Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Free Thought in Hungary

Okay, I don't want to fall into the all too easy habit of simply re-posting news articles here. But:

Rally supporting Holocaust deniers held in Hungary

Associated Press, THE JERUSALEM POST Apr. 16, 2005

Some 200 Hungarian far-right supporters, including skinheads, held a rally
Saturday outside the German Embassy in Budapest in support of Ernst Zundel and others jailed in Germany for denying the Holocaust.

The protest was held on Hungary's Holocaust Memorial Day, which commemorates the day in 1944 when authorities began deporting Hungarian Jews to Nazi concentration camps.

Organizers - including the Blood and Honor skinhead group, the Hungarian
National Front and Conscience 88 - tried to give a petition to the German
chancellor in support of Ernst Zundel, a white supremacist jailed in Germany, but no embassy officials were present to receive the appeal.

Demonstrators said they were protesting against the "enemies of thought" in

Gusztav Zoltai, executive director of the Federation of Hungarian Jewish
Communities, said it was shameful that authorities allowed the rally to be
held on Holocaust Memorial Day.


You know, guys, it takes a hell of a lot more balls to stand up for freedom of thought in Europe than it does here. Speaking out of turn across the water can get you some heavy jail time.

And yet the Jews just can't seem to suppress the truth altogether, can they? Despite their laws, their cops, their guns, their prisons, their lefty street thugs, it just keeps coming out, doesn't it? If I were of the Mosaic persuasion and I lived in Europe, I'd be getting nervous.

Oz the Great and Powerful ain't so great and powerful any more. Those barefoot Iraqis in the desert and the Baghdad slums have given Oz the Great and Powerful a pretty good bloody nose, and the little man behind the curtain will eventually get dragged out into the light of day.


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