Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Death In Toronto

Wolfgang Droege, 56, was shot this afternoon at about 2:55 e.s.t. at his 2 North Drive Toronto apartment. His alleged killer was known to him and, to our knowledge, had no political involvement.

Mr. Droege was the founder of the the White Nationalist Heritage Front, which flourished from 1988 to 1994 and had branches in a number of Canadian cities, including Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Montreal.

Droege, born in Germany, was fiercely proud of his German heritage and deeply resented the relentless hate propaganda directed at his people in the mass media.

He was strongly influenced by his friend David Duke and Duke's efforts to bring the White Nationalist movement into closer touch with young people. Like Duke, Droege was personable and a great communicator.

A natural "people person", he mixed easily with young and old, well off and those of modest means. The Heritage Front was highly successful in attracting people in their teens and 20s. It held music concerts which drew out a new generation.

Mr. Droege sacrificed his own well being and financial position for the cause for almost 20 years. At times his involvement brought him into conflict with the law; for instance, an attempt in the 1980s to back a sympathetic black politician in Dominica in exchange for financial concessions that might have helped fund the White Nationalist movement in North America. The planned invasion of Dominica, a small Caribbean island, was aborted by the intervention of U.S. agents. Mr. Droege was imprisoned for these activities.

On his release, he was offered a large sum of money by U.S. authorities. He turned down their offer.

He returned to Canada in 1988 and founded the Heritage Front, as a non-violent White rights organization, striving to fight such anti-White measures as "employment equity" (affirmative action).

Almost from the beginning, the non-violent Heritage Front, in contravention of the definition of "threat to national security" in the CSIS Act, was targetted by Canada's spooks. CSIS infiltrated a well paid agent, Grant Bristow into the Heritage Front. He funneled money to the HF and constantly urged violence and confrontational tactics, gradually leading the HF in a direction which destroyed it.

In 1993, after the terrorist Anti-Racist Action (ARA) trashed the house of Gary Schipper, the "hotline" voice of the Heritage Front, Bristow urged a violent response. When asked, Ernst Zundel warned Mr. Droege that a visit to the ARA's sleazy watering hole, Sneaky Dee's, was a trap. While Bristow jetted off the New York with his girlfriend, Wolfgang and some other HF members visited Sneaky Dee's. A fight ensued and Wolfgang came to the rescue of a young HF member being beaten on the ground. Mr. Droege's selfless courage got him arrested.

As Mr. Zundel had predicted, it had been a trap. With his previous criminal record, Mr. Droege was slapped with brutal bail conditions, including a prohibition from speaking to the press -- part of the state's efforts to gag opposition. He was sentenced to four months in jail. When he emerged, he found employment almost impossible to get and, although he was a proud man and would never circulate this story, even found himself cut off public assistance. Jamaican welfare mommas, yes; Wolfgang Droege, no!

The arrests and the revelation that a key HF leader had been a CSIS agent sent the Heritage Front into decline.

Mr. Droege withdrew from active politics to very successfully pursue business interests.

He was a kind and generous man and a magnificent raconteur. Many friends, young and old, were the recipients of his generosity and frequent dinner invitations.

I first met Wolgang Droege at a dinner to honour author and journalist, Doug Collins in Toronto, likely in 1988. While I was never a member of the Heritage Front, I saw him occasionally. He still held the views he always did, but had grown cynical about Canadians. He believed that Canadians had become a weak and broken people, who would continue to tolerate the massive immigration invasion and the systematic stripping of their rights UNTIL they were hit with a massive economic downturn. Things would not get better, in his view, until they got worse.

My condolences to his gracious mother, his old comrades and his many friends. His personal courage is a model.

- Paul Fromm


I would also like to add that I met Wolf during the Dominica incident in 1981, and he was without question one of the more impressive, intelligent, and dedicated people we've ever had on our side. I always regretted it when he finally got burned out and had had enough. We lost one of the good ones, folks. - HAC


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