Monday, March 21, 2005

More Thoughts from the Darkness

When you're sitting in the dark and nothing is working, and you've had to make a special run to the store to make sure you had enough candles, and you're trying to read by candlelight like George Washington did, it is irresistable to speculate on the forbidden topic of what would happen if this temporary irritation were part of some larger plan.

Suppose we had to live like the people in Baghdad, with two hours of electricity per day and maybe a couple of hours of running water, if we're lucky? How long do you think Jug-Ears and his neo-cons would be around?

Do we really comprehend how vulnerable the country's creaking, aging, obsolete and increasingly overloaded electric power grid really is? Do we understand how incredibly easy it would be for a small number of men, possessed of a reasonable degree of physical courage and dedication to a race or a religion, to completely cripple the United States of America?

No wonder the FBI and Department of Homeland Security are so worried that they have to spy on what books people check out from the library and eavesdrop on internet chat rooms. No wonder the government is constaly gibbering about "Threat Level Orange" and other such gobbledegook. Our lords and masters are terrified. You see, they know how easy it would be to bring them down, drag their asses out of those carpeted and air-conditioned offices, and punish them for what they've done.

The penny hasn't quite dropped for the rest of us. But it will. The faceless men in the suits know it. And they are scared shitless.


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