Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another Letter From Bill Wanders In

[I guess the FBI guy or gal either forgot to stick this into the stack to be finally forwarded to me, or else they kept in back in order to run it through the mass spectrometer looking for racist cooties or secret Da Vinci Code-type messages to Bill's mysterious "followers." The letter either was not dated, or else it was cut away by someone; to top margin is suspiciously irregular and very narrow. - HAC]

Hello, Harold:

I received a notice today that I have been prohibited from receiving six packets of unidentified "papers" you attempted to send me and a second "bag of books." This after spending three days after fighting to find out what the items are. 

The jail has been erratically denying me my mail for many weeks now, although every now and then they will either loosen up or someone makes a mistake and they deliver a letter anyway. I have no idea if any of my outgoing letters are being received. Thank you for trying and for not giving up on me, Harold.

Their latest claim is that they have the right to deny me newspapers due to my "disciplinary" status, my "disciplinary" infraction being to file a complaint about the torture and abuse they are inflicting upon me. I have been informed that "the floggings will continue until morale improves." (Joke. They don't actually hit me, at least not so far, although they do everything but that.)

Before, they would not deliver the mail and then claim not to have it, not to know what I was talking about, claim they delivered it all, etc. Now they just tell me outright I can't have it because they say not. Less hypocrisy in that, which I suppose is an improvement of sorts. I expect that my civil suit against the jail will be certified under the PLRA soon and when that is done, I will add the complaints about mail theft to it.

I'm doing poorly. Sleep is almost impossible under these glaring lights, and I am only able to sleep in snatches. My head aches from the lights and I think dehydration as well. The food, what there is of it, is full of strange evil tastes and has probably been spat on or urinated on, although so far I have seen no signs of drugging. 

I was told that someone from my lawyer's office would come on Monday but either they didn't show or they were denied entrance by the jail because the deputies accuse them of allowing me to nap in the interview room. My beard has gone mangy due to some kind of skin condition I've developed, almost certainly due to not being allowed to bathe. 

Evidence of my innocence and the guilt of others in these "crimes" [politically incorrect Facebook posts. - HAC]  is growing. The actual perpetrators have boasted about it and about their relationship to the FBI to anyone who will listen. There are serious questions, and not just from me and my attorney, as to whether the FBI and the United States Attorney's office were complicit in committing these "crimes." My treatment in jail may be an answer to that question. They have to get someone to plead guilty to this.

[Rest of letter and signature cut away]

Monday, July 21, 2014

HAC Says: "Grow Stronger"

Long speech by moi:


Sunday, July 20, 2014

We Do Have An Internet Forum, You Know

For those of you who are irresistibly drawn to places like Stormfront and VNN, we do have an internet forum in the Northwest Front. Of course, it's moderated for sanity and civility, so I doubt most of the habitues of those VBulletin forums would be interested.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Two Letters From Bill White

[July 17th - This is the last letter I got from Bill, so now he has been incommunicado for another two weeks, and God knows what has happened to him in that time. So far as I am aware, no one in the outside world has been allowed any contact with him for over a month except for those four letters I mentioned receiving all in one stack last week. I have redacted some of this text because Bill names specific names, and in light of the legal precedent set by his own trial, where a Jewish judge ruled that all you folks reading this blog are "an inherently criminal and violent audience," the mere naming of a name constitutes a threat of some kind. - HAC]

July 4th, 2014

Hello, Harold:

I have now been banned from reading newspapers, so no more American Free Press or First Freedom and no more news commentaries for AFP, although I thank you for your attempts to send them to me. Yes, the law does prohibit the jail from denying me newspapers, but who will enforce the law? That's the big question, isn't it? Not what is the law, but who has the courage to enforce it?

My conditions here are poor and my health continues to decline. The bright lights are affecting my eyesight now and making it difficult to write. After I started eating again my lawyer's staff promised to visit me regularly to monitor my condition, but they have not followed through, so no news. My trial is still scheduled for September 2nd, so far as I know, unless they've put it off again without informing me. I have no idea what kind of shape I will be in when trial date finally comes. 

An amusing character sketch for you. Across the hall from me is a [negro] I call Flibberty Jibbet. Every moment it is awake, it babbles nonsense at about a hundred miles a minute--"flibberty jibbety hippity hib hib dibble dabble babble babble babble." This goes on for about 18 hours per day at all times of the day and night. When it slows down enough that its words are intelligible, it is generally saying "bitchassho bitchasscrackuh" and conducting fantasies wherein it is beating women, selling drugs, extorting people, or otherwise being vile. Despite the utter worthlessness of its life democracy preserves it, lacking the courage to either medicate it and treat it, or else put it down.

I have seen negroes like this before, but never this severe. The negro is oriented toward place and time. When spoken to, it responds intelligibly about 50% of the time. It is suffering from an extreme form of bipolar disorder, is constantly manic, and could be restored to the normal vile state of a low-IQ street negro, with medication. But there is the question of, if medicated, could society make any use of it? Democracy certainly wouldn't demand that this negro work. Perhaps it could serve a purpose by voting for Obama. Or it could be given a uniform and employed at the John Polk Correctional Center.

Anyway, Harold, I can only hope that tomorrow will bring some news. It's been 47 days in this torture cell now, the promises I received on ending my hunger strike have been ignored, and I have no idea what they really intend to do to me.

Be well, Harold.


[July 18th - Got this one today. Apparently he is now allowed to receive a handful of the several hundred items of mail he receives every month so long as they are hand-written and innocuous in content by their definition.]

July 11th, 2014 

Hello, Harold, 

Lots has been happening, some good, some bad. I learned today that either someone here at the jail or someone in the FBI stole the civil rights complaint form that I tried to mail to the court. One of the ironies of bringing such a complaint is that I have to give it to the jail--the defendants--to mail. The jail is opening and intercepting all of my legal mail and passing it on to the FBI, in violation of lawyer-client confidentiality, but so what if no one is going to do anything or enforce the law? One of them took it upon themselves to destroy my petition for redress to the court. LOL.

My attorney says the judge in this case is some kind of tough nut and will not tolerate this kind of behavior from the dictator's servants. He had me execute a notice today in front of him, and he hand-carried the papers out of the jail and will be filing it with the court. [Would anyone care to wager that once he does this, this lawyer is henceforth denied access to his client or else searched when he leaves the jail? - HAC]

From now on I am going to have to execute all of my legal papers in the presence of my attorney or a staff member and have them hand-carried out of the jail so they are not stolen. I suspect the next step will be to restrict or deny my attorney visits. The jail doesn't like such visits anyway because they have to take me out of my torture cell into a room with normal lighting and sans open sewer, and they are afraid my attorney might let me take a nap there.

I have received one letter from you dated July 6th, plus the one package of books they allowed through.Since my arrival I have sent you letters on May 18, May 20, May 26, June 5, June 6, June 10, June 12, June 14, June 15, June 24, June 29, June 30, July 3, July 8, and today.  [I have received slightly fewer than half of these. The July 6th letter I wrote to Bill was a brief handwritten note of two lines stating that I was receiving no mail from him. - HAC] I am bringing additional legal action and asking the United States Postal Inspectors to investigate. What you should do is maintain a log of all mail sent and its disposition. I will acknowledge in writing any mail received. You may want to consider tracking (certifying) all mail.

Basically, this jail is a jungle. Every deputy makes his own rules, with apparently no supervision at all. The supervisors spend most of their time covering up for the law-breaking on the part of the staff. For whatever reason, they seem to think they can derail my legal proceedings with this behavior, probably because they have so frequently done so to others. I understand from others here that the same thing was done to George Zimmerman to try and coerce him into a guilty plea, but he didn't break.

My plan has been to petition the court to appoint counsel for me but if there are any White attorneys out there who would be willing to sue the Seminole County jail for me, my current court-appointed counsel advises me that I have a case, and I would like to speak to anyone who can help. My main problem now is simply communicating with the courts.

Otherwise, I am simply sitting here under the incandescent lights and losing weight. [700 calories a day, or the "American Buchenwald Diet", will sure shed those pounds! - HAC]

I found out this week that the jail petitioned the United States Marshals' Service not to move me. Why doesn't make much sense. [In my view this is proof positive of the complicity of the United States Attorney in Orlando in the torture of a federal prisoner in order to coerce a guilty plea to a crime he did not commit--but like Bill says, so what? The law is irrelevant if no one is going to enforce it and the dictator's servants enjoy complete lack of accountability for anything they do. - HAC]

My case is still on track for acquittal. Thank you for your help and all that you do. Tell people out there that all their support is appreciated even if I can't receive their letters, and they should keep on writing and keep on complaining directly to the Seminole County Sheriff about my mistreatment here.

I hope that you are well.


* * *

You may recall that the United States Attorney in Orlando is constructing the narrative of the Facebook case on a Fox News television show called The Following, wherein Bill White is a mysterious and evil cult guru who has a huge secret army of "followers" hiding out in the world ready to swoop down at any moment and do his wicked and violent bidding. This was the excuse used to anonymize the jury in the Roanoke trial and frighten them out of their wits before the trial even began.

You must all understand that if you dare to stand up and protest against Bill White's torture and abuse by the dictator's servants, you will go on an FBI list as a "follower" of this ebil and howwible Svengali-like guru. Your phone will be tapped, your already routinely NSA-intercepted e-mail will be audited, and you may get visitors at your door doing Jack Bauer impressions.

Yet I ask you to do just that. I ask you help this man Bill White even though it is personally dangerous to you, because it is right, and doing what is right is more important than your personal welfare. Or at least it should be, if you are any fraction of the men and women your great-grandparents were. I am asking you to accept something that was never questioned in their time: that evil must be resisted in the earth by men. 

Please continue to complain and annoy the authorities at the Seminole County Jail and in the sheriff's department until they stop torturing a helpless middle-aged man, no matter what that suit in the federal building tells them to do. 

William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Center
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, Florida 32773

Friday, July 18, 2014

Can You Say Lusitania? Sure You Can!

Looks like there were 23 American citizens, although not necessarily Americans, on that Malaysian jet liner that was shot down over Ukraine by whoever. We may have our Lusitania incident here. Great distraction from all the Democrat immigration and IRS and Benghazi scandals, eh?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Radio Free Northwest - July 17th, 2014

HAC on the storming of the Bastille and another episode of Qui Custode Ipsos Custodes (Who Guards The Guardians?); Dry Ice Washington on de Nigga Experience; the Trucker talks careers; Andy Donner on The Solution.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Why, Sometimes I've Believed Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast"

[This came in off the net without attribution. Probably the work of some anonymous office or intellectual worker who would befoul his fruit-of-the-looms if there was any chance his real identity would be revealed and his precious job and access to worldly goods threatened, but that seems to be what we have to make do with these days, and this isn't half bad. - HAC]

You know the quote, right?

Through the Looking Glass.

The White Queen.

In BRA, we don't even qualify as Alice...

Doesn't it just sum up our age, under the auspices of Black-Run America (BRA), where an entire religion has been created out of the deification of the black man (with apologies to the second and third part of this unholy trinity, outright and eternally in-your-face homosexuals and illegal immigrants).

While waiting for a flight recently, I had the displeasure of conversing with a purportedly white woman who once called a Midwestern state home; her visceral hatred of this locale was only usurped by the ludicrous jubilation she recounted for her new, adopted home (city redacted).

It was hip, diverse, and everything a 21st century "white" woman would desire, as long as it was anything except the lily-white refuse dump she grew up in and found an undesirable reminder of a normal existence she rejected.

On a lighter note, it is said humans pick out dogs that, at an unconscious level, look like them: it should be noted this woman had a bulldog with her as a companion, which proceeded to pass unimaginably putrid gas every other minute or so.

Sitting there, listening to this individual pontificate about the joys of being an urban pioneer and abandoning the home life she had come to despise with every lasting fiber, she said something about the noticeable drop in crime (correlating to the increase of whites in the same real estate once occupied by blacks where crime was an every day reality) causing me to instantly put down my beer.

"Oh," I replied curiously, "You mean individual acts of criminality aggregated together are so miniscule now, businesses have opened where once boarded up buildings were the norm?"

She thought about it for a second (while her dog passed gas again), and said, "I guess."

Taking an enjoyable sip of the beer, I inquired, "Funny, because once individual acts of criminality aggregated together to confirm a reality you choose to ignore, which formed the primary reason for the property you've terraformed into something livable was once a ghetto... a slum."

She looked at me for about five seconds, an unsettling scowl appearing on her already unsettling face.

Before she could say anything, I flipped a $10 bill to pay for my tab in the direction of the bartender, grabbed my bag and started to walk toward my gate, before turning around and saying, "Blacks."

I think it startled her, and I'll forever have a mental picture of her body language as I continued: "It's individual blacks engaging in acts of criminality, aggregated together to confirm a reality you will always choose to ignore."

Turning around to make my way to the gate, I stopped briefly, looked back at her and mockingly stated, "Probably the same reason you hate the town you grew up, because it lacked a black population you know admire from afar. Right?"

As I walked away, not even the unpleasant smell of her dog could wipe the smile of my face.

In closing, I believe there's no point in engaging with Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) anymore than I believe there's hope in convincing someone who believes the movie America: Imagine a World Without Her will inspire a radical change in the direction this "nation" is headed they might be wrong...

Thus of us who can see are living in a country so completely insane, it wouldn't be imprudent to suggest completely divorcing oneself from caring about politics is the smartest manner in which to retain some sense of sanity.

Just as it's not prudent to advise people to believe they can change the minds of either a DWL or a conservative from believing whatever ideas help buttress their own world-view: they've already decided to, like the White Queen, "believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

But the most impossible thing both have been groups have been able to convince themselves of (before breakfast, lunch and even after dinner) is this: that race doesn't matter.

What are some other impossible things conservatives and DWLs have been able to convince themselves to believe?

Audience participation time.