Friday, March 25, 2005

The Schiavo Case

Most of the media induced frenzies that the great pale blob obsesses over are pretty stupid, but this Terry Schiavo thing does, as Sherlock Holmes said, have a few points of interest.

Before we proceed any further, yes, I know Terry Schiavo is a Jew. Her maiden name is Schindler. Need we say more? From her photographs in her younger, pre-veggie days she looks like she's got quite a lot of Sephardic in her.

Now, my understanding of the facts, in no particular order, is that

1) She is capable of staying alive almost indefinitely so long as she is fed intravenously;

2) There seem to be differences of medical opinion as to whether or not she is completely vegetative and might ever possibly recover, differences which have not been adequately explored. According to what I see on tabloid TV (admittedly a bad source) she has not actually been examined in a long time.

3) The husband understandably enough wants this chapter of his life to end so he can get on with his second family;

4) No one quite seems to know how she got into this condition in the first place. The original diagnosis back in the early 90s seems to have been rather sloppily done, as can be expected with our medical system, especially in an increasingly Third World state like Florida;

5) The Jewish parents have been throwing accusations at the Italian son-in-law that he poisoned her or whacked her in the head with a blunt object or something of the kind, which seems to be beyond proof one way or the other now. Since Jews will accuse Gentiles of anything I think these allegations need to be taken with a large sack of salt.

6) Getting closer to the nub of the argument, what Schiavo is asking the courts to do is not to allow him to pull the plug on life support, but to stop feeding his wife and giving her water, so she will die of thirst and starvation. In other words, to commit a legally authorized homicide, in that if he did this under unauthorized circumstances, like locking her up in the basement and throwing away the key like some demented Roman emperor (they used to starve their enemies to death) he would be charged with murder. Now, that's something entirely different from pulling the plug on a machine that's keeping the heart and lungs going. Terry Schiavo is not exactly a functioning human being, but she is far more functional than someone who is absolutely dependent on life support. It has been accurately pointed out that under Florida law, if Schiavo did that to a dog he'd be arrested and charged with a crime. But he can apparently do it to his wife if he gets the right judge.

7) The red-state/blue-state thing has kicked in and the whole event has now turned into a zoo. In this case the paleo red-staters probably have it more nearly right than the hippy-dippy blue-staters in their Birkenstocks, and the neo-con commentators have a point when they castigate the hippy-dippy Sixties retreads for standing up for spotted owls but allowing a woman to be killed in this painful and drawn-out way. Brain dead or not, the poor bimbo must be in an agony of hunger and thirst. What's next? Staking her out on an ant hill?

What's happening here is that the Culture of Death is edging just a little bit closer to third-party euthanasia of the kind I described in my novel A Distant Thunder. The System's courts now say that when you've got two sets of relatives, one who wants to save life and one who wants to kill, death trumps the right to lifers. Well, they've been saying that all along with abortion. Now they're doing it with adults, as I among others predicted they would.

These things never happen all at once. It's what the Communists used to refer to as the "salami slicer" technique, where rights and decencies are sliced away one thin slice at a time. Up until recently it was all right to disconnect from life support. Now, it's legal to murder by starvation so long as there is no apparent brain function.

Okay, so after Terry Schiavo dies, what's next?

There will be a slowly increasing number of feeding tubes disconnected from sick and elderly patients around the country who are declared absent brain function. Okay, now, how do we define that and who defines that? Dr. Finklestein or Doctor Chandragupta defines that, is who. They are the ones who tell the relatives who are paying through the nose to keep Granny alive and may end up losing their house to pay her medical bills. You'd be amazed how easy it will be for some quack with a hose nose or a turban who got his degree from Calcutta U. to convince some working class family who is about to lose their house that Granny's "quality" days are over.

And "absent brain function"--okay, granted, Terry Schaivo is vegetative. But how will that be defined ten years down the road. Alzheimer's? Senility?

You see how the envelope gets pushed and pushed and pushed, how the red lines keep getting shoved ever further away from what is permissible. You can usually tell what The Agenda really is after a while, and it's clear that what modern American Anglo-Zionist multinational capitalism is after now is the right to throw away spare parts once they've outlived their usefulness. What they eventually want is some way for doctors to trump relatives, or better yet remove relatives from the picture altogether and let life or death for the (mostly White) sick and (almost entirely White) elderly become an administrative decision.

We are headed for Soylent Green, people. If you haven't seen that movie, get a copy. That and Telefon. No kidding. Those two 1970s flicks will explain so much about what our world has become.


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