Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Let's Rise From The Dead

I have an Easter Sunday suggestion for you. Let's rise from the dead.

Our racially conscious community (RCC) has been playing dead too long. Wehave been sunk into a blue funk, a slough of despondency and despair, for entirely too long. As depressing and loathsome as they are, the "Movement" kooks and the freaks and the weirdos and the chrome-domed drunks among us are a minority, although I know sometimes that's hard to believe.

There's problems with the rest of us as well, true, and we're not going to get anywhere by refusal to acknowledge and address those problems. But that doesn't mean they can or should defeat us.

Colin Jordan once said that "The Movement has a very big heart and a very small head," and that's true. But we do at least (most of us) have the big hearts, and that is something we can build on.

And there are thousands of us, at least on the internet. I say again, Je Refuse. I absolutely refuse to believe that nothing can be done with aneasily accessible contact list of thousands of people whose hearts are inthe right place, even if their heads aren't exactly where they should be.We have a base for recovery, if we will but make the collective decision to use it.

How? Well, I'll tell you where you can start. Don't worry, I won't ask youto move anywhere or do anything inconvenient, never mind risky. I have cometo understand that time is far off, our testicles are still undescended,and we have to take little eensy-weensy, teeny-tiny baby steps towards becoming men again.

As most of you know, I recently "inherited" a Yahoo e-group from a very fine man who unfortunately let the GUBU get to him and drive him insane, and who is now on a quest for personal vengeance. The internet does that to people. It literally drives some of us mad, and I say that as one who had a nearer scrape than most. As to that, all I can say is that I wouldn't want to be a certain Induhvidual resident in an area not unadjacent to Raleigh, North Carolina. He may hear a knock upon his door sooner than he thinks.

That group is called Truth Commission, and it happens to be the largest Yahoo group on the racial right today, even after I kicked off about two dozen known kooks and freaks. I moderated a Yahoo group once before, and I have observed Truth Commission from afar, and I think I've spotted a couple of problem areas that can be fixed.

Ending the Reign of the Sad Old Men

Most people eventually leave these so-called internet "discussion" groups because there is virtually no discussion, at least not of the sane variety. Their e-mail boxes fill up with dozens and hundreds of e-mails every day which people simply don't have the time to read because they are, uh,well...drivel.

The overwhelming majority of White e-group posts are either the ravings oflunatics like Martin Lindstedt babbling about his homoerotic lust forGeorge of the Jungle, or else they are endless news articles from Establishment media sources. These are posted by sad old men who seem tohave no jobs or lives and spend 23 hours a day on the internet, and who do nothing but forward hundreds of news articles every day across the worldwide web, telling one another how BAD things are.

"Boo-hoo-hoo! Sniffle. Oh, look what terrible things their doing to ustoday! Sniffle! Isn't it all so terrible what is being done to us? Why doesn't somebody (not us) DO something? Oh, it's all so horrible, the white race is doomed, we're doomed! Please send money! WAAAAAAAH!"

That, people, is basically it. That's our Movement. That's what we've wasted the past fifty years doing. "News commentary," the pablum of the rite wing. Whinge, moan, weep, wring our hands, complain, complain, complain, whine, whine whine.... They say they want to "educate" people. Okay, great. But at some point education has to stop and action must begin, or else what the hell is the point?

OK. Now that I have charge of this one small part of the internet, we are going to stop it. No more whingeing and whining and complaining byendlessly posting and re-posting news articles and forwarding stuff from other lists.

From now on Truth Commission is a discussion group, where white nationalists will convene to discuss, not re-post news articles and forwards from other lists whingeing and whining about how bad things are.And we're just going to say no to GUBU. No more weird shit, no more kooks.That doesn't mean we can't discuss sensitive topics. It is in factabsolutely essential that we discuss certain highly sensitive topics, andthat is actually the main reason why we're clearing the decks of all this looney shit and all the re-posted news articles.

So I am urging everyone reading this, as a first step towards rising fromthe dead, to subscribe to the Truth Commission and USE it, at least as long as Yahoo allows us to do so. How long that will be I don't know, but there is no excuse for further dawdling and screwing around.

Send a "subscribe" to


and rise from the dead today.

Remember, Covington's Paradox states: "The Cause is so right; the people in it are so wrong."

But Covington's Corollary says: "Just because the people in it are so wrong, doesn't mean that the Cause is not right."


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