Thursday, April 07, 2005

Hale Gets Appalling 40 Year Sentence

For those of you who apparently need me to state and re-state the obvious, and to whom news commentary, the pablum of the rite wing, is the be-all and end-all of all White political activity:

Matt Hale has been sentenced to an appalling 40 years in Federal prison for the crime of typing a single sentence in an AOL Instant Message private chat room, i.e. "I cannot be involved in this." This was the culmination of Hale's being dogged for two years by a Federal informant who was deliberately planted on him and paid a total of $50,000 to stick to Hale like glue and report back on every little move he made and every word he said, until Hale finally slipped and did something stupid. Hale didn't help his case by posting directions to the home of the judge who was screwing him in a baseless and malicious civil suit brought by the ADL.

It is often forgotten in all the hoopla regarding Hale's Patriot Act arrest and the subsequent Lefkow rub-out, that the initial malicious and baseless lawsuit is of itself a highly significant development in the erosion of what little remains of our freedom. It is true that the Klassen cult is not a legitimate religion, but that is not the state's determination to make, nor is it in any way consistent with either the spirit or letter of the Constitution that a Federal judge order someone to hand over books to be destroyed by agents of the state, even books as turgid and pointless as Benny Klassen's interminable tomes. It's us evil Nazis who are supposed to be the book-burners, remember? The whole lawsuit thing was an ADL scam from the beginning. It was notably shameful and disgraceful even for this so-called legal system. Having been victimized myself by a baseless and malicious lawsuit with a hidden agenda, I can very well understand why Hale was damned near driven insane by the sheer injustice of it.

I am not comfortable with Hale as our poster child for anti-White repression and never have been. Like the Christians they hate, he and his Beavis-like votaries worship a dead Jew. But this implications of this case for what little is left of constitutional freedoms in America can't be ignored.

This case is pure terrorism, an attempt on the part of the state to frighten any opponent of multiculturalism into silence. It will probably succeed in a large measure, given our rabbit's courage as a group.

Who's next? My guess is someone on the internet like Hal Turner or maybe even Bill White, although White already got away with posting a direct threat to the life of President Bush on his site in December of '03, an incident which has yet to be explained. (Don't worry, Bill. The Movement simply ignores these things and forgets them within a week after they happen. Ask Bill Pierce.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAle got exdcatly what his ass deserve. As a matter of fact that was too good of a sentence.With luck he will died in prison or better committ suicide, IT will be good for the casue.

11:17 PM  
Blogger The Old Man said...

God, your spelling is atrocious. Don't you lefties ever pay any attention in school at all?

9:51 PM  

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