Saturday, May 28, 2005

Starting to Hit Home

I see that a Minnesota state senator's son was killed in Iraq recently. Slowly but surely, the mounting casualties are starting to hit home. More and more people know someone who has been killed or wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan, or one of Jug-Ears' other little imperial adventures. Like the ripples spreading outward in a pool, the circle of personal impact on the American people will increase.

Then we get the draft back.

At some point, the neo-cons are going to either have to give up their dreams of world conquest, or else they're going to have to bring back the draft. That is when we'll finally see the stirring of some kind of genuine anti-war movement. It has to happen. We don't have enough troops now to invade a another single country and the only way we will get enough cannon-fodder to go over there and try and civilize the native chappies at the point of a gun will be via mass conscription. Some of these young punks who are now loafing around in their hip-hop shorts with their baseball caps on backwards and their noses stuck into a Nintendo game are in for a big surprise down the road.

Remember, the Vietnam protest thing was never an anti-war movement; it was an anti-draft movement. The overwhelming majority of those hippy-dippy doofuses didn't give a damn about bombing Hanoi or anything like that; they just didn't want their little candy asses snatched up and dragged over there to get shot up.

They will probably try to disguise their draft as "national service" or something, but it won't wash. They're going to do it, and with recruiting quotas failing as they are, it will be soon. Whatcha wanna bet that there is another mega-attack like 9/11 in the near future and they rush the draft legislation through Congress while all the yay-hoos are still bawling?


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You are a total fuckwit Harry!

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