Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Jews' Big Day Fizzles

The big storming of the Temple Mount fizzled, as one might expect from the pimply-faced yeshiva boys of Brooklyn. A few Israeli cops chased them away. The settlers have been known to attack police and soldiers in the occupied territories, as well as Arabs, of course, but only when they are heavily armed and in overwhelming numbers. Faced with any serious opposition, even from other Jews, and they run away. Oy, gevalt!

I personally don't think there's going to be any serious opposition to the "disengagement," because these settler kikes don't have the stones for it. They might actually get hurt, and they won't be able to yell "whiplash" and sue. And a people is allotted maybe one Yigal Amir in a hundred years. We've had our Bob Mathews, and we betrayed him. The hebes have had their Yigal Amir and he delayed the inevitable for ten years. Good on him; I always like to see politicians of any stripe get popped.

This "disengagement" thing is going to be fun to watch. I will be commenting more as we get closer and closer to Der Tag.


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WOuld you believe I'm a jew and I like your blog? Sorry, but I do

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