Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Shocking Truth About Tom DeLay

Establishment politicians are bad people, and Tom DeLay is worst than most. He's a hack, a suck-ass toad for the religious right, a shill for Jug-Ears and insofar as he has helped to bring about Son of Big Iraq Attack he's a mass murderer.

All of this aside, what, exactly, did Tom DeLay actually do that has gotten the hippie-dippies and the media all bent out of shape?

He dared to state, in public, and quite correctly, that the United States Senate has the legal and constitutional power to impeach Federal judges who overstep the bounds of their authority, as did that little pissant black robe in Florida who ordered Terri Schiavo put down like a dog for hubby's convenience. He dared to suggest that just maybe it's time the people of this country gripped some of these half-insane liberal judicial activists and started returning control of the legal system to people who understand what a Constitution is.

Elected representatives actually exercising some control over these tyrants in black robes? Shocking!


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