Tuesday, April 12, 2005


[Sigh...] Okay, I am going to make just about the closest I will ever come to a compromise with perversion. I'm extremely uncomfortable with it because I am implying that healthful fruit can come from a poisoned tree, but in this case I feel justified in toe-dancing along the line if not crossing it. That and watching the the DVD of The Importance of Being Earnest to see Reese Witherspoon is the closest I will ever come to compromise, and after all Oscar's Bosie-buggering days were 110 years ago and he wasn't claiming leadership in the Movement.

I normally don't recommend much in the way of contemporary anything to people, but I do want to recommend http://www.antiwar.com to all of you. You need to bookmark this site and check it regularly.

Yes, it is lefty and libertarian. Yes, Justin Raimondo is a queer, which I was saddened to learn, because his stuff on the war in Iraq and his attitude towards Iz-ra-hell is about the best you'll find. In view of Raimondos' penchant for buggery I can no longer re-post his articles, and I ceased doing it immediately I learned that he is a bugger boy, but his stuff is only a small part of the site content and there is so much news that you will simply never see anywhere else. And as bitterly as I hate to admit it, his articles are worth reading. So Ed Steele can throw this post in my face if he likes.

This site is a priceless resource of knowledge for us, and it should not be neglected. Check it out.


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