Thursday, April 28, 2005

The End of History, My Ass!

A reference I made a while ago to Francis Fukuyama and the End of History piqued a couple of you and I was asked about it.

Francis Fukuyama is a Japanese college professor and pseudo-intellectual type who in 1989 published a lengthy article in one of these turgid left-liberal think tank journals that no one has ever heard of called The National Interest. According to Google, anyway. I had to look this up.

The essence of what Fukuyama says in that monograph is that "liberal democracy" (i.e. Jewish controlled plutocracy) is "the final phase of man's ideological evolution", and has proven itself superior to such alternate systems as monarchy, theocracy, communism, military dictatorship, constitutional republicanism, etc. so as to become "the final form of human government."

Thus, according to Fuku-san, the history of the world from this point on will be nothing but a glittering blur, one endless vista of Dilberts in cubicles, Sunday morning talking heads on cable TV, and Wal-Marts, each with its own McDonald's attached of course. (I've always found it fascinating that the first thing the American invaders did after capturing Baghdad was to bring in and stock a Burger King at the airport.)

Or, as we in our silly little "Movement" put it, ZOG is forever, unbeatable and invincible and all-powerful, and any resistance is futile so please stop pestering us with this Northwest thing, Harold.

This is one of those topics where I am somewhat at a loss for words. What the hell am I supposed to say to such a pernicious idea other than it's just plain wrong?

And is there any point in my attempting to refute it? We'll just find some other excuse to do nothing. This is "the Movement", where we never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

The first thing that strikes me just from glancing over the Google articles that came up in my search is that apparently Fukuyama himself is now backtracking on this stupid idea that that future of the world is nothing more than eternal CNN and Ronald McDonald. He seems to have noticed the fact that ZOG is collapsing, and when a huge empire like this finally falls all kinds of possibilities exist for peoples to seize back their destinies. I always said the Japs were the smartest of all non-Whites.

I might add that the essential nature of liberal democracy [Jewish-supremacist plutocracy] is already mutating. The kikes and the Anglo-Zionist ruling elite--the soulless white men in business suits who are a worse enemy to our race than any rabbi---have learned that we have now been sufficiently dumbed down and apathetized to the point where it is no longer necessary to maintain the level of appearances that used to be necessary.

The showpiece of liberal democracy has always been the election of representatives, but the legislative branch of government is now for all practical purposes defunct. Actual power no longer resides in the elected representatives of any parliamentary body anywhere in the world, much less in the United States Congress. Our present President was appointed by the Supreme Court as opposed to the usual sham electoral process. Congress has repeatedly abdicated its Constitutional authority to declare war, so that the American President is now more or less a Caesar who invades and conquers foreign countries at will.

The judicial branch of government is in the process of being subsumed by the electronic communications media. Court TV is being slowly transmuted into a court. So far this is only occurring in a few selected celebrity cases such as O. J., Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, etc. but I have seen serious proposals that criminal prosecutions be turned into cable TV or internet shows wherein guilt or innocence is decided by mass "voting" or polling of the viewers. The destruction of human life as a form of entertainment; bread and circuses as they used to say in ancient Rome. (Yes, there are those who claim quite seriously that this would be a true "jury of one's peers".) The beginning of this trend is distinctly visible; some attorneys now retain media consultants on their staff as a matter of course and spend more time on the talk shows than in the courtroom.

In short, liberal democracy, far from being the end of history, is only the beginning of something else. Something which may admittedly turn out to be far worse, but still, by no means "the final phase of man's ideological evolution."

Finally, we are Aryans. We are better than everyone else, we've just forgotten that fact and we're bone idle with it. If we ever decide to exert the effort, we can wrench Fukuyama's "history" off its Zoggish track and back onto the course of Western man and civilization even at the eleventh hour and the fifty-ninth minute. Nothing is inevitable, and nothing lasts forever. Including ZOG. Period, end of story. That's just the way human nature is.

Right now the Northwest Migration movement offers human history a way out of the morass of collapsing liberal democracy. We can all come here and make our own country. It is simply a matter of our choosing to do so.

And we'd damned well better make that choice soon. Because if we don't, we may all live to see the end of our history as a race and a civilization.


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