Sunday, April 24, 2005

I Been Naughty Again

Whoop! Yeah, I know. Missed a day again.

Guys, I'm sorry. I know this blog fulfills a purpose, and it's popular, and I am starting to get some readers. I promise I will try to mend my ways and try to keep up the daily babble.

But you should realize that to me it's basically a tremendous, crashing bore. I really have a problem with this constant demand for news commentary, the pointless and politically sterile pablum of the the Blight Wing. I am appalled that there are men among us who have not just made a living, but a very comfortable living, sitting around and bloviating about the news while never lifting one single finger actually to change one damned thing.

Pardon me for quoting Karl Marx, but the words on his tombstone in Highgate Cemetary in London are quite true: "Philosophers have explained the world. Our task is to change it."

Damn, I wish a Commie Jew hadn't said that, so one of our guys could!


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