Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Radio Free Northwest - May 5th, 2016

HAC toe-dances along the line of the Forbidden Subject again. Gretchen reviews Tommy Robinson’s autobiography and we hear from the late Pastor Richard Butler.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Excluding Blacks Makes Oscars Quieter, More Pleasant

by Bill White
The negro boycott of Jewish Hollywood’s Oscar awards party made the celebration quieter and more pleasant for all involved, leading some Jewish Hollywood moguls to suggest a permanent ban on negro participation in the Oscar process.
Across social media, obnoxious negroes, urged on by Jews wanting to build publicity for the usually boring and little-watched Oscar awards, complained that the Oscar awards given by Jewish moguls to films and actors were “too white,” as if such a thing were possible. Though no nigger actor or director did anything worthwhile in the previous year, angry monkeys across the United States shouted “ooga-booga” and attempted to intimidate their way to receiving some affirmative action awards for their asinine absence of ability.
The typical negro ploy failed, further incensing the half-witted race. Prominent mixed-race coloreds like Will Smith and dark, inept dwarves like Spike Lee promised a boycott of the Oscar shows. The result was wonderful - a significant reduction in ugly black faces and the resultant animal behavior.
The Jews, however, couldn’t stand to be considered “White” and didn’t want to give authentic Whites any ideas. So they brought in some tokens like smiley-faced shuck-n-jive comic Chris Rock to insult real White people throughout the proceedings.
The resulting improvement of the Oscars shows the problem negroes have in boycotting White and Jewish events. The idea of a boycott is premised on the idea that the boycotted party wants niggers to attend the events, or when a business, to be his customers. But as every businessman knows, unless your selling malt liquor, crack cocaine, or corner store religion, black “customers” cost more than they pay and drive away more productive White customers. Similarly, black boycotts of states are actively sought by all but the most degenerate and servile of politicians. Given a choice, most White people would vote not just to be boycotted by blacks, but to actively exclude them and their degenerate non-black hangers-on from White neighborhoods.
Thus, the “conundrum” that #OscarsSoWhite whiners face - anyone in their right mind wants niggers to boycott their products. However, the Jewish media and America’s black Communist government constantly pour out trite lies about the alleged value of blacks, who are falsely said to have invented essentially everything not claimed by Jews, only to have it stolen from them, of course.  Negroes are the only people to have lost their ideas by having them stolen. Blacks world-wide live, at best, in mud huts and, more often are too lazy to even build those. Instead, in nature black men live in matriarchal societies where they do nothing but sleep all day and dance, while the women, when they aren’t sleeping themselves, pick berries for them to eat. The transference of this primitive animal society to advanced White civilization has been a universal failure.
The Jews that run America, however, refuse to declare multi-racialism a failure because their goal in bringing blacks to White nations is to enslave and destroy humankind. The black race was created by Jewish space-aliens who mixed human DNA with monkeys in a series of genetic experiments designed to create a slave race. The planet of these Jews was destroyed by the ancestors of White people, but the results of their failed experiments remain.
Thus, America has the contrived Oscar controversy. During de-segregation, Jewish media made sports and entertainment stars out of talentless blacks. Consequently, negroes have just grown used to getting accolades for free. Now, though the Jews have largely ditched the negroes in an effort to attract Asian and Hispanic immigrants, both of whom hate negroes  - leaving negroes even more confused and resentful.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

In The Belly Of The Beast

[Date on original cut away with scissors, apparently]

Hello, Harold,

Well, the legal situation here is finally turning in my favor. Things are going slowly and everything is a fight, but the fights are being won. It's like pulling teeth, but eventually under their own rules and regulations and by the dictate of their own Supreme Court, the dictatorship must release me from prison.

The major problem with my Virginia case from the beginning was that it was never investigated. The dictator's servants have stated in court that they just "assumed I was guilty" and so never bothered to check out anything, and since my Virginia defense counsel [name redacted] was an utter incompetent who just wanted to collect his $10,000 and go home, neither did he. My Florida defense counsel was an overworked public defender who felt that lying to me was the best way to get me out of his hair with my incessant demands that he actually do things

The end result is that no actual forensic investigation into the evidence against me in either the Virginia or the Florida charges was ever conducted, by anyone. My lawyer told me he had done one to shut me up, and that was it.

[In my opinion the following discussion of how the forensic proof of Bill's innocence was discovered and the use being made of it is of potential use to hostiles who wish to do Bill harm, and will therefore be redacted. Suffice it to say that the allegation that at least one of the crimes was committed by the state's primary witness again him is now conclusively proven, if he can ever get anybody in the system to pay attention to a damned word he says. Sorry, Bill, I know you want to shout this stuff from the rooftops, but this is a judgment call on my part. I don't want to be blamed when this all goes south because the dictatorship simply has no intention of ever releasing you, at all. - HAC] 

How did all this happen? The government's "lead computer forensics examiner" [name redacted] was not in fact a technical person but a female deputy sheriff who had gone to a departmental training course somewhere and had no idea on earth what the fuck she was doing or talking about. The government had her research various technologies. Most of what she found they didn't like, and so they concealed it from me and from my attorney who didn't give a rat's ass in any case. 

You see, the regime knew that my lawyer wasn't defending me. They knew he wasn't reading the discovery. They got an order banning me from seeing discovery because I might sic my non-existent "followers" on people. This was later overruled in Florida, and so some years after conviction, I finally saw the evidence against me.  The government assumed, correctly, that they would be allowed to get away with any crime in order to obtain my conviction. 

For the past few months since the Elonis ruling the dictatorship's efforts in Florida and Virginia have been aimed at obstructing my access to the courts and my attempts to get someone with the authority to make a ruling look at the evidence, as was not done in either the Virginia or Florida case. They have intimidated witnesses, intimidated attorneys, the jail authorities here are refusing me legal phone calls presumably on the instructions of the FBI, and they are holding my mail even longer than usual. It is clear that a lot of my legal mail is being re-routed to Katmandu or beamed up to the Enterprise, which is of course completely and utterly unlawful, but so what?. They are clearly determined that the overwhelming legal and forensic evidence that proves my innocence will never see a court of law.

[Another long discussion of that evidence redacted. Sorry, Bill, guys, but while we need to make sure Bill is never silenced, I'm just really twitchy about giving out info that could be used to do harm by these evil people. - HAC]

Lastly, all of the regime's evidence about [the primary witness against him and her commission of the crime] was actively suppressed by the United States Attorney and hidden from the jury. I'm tempted to say hidden from my lawyer as well, but I think that's more a case of he just never bothered to look.

So of course now I'm trying to file motions, and the law won't even allow me to do that. I have to wait for my inept attorney to finish my Writ of Certiari to the Supreme Court. That petition is good, but no one expects the Supreme Court actually to hear it, so I now have to resubmit my 155-page original filing with a 40-page supplement, assuming that I'm not in transit. 

I am constantly being threatened with more diesel therapy, being bounced around from BOP to county jail to "privatized facility" for a few months, just to separate me from my legal resources and attorneys for a time, let the FBI rummage through all my stuff at their leisure, and cause more crucial papers mysteriously to disappear. There is a court order specifically prohibiting the dictatorship from doing this, which I'm sure gives the FBI a good laugh.

Meanwhile, it would be a quiet morning, but all it takes is one off-medication mentally ill Induhvidual wandering around bellowing to himself to ruin it. For some unknown reason we have recently had the worst black retards, and I mean that literally--not violent, not really crazy, just retards--moved out and replaced with Mexicans and a few Whites who all sleep at night, unlike the nig-nogs (blacks seem to be naturally nocturnal animals. Have you ever noticed?)

I hope things are well with you. I heard about the new Obama $20 bill with the she-boon on it. I suggest calling it "the slave" as in, "I need $100. Gimme five slaves."

Be well, Harold. Thank you for all you do.


* * *

Note from HAC: For what it is worth, I am now convinced that the mentally and emotionally disturbed individual who has been posting on the comments section of this blog a series of incoherent and sexually explicit tirades about Bill, fantasizing about his homosexual rape, obsessing about his body, etc. is someone associated with federal law enforcement, the office of the United States Attorney, or the Department of Justice who at some point in the process has access to Bill's mail intercepts.  

This is due to several comments within the raves which indicate knowledge of the contents and wording of some of my letters which so far as I know have not been allowed to reach Bill, but have reached whoever is making these disturbed posts.

I originally thought this was being done by some kind of federal faggot, but on reading the bizarre texts carefully, I see it conceivably could be a woman. I know that one of the correctional sergeants in Florida where Bill was held for almost a year was a homosexual sadist, but I can't see how a Florida jail deputy would gain access to copies of White's interdicted correspondence.

I know better than to expect anyone to do anything about this, but I just want you folks know what kind of sick puppies we have wielding the power of life and death over us, at Barry's behest. Imagine what fun they will have under the Hildebeest.


William A. White #13888-084
Chicago M.C.C.
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL 60605-1004

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Radio Free Northwest - April 28th, 2016

HAC reports on the election developments and gazes into the crystal ball as to how "it" might finally happen.

Monday, April 25, 2016

New Reader

[Sent this new inquirer a free Brigade in .pdf format some weeks ago. - HAC]

Dear Mr. Covington:

I completed the read of your book in its entirety.  I must say that it was more enjoyable than Shogun. I personally think it would make a good film. Alas, it would need to be privately funded. 

I had alternating thoughts throughout the read. Sometimes I found myself reading a book of fiction and other times I actually felt that you were talking to me. Authors, clever ones, can weave messages into their tales if people will only listen. I would also wager that some people would see it as a guide or instruction manual, but that would only get a person in trouble if it were true. 

After I read the last page I sat for a moment and thought, “Would the government really fight fair and/or use just conventional weapons?” I came to the conclusion right then that the Unites States government is far more evil and Luciferian in nature. I am talking about the same people that had a hand in 10/22 (wink), that boldly tells us that our kids don’t belong to us and that the old and inform have no value. These same evil people that would not stop or pull a punch until they had a boot on our throat just so they could listen to the gurgle of the last breath as it escapes our lungs. 

If that fight ever appears in my lifetime then the only way to come out the other side is go through it and go through it at full speed, full force and don’t quit till you see ocean. Basically tear it all down and start again and this time get it right.

- J. A.

[Anyone wanting a free copy of any of my Northwest novels who can hande reading a long book on a computer screen, let me know at and I'll send you a .pdf by attachment. - HAC]

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Five F's Of The Democrats

206,000 felons (read niggaz) being given the vote in Virginia by Clinton toady Terry McCauliffe in order to make sure the Hildebeest carries Virginia and its electoral votes and establishes the One Party State for all time.

Remember the five Fs that that the Democrats always unleash on general election day to overwhelm weak, timid, and confused White voters: Foreigners, Felons, Faggots, Feminists, and Fraud.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mantra Time Again

If White people had a country of their own, this wouldn't be happening.