Friday, May 13, 2005


The alleged Iraqi "government," unable to rule anything in Iraq outside the heavily fortified Green Zone, appears to be exerting its efforts trying to scam a pardon from the Jordanian government for Iraqi neo-con puppet Achmed Chalabi. Chalabi was convicted of embezzlement in Jordan in 1992 by a military tribunal. The Jordanian king says he might consider pardoning Chalabi if he makes restitution. Yeah, right.

The neo-cons are plain and simple determined that their boy Chalabi is going to have a major role in their Iraqi sock puppet, no matter what. Litrtle things like spying for the Iranians are minor pecadilloes. The CIA, on the other hand, doesn't like him. Chalabi's bamboozled and ripped them off once too often down at Foggy Bottom. The Company keeps trying to have him killed or arrested like they did last year, when U. S. troops raided Chalabi's home.

Meanwhile, the military judge has refused to accept recycled hillbilly Lynndie England's guilty plea, because she tried to weasel out of actually admitting that she did anything wrong by torturing naked Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib, so we may actually have a trial there. Sounds like that judge might actually be interested in finding out the truth. Well, there goes his career.


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You are a total fuckwit Harry!

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