Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - November 26th, 2015


HAC on how we deal with genuine acts of heroic resistance; Gretchen finally closes out on March of the Titans; we hear from the late Edgar J. Steele.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Salon Goes After HPL Again


Anybody those reptiles at Salon Magazine hate this much can't be all bad.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

What Would Happen If We Got Rid Of Them?

(Sorry, couldn't get rid of some of the original formatting in this so certain things are off-kilter. - HAC)



10 Things That Would Happen If All Negroes Left America

It is time for America to have a complete divorce from the Negroid race.

They are an expense that the American taxpayer can no longer bear. We can no longer handle their crime, their aggression, and their exploitation of social services. They have overstayed their welcome and the Lincoln Repatriation Act must be implemented.

Before we begin with today's list, let's begin with a quote from the great Abraham Lincoln:

“You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffers very greatly, many of them, by living among us, while ours suffers from your presence. In a word, we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.”
Now here are ten things that would immediately happen if American negroes were deported to a colony where they could have their own autonomy. Keep in mind, they comprise a minority less than 15% of the American population.

1.  The Youth Crime Rate Would Drop by 52%

2. Welfare Expenditures Would Drop by 38.8%

3. Average SAT Scores Would Increase by 100+ Points

4. HIV and AIDS would decrease by nearly 65+%

5.  Reported Rapes Would Decrease 35%
"rape culture" proponents do not target America's Magic Negro.

6. 57% of Homeless Bums Would Disappear

7. Half of Gang Members Would Disappear
Including this Bloods Family. Thought we forgot, eh?

8. $35,292,041,644 Wouldn't Be Wasted on Black Prisoners
(Reference Link1 Link2)
Read: 35+ BILLION(!!!!)
9. National IQ would Increase 6+ Points

10. You'd Have Peace of Mind and Get Taxed Less

More time for you and your family and less hours at the office since you need to work more hours now, because the government takes such a huge chunk of your check to feed the ghetto creatures who sit at home all day on their Obama phones.

It's not that we cannot afford to get rid of them, it is that we cannot afford not to. I won't be like many of the limp-wristed White nationalists and tell you "I want self-determination and the best for all races" because the fact of the matter is that I do not give a rat's ass about the negro race. They hate us, so I will not waste one spec of energy caring about them and their well-being.

This was just a list of scientifically and statistically provable hypothetical net gains. I could have included an entire list of quality of life condition improvements such as not sitting through a movie getting interrupted by colored "teens," not worrying about "those parts of town" because they wouldn't even exist.

In this country we go on and on about deporting Mexican illegal aliens and rightfully so! But have we ever though of placing priorities on the deportation of economic and social parasites? The argument against mestizos is over their illegal status on this country. But it is clear who presents a much more serious danger to the survival of this terminally ill nation.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Iran Gives The Jews A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

by Bill White

The Islamic Republic of Iran has convicted Washington Post bureau chief Jason Rezaian of espionage in a trial that gives American Jews a taste of their own “justice” medicine. The verdict has been met with squeals of Yiddish outrage, proving the old Polish proverb that “the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

Rezaian, like most American reporters was recruited by the United States Central Intelligence Agency and assigned to gather information on the Iranian government and military, which he transmitted to the
CIA under the guise of conducting “investigative journalism.” As such, he is one of several similarly situated Westernized Oriental gentlemen and women to be detained in Iran. Most prominent was BBC reporter Roxana Baul who was detained in 2009 after sensitive Iranian military plans were found in her purse. Also currently detained in Iran are Amir Hekmati, a CIA operative recruited out of the Marine Corps and sentenced to death for spying on Iran, and Saeed Abedini, a corrupt Judæo-Christian pastor serving eight years for preaching against Islam.

Each of the detained Westernized Iranians has received sentences much more lenient than those the
United States imposes for similar crimes, and is being held in better conditions than those the United States typically provides detained spies. Baul, for instance, complained that she was held in solitary confinement for nine months before her sentence was commuted and she was traded back to British authorities. In the United States Iranians are often arrested on trumped-up charges and then tortured or housed in dangerous prisons that are little more than butcher shops.

Mansur Arabasar, who was convicted in 2012 in a phony FBI-created plot to blow up the Saudi ambassador to the United States for instance was held in solitary confinement and compelled by his illegal and sub-human conditions to enter a false guilty plea for which he received  25 years imprisonment. He was then held in the notorious special management unit of the United States Penitentiary at Lewisburg a disciplinary prison designed for gang members who commit murders while in prison, often while serving life sentences.

It is to address the torture of Iranians loyal to the Islamic Republic and the framing of Iranian nationals by the American régime that
Iran began arresting American nationals on similar charges. After Rezaian’s arrest, for instance, Arabasar was relocated by the Bureau of Prisons to the relatively comfortable Counter-Terrorism Unit prison at the United States Penitentiary at Marion, Illinois, there he has been awaiting release and a prisoner exchange proposed by Iran in which Americanized Persians arrested for espionage will be exchanged for Iranians arrested by the United States.

Rezaian’s arrest highlights the danger that the fraudulent American justice system poses to Americans traveling overseas. After a series of arrests in
Thailand and Indonesia of Russian citizens on charges fabricated by American intelligence agencies, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that Russia was considering the similar arrest of Americans traveling overseas, but was declining to do so for the moment because it was wrong to emulate the tactics of America’s brutal tyranny.

United States of America is trying to forge a global One World Empire which will enslave mankind, ensuring the rule of a Jewish élite based in Jerusalem. Its media traps its people in an illusion, by lying about both the nature of the American system and American activities overseas. Any government which fights to preserve its people’s national freedom is attacked as an enemy and a dictatorship, while in fact the most brutal dictatorship in human history is the United States itself.

Martin Baron, the
Washington Post’s executive editor, claims that Rezaian was an innocent journalist who was just doing his job. The latter part is true. Rezaian was indeed doing his job, undermining Iran’s culture and government in order to assimilate the Islamic Republic into the New World Order. Like Baron himself, Rezaian’s job was evil, and Iran has made him pay for it. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gomez Proves Mexicans Do Bring Disease

by Bill White

For decades the One World Jewish media has been telling White Americans that the squat brown people from below the southern border aren’t flooding the
United States with disease. Now privileged Mexican invader Selena Gomez has set out to prove that Jewish hype machine wrong, by announcing that she is infected with lupus, a wasting disease that should turn her into a version of the living dead before our very eyes.

Gomez is a singer and actress raised up from the brown masses by the hype machine of Disney’s Michael Eisner. Cracking out empty rhythmic trances and putting her image on vapid culture–distorting films. Gomez’s rise was part of the Judæo–occult culture industry’s effort to create White acceptance of
America’s death. Gomez was even briefly made a sex toy for moron fluff-star Justin Bieber, something designed to feed drama into the lives of those who live virtually entirely through American tabloids.

But that came crashing down in October when it was revealed that after all, Gomez was just another disease-carrying Mexican.

For the past century, Judæo-occult forces who want to enslave humanity under a One World New World Order have been bringing non-White people into White nations by the boatload, all the while telling White Americans that they should be ashamed to resist these invaders.

This is all in furtherance of the Zionist plan laid down in the 19th century A.D. by Rabbi Moses Hess, who said that the entire world should be enslaved under multiracial communism except for the Jews, who would rule this global slave state from Jerusalem. Occult forces call this the “building of the temple” and model it on Biblical passages like I Kings 9:20.21. “All the people… Who were not like people of Israel… Whom the people of Israel had not made human sacrifices, these Solomon enslaved and so they are to this day.”

Part of breaking the will of White nations to resist has been the construction of the electronic hallucination, the vast complex of digital illusions which separate man from man and which immerse and isolate individuals in false cultural realities. Videogames, virtual reality, the internet, television, radio, so-called news and the actions of all persuasive law enforcement and intelligence agencies are used to manufacture what the ancients called The Lie, a web of deception and evil which confuses the mind and causes men to act irrationally. For thousands of years the “many faced God” of the Judæo–occult has commanded his followers to wage war through these deceptions.

Gomez had been selected from childhood to be an instrument of this deceit. While a country divided into blacks and Whites and Jews could hardly help but notice the vast racial gap between its populations, one further divided into brown and yellow populations themselves divided into squabbling ethnicities becomes a Babel in which clarity of any kind is obscured. Thus, chicas like Gomez were plastered on to this screens of the morons – the vast majority of humans who live and think like animals – to assure them that brown chicas were cool, sexy, and hip.

Now however, Gomez has shown that like many illegal immigrants forced from
Mexico by their people’s inability to govern themselves, she is just another carrier not only for social disease but physical disease as well. After months of chemotherapy, Gomez hid its debilitating effects and now will have to hide herself as sores and tumors tear down her glamor and show that all that glitters is not brown gold.

She’ll be replaced. though. The Many–faced One raises man up, wears him for but a moment, then consumes his own host and betrays his most useful devotees. The question is: when will man tire of being consumed and tear off this veil of illusion, purging our nation of Judæo–occult magicians, their entertainers and their entertainment?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - November 19th, 2015


HAC talks about sharpening the focus of RFN and then rabbits on about the Jewish usury system; we hear part two of Revilo P. Oliver’s Race and Revolution speech from 1968.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Bill White Update, November 16th 2015

Okay, I finally received a letter from Bill after he arrived back in Chicago, either because the FBI has temporarily and partly suspended their policy of stealing his outgoing mail, or else because some dumb-ass nigger guard in the mail room didn't get the memo and let this one slip through.

The letter is rather odd: no mention at all of the almost three-month hiatus in communications between us. It's dated October 25th, so it was hiding somewhere for a few weeks before it escaped and made it to my mail box. The letter makes no mention of having received anything at all from me for that length of time, although I have sent Bill dozens of publications, letters, and books. (About six of these were returned by Chicago MCC and the rest seem to have simply disappeared.) It's just a letter that dropped out of the blue and is as remarkable for what it does not say as much as for what it does.

I think I will just paraphrase here. For some reason, publishing Bill's comments directly on this blog seems to send steam coming out of the ears of various secret policemen and U.S. Attorneys, and they are of course holding Bill physically hostage, so let's try being diplomatic and not offending their tender sensibilities by letting this man whom they thought they'd consigned unto living death speak from the tomb, at least not in his own words. 

Also, it's possible that my receipt of this letter was some kind of accidental security slip and they don't have a photocopy scanned onto their computers in the J. Edgar Building or Quantico or wherever our lords and master have chosen to waste the vast sum of taxpayer dollars and man-hours in persecuting and tormenting a critic of the dictator.

Anyway, Bill is his usual ebullient and astoundingly confident self about it all. I honestly don't think I have ever received a single communication from Bill during all these years when he was not upbeat and resoundingly optimistic that one day he would beat these scum, although his definition of "beating" them is not mine. 

Bill wrote to me once that the White man is too far gone and it is impossible for a people who are unwilling to raise even a finger in their own existential defense, much less a fist or a gun, ever to survive or prevail ... but that it was possible to save one's own soul. It is clear that the dictatorship has failed in their prime objective--to break Bill White's spirit.

The upshot of it all is: Bill is absolutely confident that all his convictions are going to be reversed due to Elonis, the case over the summer wherein the Supreme Court ruled that what he is accused of isn't even a crime. You'd think that after a ruling like that by the Supremes the cell doors would fly open, but in real life the laughably mis-named "justice" system doesn't work like that. The prison-industrial complex clings bitterly to every slave like the La Brea tar pits sucking down animals into its maw. Every single slave, of any race or color or gender, generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer and private sector revenue per year. The system is reluctant to disgorge even one unless it is forced to do so, moaning and groaning and protesting.

Like I said, Bill is utterly confident that he will eventually have all of his bizarre and deranged convictions struck down. The Chicago case, which is the load-bearing wall of the entire edifice of his persecution, was apparently dismissed by the judge in Milwaukee, with much gnashing of teeth and glaring of blood-shot eyeball. Bill is now sitting in Chicago MCC waiting on a ruling on the Roanoke case (where the judge admitted he knew Bill was innocent before sentencing him) and the Florida case (where the primary witness against Bill was a drug addict who appeared on the witness stand high on narcotics which had been provided for her by federal law enforcement agents.)

His rap is that once the Florida and Roanoke convictions are struck down, as apparently the courts have no discretion not to do in light of the Elonis ruling, then the dictatorship must make the decision whether to re-try him on charges where the Supreme Court has already ruled his conduct, even if he did it (which he didn't) was not illegal. This is not as impossible as it sounds; bear in mind that federal courts in Florida and Virginia have already ruled judicially that Bill White possesses the supernatural power of bilocation, i.e. he can be in two places at once. 

No. I am not making that up. Those two mutually contradictory and absurd rulings are now part of American legal precedent, along with the precept of the "inherently violent and criminal audience." The legal rehabilitation of spectral evidence is probably next.  (Who the hell in the government did this man piss off?)

There was some kind of oral argument set for late October for the Fourth Circuit, which I think is Virginia. Then we have to wait and see how long assorted judges will drag their feet on ruling on the oral arguments. Bill says with any luck he may get his rulings sometime around late February. Until then he continues to twiddle his thumbs in Chicago:

William A White #13888-084
Chicago M.C.C.
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL 60605-1004

I frankly have no idea whether Bill is receiving any mail from the outside or not. Nonetheless, supporting this man with morale-boosting cards and letters and Christmas packages is a moral duty. I know men who have been in the belly of the Beast and they tell me that a letter from the outside at the right moment can save minds and souls. Bill doesn't seem to need it, but that's no excuse for you not to give it. Take this opportunity to make the acquaintance of a truly extraordinary man.