Saturday, April 02, 2005

More Thoughts on Schiavo

Okay, maybe this is a bit repetitive, but this is very important. The Culture of Death has just taken a great leap forward, and many of us are getting old enough to where we are in sight of having to worry about our horrible kids or someone else giving us the needle because they don't want to pay for us. God knows, from what I see on the internet my own children, having been brainwashed to hate me from birth, would give me the needle at their first legal opportunity.

And I'm not the only one in this boat. How many of you White males out there are going to end up in that position, sitting in some home with your very lives dependent on self-absorbed, liberal, materialistic, money-grubbing kids who have been trained by society and an embittered ex-wife to hate you? Who see you as nothing more than a big monthly bill they want to get rid of with a hot shot?

At first I thought Michael Schiavo was having Terri put down so he could keep the $1 million malpractice settlement, but now it has come out that what apparently precipitated his decision to kill his wife was the fact that the million dollars was actually running out, and he might have had to start paying for her himself soon.

I guarantee you, now that the precedent has been established that financially and personally inconvenient adults can be put down, these are the next steps:

1) Declaring Alzheimer's Disease or senility to be a "vegetative state."

2) Allowing "active termination." In other words, instead of pulling a feeding tube, the medical authorities are actually allowed to give the patient a shot of sodium pentothol or other poison and just plain murder them, which I suppose in one sense is more merciful than letting them die of hunger and thirst;

3) Allowing the decision to kill to be made officially and recognizably on financial grounds.

4) Removing relatives from the process completely and allowing the decision to kill to be made by a state-appointed "Quality of Life" Board or something of the kind, no doubt headed by Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Mohammed Singh. In other words, shrink the Social Security rolls and alleviate the necessity of taking care of all these crotchety old white people who remember a somewhat better time.

This is what's going to happen to us, people. My novels are fiction. The Boys of the Old Brigade are not coming to save us, since that would require physical courage. God, this is a hideous world.


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