Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Yes. I Really Do Mean It

Public answer to private note from Comrade J complaining that I am "alienating" people by being "rude" to them and have thereby "wasted my potential":

Yes, my friend, had I so desired, I too could by this time in my life have been sitting on a large estate of 345 acres, making a good living by peddling books and tapes and T-shirts and little items of Nordic jewelry and other toys, skimming the disposable income from the racist couch potatoes every month. I might even have the odd flunky or two on my estate to tell me what a Great Man I am, and I could stroll my rolling acres everyday thinking Great Thoughts.

But that's not me. You see, unlike (apparently) over 90% of our so-called Movement, I'm actually serious about all this.

I have never accepted this quiet, unspoken, but ever-present sub rosa understanding we all seem to have that we don't really mean it.

I'm afraid I do mean it, sir. Yes, really.

The basis for any genuine Movement has to be an idea. And that idea must not only be true in itself, but it must entail a complete respect for the truth as an absolute, if you follow the subtle difference. Any value system based on any concept of good must maintain and uphold a strong and healthy respect for truth per se. Truth must be valued in itself and for itself. The basis of all evil is falsehood.

There are certain truths that must become internalized and acknowledged byour people if we are to survive. The fact that the overwhelming majority of us do not wish to hear these truths, and in fact take active measures to escape and evade the necessity of hearing these truths, does not alter the fact that they are crucial to our future.

A large part of my job consists of forcing unpalatable truth down the gullets of people who don't want to hear it. This is not a job that tends towards the winning of popularity contests. I'm like a garbage man, an undertaker, or the public executioner. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.


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