Saturday, April 30, 2005

Conservatives Are Our Worst Enemies

Conservatives are the worst enemies of White Nationalism, far more than liberals. Remember, I was deported from Rhodesia by the Ian Smith regime, not by Mugabe's kaffirs.

Believe it or not, liberal "latte towns" are far better for an active group. The hippy-dippy Birkenstock-wearing granola-chomping Sixties retread crowd will look down their noses at us, sneer at us, lift their skirts fastidiously and shun us, but those tub-thumping, ridge-running shoutin' Baptist bush apes from the Chamber of Commerce in places like Texarkana or Kootenai County, Idaho will use everything up to and including murder to drive us out once we are officially ruled "bad for business."

Liberals will have indignation meetings about us. Red-state, conservative, slack-jawed Fox News watchers will send mobs of peasants with pitchforks and torches.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conservative does not mean what its definition implies anymore. Sam Francis was a conservative. Rush Limbaugh is not only quite center from where he originally started, but dead opposite of Francis and Buchanan on many things, and is apparently pro-Jew before conservative. Almost all "conservatives" today have an unquetionable allegiance to Israel before America and Western civilization. They try to fool the right-leaning part of the public into the idea that America and Israel are like brothers or siamese twins, inseparable and identical in interests, values, and destinies. Jews have cleverly hijacked conservatism. The bible-thumpers believe that Jews are the chosen people, even though Jews reject Jesus and are going to hell for it according to some evangelical interpretations of the bible. If you look at where conservatives were 40 years ago and compare it with where they are now, there is little commonality. In each battle against the liberals (the true revolutionaries) that they fight, they end up taking steps back. They may gain a step ahead occasionally, but eventually end up further back from their original position. Would homosexuality have been accepted at all in the Humphrey and Goldwater era? Now the debate is over marriage of fags. And the same can be said about racial matters- fair housing, busing, anti-discrimination and everything else. The revolutionary liberals have gained ground by taking little bits and pieces over time. Conservatives today see America very selfishly. They care about themselves, and money. They would just as soon have people starve than pay a dime extra in taxes. They would rather send the U.S. manufacturing base overseas to China and make it easy for China to cut us off, should relations ever sour, than pay a little extra for workers and goods here. We as nationalists believe in a strong central government, but these folks, although they claim to be against "big" government, think it's a great to spy on everyone, search without warrants, lock people up without giving reasons, etc. while they cry boo-hoo-hoo with the Jews over the holocaust and say how horrible Hitler and Stalin's governments were for being centralized and strong. Yes, in America, conservatives are worse enemies than liberals. A liberal will listen to your point and think about it a little if he/she disagrees, but a Neocon tends to not think. Their minds are usually in lock step with Jugears and will equate a White nationalist with a Muslim terrorist. To neocons, we are all Tim McVeighs, KKK lynchmobs, Buford Furrows, or other criminals that need to be locked up. The sooner we all realize this and start facing it, the better. Then we can get on with defining ourselves without fitting into their fixed ideas of what we are.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a total fuckwit Harry!

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Redbeard said...

Good points.

1:13 PM  

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