Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Michael Jackson Is Being Screwed

Okay, yeah, Jacko probably took the kid into his bedroom, plied him with plonk, and diddled his digit. But...

The fact is, Michael Jackson is getting legally screwed to the wall by a completely unconstitutional dodge, a way of the state evading its burden of proof, which has crept into our legal system over the years. The judge has allowed testimony and the introduction of evidence of alleged previous offenses, crimes with which Jackson has not been charged, in order to "show a pattern of behavior." In other words, Jackson is facing loss of life and limb for alleged offenses which are not the basis of a criminal charge and which in effect constitute nothing but glorified hearsay and rumor.

This is constitutionally poisonous; it allows the state to introduce every conceivable irrelevancy and basically relieves them from the necessity of following due procedure and actually proving a specific charge. In essence, it allows the prosecution to place that freak on trial for the crime of being Michael Jackson. Okay, maybe he should be on trial for the crime of being Michael Jackson. But that's for later. Under our legal system as intended by the Founding Fathers (remember them?) this shouldn't be happening.

This "pattern of prior behavior" crap started, to my own recollection, with another nigger criminal, alleged Atlanta child killer Wayne Williams in the early 1980s--and there is a good case to be made that Williams, while he was a homo and guilty of several copycat killings, was not the actual Atlanta child killer himself.

Just one more example in which our own rights are being sliced away thin slice by thin slice, through the subtle Jewish technique of using a genuinely repugnant individual as a test case whom they're sure no one will dare to defend. I don't like that androgynous geek any more than any one else, but it's pretty obvious that there's this one asshole prosecutor in Santa Barbara county who just plain decided he was going to get Michael Jackson and to hell with the rules imposed on him by the Founding Fathers to keep him from turning into a power-made tyrant.

There's that damned civics teacher I had in junior high again. In our system, that isn't supposed to happen.


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