Monday, April 04, 2005

The Rebel Yell at Abu Ghraib

My congratulations to the Hadjis on their recent successful attack on the American torture center at Abu Ghraib, where so many of their countrymen are learning the joys of freedom, democracy, and gay bondage. We have turned Abu Ghraib into a dirty joke, like we did Monica Lewinsky. Neither of them is funny.

That attack, ladies and gents was a genuine daring exploit, a feat of arms. It was successful in the sense that it kicked in the teeth all this media horse shit about how the insurgency is dying down and the Iraqis are gradually learning to accept being wage slaves in their own land to the oil companies and the Jews. Nothing of the kind is taking place. The Iraqi people are just as determined as ever to drive Jug-Ears and his Jewish friends from their land, and the Americans are still getting their asses quietly whupped every day--by those little brown-skinned men we hate so much and call "ragheads."

The American media are so strapped for good news on the occupation front that in desperation, they ran a story about some little-known Iraqi Sunni cleric calling upon Sunnis to join the Iraq police and army. Uh, come on now guys! You really can't see the purpose behind this? Since the United States seems determined to install an occupation government ruled by Shias, who will attempt to exterminate the Sunnis as soon as they can, it looks like the Sunnis have finally awakened to the fact that they need to get some legal weaponry into the hands of their own people. This is a no-brainer, guys. So why is it being hailed in the American media as some kind of turning point.

The only valid reason for any Iraqi to join the occupation's paramilitary and police forces is to turn those guns on the Americans and their puppets, and my guess is that that's what they'll be used for.


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