm already picking up the first whispers that the Jackson jury may have been gotten to in some way, bribery or possibly intimidation from crazed fans, fear of a Rodney King-style riot, etc. Coming from admittedly pro-prosecution commentators, of course, so there may be a large element of sour grapes in there. I think they were gotten to, but in a subtle and non-provable way. They were simply star-struck to the point where they lost what few marbles they had to begin with.

As if we didn't know already that there is one law for celebrities and another for the rest of us in this country.

Jacko is supposedly preparing to sell Neverland and flee the country. Hmmm...wonder what other skeletons are in his closet he's scared might surface? Who the hell is going to buy that ghastly white elephant, I wonder?

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Best Justice Money Can Buy

Well, looks like Jacko plied 'em with plonk and diddled their digits, and he got away with it. Ain't Amurrican Jewstice just peachy?

O. J., Robert Blake, Jacko. I wonder if there is any remaining point in putting celebrities on trial any more in this country, for anything? Why not just declare that after some jack-off like Jacko reaches a certain number of Celebrity Points they are immune from the law and they can do whatever the hell they want? That's the way it works in practice anyway.

There is simply no way in hell that any sane jury could have brought in a not guilty verdict against that freak. It is in contradiction to all the evidence. Either they were gotten to in some way, or more likely they were simply so star-struck that they couldn't think straight. Of course, boobus Americanus, as H. L. Mencken called him, can't think straight anyway.

Okay, they got the Jewess Winona Ryder (nee Moskowitz) on shoplifting charges, but shoplifting is a petty and boring, sleazy little crime, and in addition they had the Jewess on tape stuffing her tote bag with luxury goods (which the cloth-eared bint had enough cash on her to pay for, never mind her limitless credit cards.) And Winona didn't get any time, just a slap on the wrist. Winona's case doesn't really count. Plus, let's face it, she was never that big a celeb. She wasn't too bad in "Heathers" and "Dracula," but beyond that Winona Ryder ain't no great shakes as an actress at all.

What do you want to bet that Jacko goes back to Neverland and within a matter of weeks, if not sooner, he's buggering little boys' bottoms again with that jar of Vaseline and homo porno coffee table book right back on his nightstand? Think I'm kidding. Hey, he didn't learn the first time. Why should he learn the second?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

1,701 Dead

The number of American dead in Iraq has now passed 1,700, with the deaths in combat of four more GIs. Hadji Reb is still fighting like hell to chase Jug-Ears and his goons from his country. "Operation Lightning" seems to have fizzled like every other American offensive they've yelled victory after.

Meanwhile, back home, desperate Army recruiters have raised the enlistment bounty to a stunning $40,000 and the enlistment age to 40. Also, the Selective Service has quietly been activated in preparation for the return of the draft. They've got to bring bring it back soon if we're going to invade Iran and Syria on schedule.

And America waits with baited breath for--the Michael Jackson verdict.

We deserve every damned thing we get, you know.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

"This Is How It Ends..."

Regarding the latest dog and pony show on renewing and expanding the grotesquely misnamed Patriot Act, may I quote from the latest Star Wars flick:

"This is how freedom ends: to the sound of thunderous applause."

Friday, June 10, 2005

Still No Verdict on That Androgynous Freak?

Still no verdict on Jacko? Holey moley, what on earth can those jurors be talking about? The weirdo slept with young boys in his bed, a homo sex manual, and a jar of Vaseline on the night stand. There is only one conceivable reason for the vaseline, and it isn't to keep Jackson's nose from falling off.

And why the hell haven't they been sequestered? All it takes is one crazed moron fan to sneak up on a juror over the weekend and bop him in the head and we've got a mistrial and all of this crap to go through again.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Still Screaming About Protocols

I go to, the West Bank Jewish settlers' site, on a regular basis. God, I love the hear those hebes scream in rage and terror! And that's basically what this site consists of. Poor little hebes are about to get their kosher asses dragged out of Gaza. Awwwwww....

I go there today, expecting to hear more weeping and wailing and gnashing of gevalts, and I find them howling about---the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Lead article by Emanuel Winston, howling like a lost soul.

108 years later and they still can't get over that one little pamphlet! It's like a vampire reacting to a crucifix.

I am re-publishing the Protocols right now on Truth Commission. It's a double translation, of course, from Yiddish into Russian by Sergei Nilus and then from Russian into English by Mr. Marsden, it's written in the bombastic and (today) boring style of the 19th century, which makes it very heavy going for even educated modern readers and for all practical purposes incomprehensible to Beavis and Butthead.

Yet still the Jews scream over it. God, that thing must touch a nerve somewhere! That's why I like to republish the Protocols periodically. It drives them into such a hissy fit that waving the Protocols under their nose is just plain fun! Hell, causing the Jews agita under any circumstances is just plain fun. One of my few remaining pleasures in life.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

25,000 Jobs Gone At GM

Twenty-five thousand jobs gone at General Motors. Not just any jobs. These are among the last of the "real" jobs remaining on this continent, the last of the decent, family-raising living wage jobs.

Oh, well. I'm sure McDonalds is hiring in all those communities about to lose their lives and future.

The hell of it is, the people who are hit worst by this are the very same blue collar, hard-hat, Amurrican-flag T-shirt wearing, Fox News-staring yay-hoos who most strongly support Jug-Ears and his neo-cons' moronic war of world conquest. And in 2006 and 2008 they're going to troop to the polls and vote Republican like obedient little doggies who have been shown the whip by their master.

And the managers will be walking away with how many millions of dollars in golden handshakes and golden parachutes? Most likely walking into other white-collar positions where they earn obscene salaries and bonuses for doing nothing?

Do you think anything will ever cause these pale-faced Amurrican dumb-asses to question the system itself? Is there any crime, injury, or insult that Jug-Ears might do that would possibly get through those skulls full of mush?


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Death in Aruba

Q. What kind of parents allow an 18 year-old girl to "vacation" on a party island full of drunks, niggers, and drunken niggers?

Q. What kind of girl goes partying and drinking with Third World negroid primitives?

Q. When in God's name are some of these brainless White bimbos going to learn?

I'm sorry. Maybe I'm turning into an old curmudgeon and crank. In fact, probably I'm turning into an old curmudgeon and crank. But I am finding it very hard to work up any sympathy on this one. I save that for the White girls who are snatched out of parking lots or wake up at night and find a carnivorous ape standing by their beds. Yes, Virginia...out here in the real world, there is such a thing as asking for it.

Monday, June 06, 2005


For many years I wouldn't even look at news items about Rhodesia, or what was left of it after years of black rule. But I have to admit, I am being drawn back there now on the internet, in a kind of horrified fascination, unable to resist the spectacle of the living hell that the most beautiful part of my youth has become.

The main thing I remember about Rhodesia is the smell of flowers everywhere; in the cities, at least, it was like living in a kind of vast open-air English garden. The major who handled my admission into the army told me that "We pride ourselves on being more British than the British here," and it was true. I now know what it must have been like to live under the Raj in India or at the height of the Edwardian empire. Rhoesia was also the safest place I have ever lived, outside the actual operational areas; a White woman could walk the streets at night in Bulawayo with no fear at all.

Now there is nothing but death and poison and booga booga booga. The deranged Mugabe rules like some cackling witch doctor demanding constant blood sacrifice. You can practically hear the drums and his ZANU-PF (some of them) literally appear now with bones in their noses. In the countryside, a return to cannibalism (once practiced by a small tribe called the Zimbas, exterminated by the Pioneers) has been reported. All the Whites have been driven out; there are less than 30,000 left now that the farmers have been murdered or expelled, mostly old people who are trapped in the living hell of a kaffir world.

But the worse sufferers are the poor kaffirs themselves. They are sick, brutalized, now unable to read or write because there are no schools, unemployed, tortured and oppressed. They still find mass graves in Matabeleland where Mugabe's North Koreans went berserk in 1983, slaughtering tens of thousands of his tribal political rivals, the Ndebele.

Recently Mugabe's thugs went on a rampage in Bulawayo and Salisbury and pulled down hundreds of houses and market stalls in an effort at "urban renewal," trying to drive the poor back into the desolate and diseased bush where they will quietly starve to death. Their Israeli "contractors," apparently thinking they're back in Gaza, used bulldozers to smash buildings. (The Israelis are supplied by special food flights twice a week from Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, planes that are guarded by Israeli commandos when on the ground in Zimbibbledy so the starving kaffirs won't mob them for the food.)

More than one third of Zimbuggery's population has fled the country in desperate search of work and food. Kaffir-ruled South Africa, slightly more prosperous due to its remaining two million or so Whites, drives Zimbabbles back from the border with whips. Botswana, again semi-livable because their kaffir government encourages a White expat community of around 100,000, is laying mine fields to keep them out.

And of course the world that put the madman Mugabe in power simply stands by and wrings its hands. When I lived in Rhodesia we suffered under crippling sanctions. Not sanction one has been applied to Mugabe.

A garden has been turned into a toilet.

You Jew bastards. You pigs in human form. God, I hope I live to see all of you burn.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hopeless Haiti

Ah, the joys of nigger rule! I see that the "police" in Haiti went into the Port-au-Prince slums gunning for Aristide supporters and ended up killing about 25 people, which was casually reported on the news.

Haiti has been like this for what, now? 200 years? It has always been completely hopeless, filthy, corrupt, primitive, and savage. The reason is simple: blacks are incapable of constructing an advanced or even a functional society. It is racial and biological. Blacks are inferior. How much more clear can it be made than in Haiti?

Would someone keep telling me why on earth we keep trying to save those monkoids from themselves?

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ezra Pound on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

(transcript of an Italian radio broadcast)

April 20, 1943

If or when one mentions the Protocols alleged to be of the Elders of Zion, one is frequently met with the reply: Oh, but they are a forgery.

Certainly they are a forgery, and that is the one proof we have of their authenticity. The Jews have worked with forged documents for the past 24 hundred years, namely ever since they have had any documents whatsoever. And no one can qualify as a historian of this half century without having examined the Protocols. Alleged, if you like, to have been translated from the Russian, from a manuscript to be consulted in the British Museum, where some such document may or may not exist.

What we know for certain is that they were published two decades ago. That Lord Sydenham wrote a preface to them. That their content has been traced to another sketch said to have appeared in the eighteen forties. The interest in them does not lie in [the] question of their having been, or not been concocted by a legislative assembly of Rabbis, democratically elected, or secretly chosen by the Mysterious Order of Seven Branched Antlers or the Bowling Society of Milwaukee. Their interest lies in the type of mind, or the state of mind of their author. That was their interest for the psychologist the day they first appeared. And for the historian two decades later, when the program contained in them has so crushingly gone into effect up to a point, or down to a squalor.

What is interesting, perhaps most, to the historian is their definite campaign against history altogether, their declared intention to blot out the classics, to blot out the record, and to dazzle men with talk of tomorrow. That is a variant on the pie in the bait. As far as reality is concerned, as far as you and I are concerned it makes little difference whether prosperity is in heaven, or in the year 2300, or just round a corner that will never be turned.

A religious man might think his reward might be in heaven, but even a religious man ought to know that his reward will not be on earth in a hundred years time. In fact, the pie in the sky is a more reasonable proposition: an opium with more to it than Mr. Keynes' day after tomorrow.

I am not concerned with fixing blame retrospectively so much as with judging the present: those who are against the true word, the protocolaires. Now Keynes whose fair is foul, foul is fair sentence can be taken as the quintessence of something or other, is the perfect protoclaire. It comes over me that on the one occasion I had the curious experience of seeing him, he managed to utter two falsehoods in a very short space of time. In fact never opened his mouth without doing so. First in stating that he is an orthodox economist, which he is not, second in saying that the then high cost of living was due to lack of labor, when there were millions of men out of work.

You couldn't have done much better in two sentences if you were out for a record in the falsification. Protocol No. 8, second [paragraph]:

"We shall surround our government with a whole world of economists. That is the reason why economic sciences form, etc. Around us again will be a whole constellation of bankers, industrialists, capitalists and the main thing, millionaires, because in substance everything will be settled by the question of figures."

Is it possible to arouse any interest in verbal precision? Is it possible to persuade more than six or eight people to consider the scope of crossword puzzles and other devices for looking at words for something that is not their meaning? Cabala, for example, anything to make the word mean something it does not say. Anything to distract the auditor from the plain sense of the word, or the sentence? Even to communism that is not communism. To communism of the episcopal sort, which they want in England. A Bolshevism that is to leave the archbishops and curates just where they are, each with his living or benefice. A revelation against capital, allegedly against capital, that attacks property and leaves capital setting pretty.

Lenin all out for making banking a state affair. And then twenty years during which it has seemed to drop decidedly into the background, when the world revolution was very busy about something else.

It should by now be clear that some people fear not the outcome of the war, but the end of the war. Churchill, for example. Not defeat, not the ruin of the Empire that worries him, but the end of the war. End of the slaughter, end of the war conditions.

Robert Clive has been clear enough, ex-British ambassador in Tokyo. Tells you and the world Japan can not be beaten. But the war must go on, according to Churchill and Roosevelt. Churchill sees the end of monopoly and privilege, or at least a shift when the war ends, no matter how. That is the point you should consider. In regard to the protocols, either there is and was a plot to ruin all goyim, all nations of Europe, or some people are stark raving crazy. They want war to go on to certain wreck. Who are they?

Mere cannon fodder. The American troops in North Africa know they are not there thru any wish of their own. The war was started for gold, to maintain the fetish value of gold. Plenty of other sidelines. Minor advantages have been commercially taken. Did the present regime in England want the troops to return after Dunkirk? Every move for reform in England is a fascist reform, or proposition along fascist lines.

The supreme betrayal of Europe is inherent in the alliance of Anglo-Jewry with Moscow. Debts rise. That is one part of the war. It is a contest between stopping the war and going on with it. And only one side does any fighting. Namely the party that started the war. They are for its continuance. Who are they?

But they are also for starting the next one. They openly proclaim that after (that is if) America finishes with Japan, she will have to fight Russia. If Russia should break into Europe.

Only blindness and deafness can keep you unaware of these proclamations. The U.S. must protect the world7 Why? Does the world want it? The U.S., once this war is over, must be strong enough to beat Russia.

The U.S. had a chance to maintain her prestige and unique position by staying neutral. Neutral while other powers exhausted themselves. And she did not.

Who are the lunatics? Was there a deliberate plot? That is what should concern you. Was there a pIot? How long had it been in existence? Does it continue, with its Lehmans, Morgenthaus, Baruchs? Proposals to send the darkies to Africa, to work for Judea, and the rest of it? And will you, after Japan is thru with you, take on Russia? In order to maintain the banking monopoly? With Mr. Wille Wiseman, late of the British secret service, ensconced in Kuhn, Loeb and Co., to direct you and rule you?

Missed Another One

Yes, I know, missed another day. Sorry, but I was really busy today. It is incredibly easy to let time slip up on you and forget about this damned thing.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Medieval Jewish Conspiracy

[Okay, this is from the fourteenth century, so admittedly, a lot of it probably has to be taken with a grain of salt. But isn't it strange how, down through the ages, in many different parts of the world, in fact everywhere that the Jews have traveled, the same kind of stories keep popping up? This little episode has counterparts all through world history from ancient Egypt to medieval France to 19th century Germany and 20th century Russia, and has been described in the 1898 Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. In 1948 the kikes finally succeeded. - HAC]

* * * * *

"The French Crown was brought into the [anti-Jewish] pogroms later in the summer [of 1348] by the alarming discovery of a secret covenant between the Jews, the Muslims, and the lepers.

"The compact first came to light at the end of June, during a solar eclipse in Anjou and Touraine. For a period of four hours on the twenty-sixth, the afternoon sun appeared swollen and horribly engorged, as if bursting with blood; then, during the night, hideous black spots dimpled the moon, as if the craters on its acned face had turned inside out. Certain that the world was coming to an end, the next morning the populace attacked the Jews.

"During the rampage, a copy of the secret covenant was discovered inside a casket in the home of a Jew named Bananias. Written in Hebrew and adorned with a gold seal weighing the equivalent of nineteen florins, the document wa decorated with the carving of a Jew--though the figure could have been a Muslim--defecating into the face of the crucified Christ.

"On reading a translated copy of the covenant, Philip VI was horrified. The Muslim ruler of Jerusalem, through his emissary, the viceroy of Islamic Granada, was extending to the Jewish people the hand of eternal peace and friendship. The gesture was occasioned by the recent discovery of the lost ark of the Old Testament and the stone tablets upon which God had etched the Law with his own finger. Both were found in a perfect condition in a ditch in the Sinai Desert and had awoken in the Muslims, who discovered them, a desire to be circumcised, convert to Judaism, and return the Holy Land to the Jews." [N. B. - Sounds like a red herring of some kind,similar to Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction. - HAC]

"However, since this would leave millions of Palestinian Muslims homeless, the King of Jerusalem wanted the Jews to give him France in return. The guilty homeowner Bananias told French authorities that after the Muslim offer, the Jews of France concocted the well-poisoning plot and hired the lepers to carry it out.

"After reading the translation and several corroborating documents, including a highly incriminating letter from the Muslim King of Tunisia, Philip ordered all the Jews of France arrested for ' bring about the death of the people and the subjects of the kingdom.' Two years later, any Jewish survivors of the royal terror were exiled from the country."

-from The Great Mortality by John Kelly

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wisdom from Stephen King

[Ladies and gents: I'm going to be very busy for the next couple of days, so I will probably be doing some re-posts. I'll try to make it interesting stuff most of you haven't seen. Here's one that I like to contemplate periodically. - HAC]

(Earlier part of rave redacted.)

If you won't listen to me, maybe you'll listen to Stephen King. Stephen King has money and he is therefore accounted a "winner" in this society, whereas I have no money and I am accounted a "loser". Maybe that's the problem. Okay, tell you what. I am going to transcribe here a section from one of Stephen King's lesser-known novels called Thinner, and hope I don't get sued for copyright violation in my wild, flailing efforts to get through to you.

King's protagonist, attorney Billy Halleck, has been cursed by a gypsy and calls on a Mafia boss for help. (It's a strange story even by King standards.) Here goes:


"He did this to you," Ginelli said at last."This..." He waved a hand at Billy.

"Yes. I don't expect you to believe it, but yes, he did."

"I believe it," said Ginelli almost absently.

"Yeah? What happened to the guy who only believed in guns and money?"

Ginelli smiled, then laughed. "I told you that when you called that time, didn't I?"


The smile faded. "Well, there's one more thing I believe in, William. I believe in what I see. That's why I'm a relatively rich man. That's why I'm a living man. Most people, they don't believe what they see."


"No. Not unless it goes along with what they already believe. You know what I saw in this drugstore where I go? Just last week I saw this."


"They got a blood-pressure machine in there. I mean, they sometimes got them in shopping malls, too, but in the drugstore it's free. You put your arm through a loop and push a button. The loop closes. You sit there for a while and think serene thoughts and then it lets go. The reading flashes up top in big red numbers. Then you look on the chart where it says 'low', 'normal', and 'high' to figure out what the numbers mean. You get the picture?" Billy nodded.

"Okay. So I am waiting for the guy to give me a bottle of this stomach medicine my mother has to take for her ulcers. And this fat guy comes waddling in. I mean, he goes a good two-fifty and his ass looks like two dogs fightin' under a blanket. There's a drinker's road map on his nose and I can see a pack of Marlboros in his pocket. He picks up some of those Doctor Scholl's corn pads and he's taking them to the cash register when the blood-pressure machine catches his eye. So he sits down, and the machine does its thing. Up comes the reading. Two-twenty over one-thirty, it says. Now, I don't know a whole fuck of a lot about the wonderful world of medicine, William, but I know two-twenty over one-thirty is in the creepy category. I mean, you might as well be walking around with the barrel of a loaded pistol stuck in your ear, am I right?"


"So what does this dummocks do? He looks at me and he says, 'All this digital shit is fucked up.' Then he pays for his corn pads and walks out. You know what the moral of that story is, William? Some guys--a lot of guys--don't believe what they are seeing, especially if it gets in the way of what they want to eat or drink or think or believe. Me, I don't believe in God. But if I saw him, I would. I wouldn't just go around saying 'Jesus, that was a great special effect.' The definition of an asshole is a guy who doesn't believe what he is seeing. And you can quote me."

The definition of an asshole is someone who refuses to believe what he sees, right in front of him, if it gets in the way of what he wants to eat or drink or think or believe. Not bad, Mr. King. Not bad.