Friday, October 31, 2014

Letter From Bill White - October 21st 2014

Hello, Harold:

I wasn't able to fully expand yesterday [refers to a letter which has not yet arrived and was probably confiscated by the FBI] on the latest bit of legal surrealism here in Orlando. In a way I was shocked, but in another way I'm not. The entire case against me has been a fantasy from the beginning, so why should the probation report not reflect that?

Basically, I am facing an arguable 5-10 years in prison by the guidelines, although the judge has broad discretion. I have 9 years left to serve.

These facts make the dictatorship quite unhappy. They have convicted me, at great effort, of crimes they are perfectly well aware I did not commit. Thanks to people like you, I have been able to make public the fact that the dictatorship agrees that my accounts contained a virus that would have allowed a third party to control them, as my computer expert Richard Conner testified. This embarrasses the dictator's servants.  Twenty years ago, the refusal of the local news to report honestly on the facts would have been enough; who would take the time to seek the truth? Today, anyone with a PACER account can have a transcript of the entire proceedings almost instantly. So the Zionists can lie to many, many people--but not the people who care enough to investigate the ones who matter.

So yesterday I received a probation report that is full of errors and fantasy. It is very clear that the officer who prepared it conducted absolutely no investigation of the facts. His report is filled from cover to cover with a fantastic view of events that bear no resemblance whatsoever to what the regime accused me of, never mind what actually happened. And what is abundantly clear is that this probation agent knew he was lying as he wrote this, and just didn't care.

Of course, this is the routine mentality in the U.S. justice system. I am in prison with seriously dysfunctional people. Many will lie as easily as look at you, never mind kill or steal, and this applies equally to the staff as well as the inmates. Thus there is the constant assumption that because I am accused of a crime, I am poor, ignorant, mentally ill and dishonest, not to mention guilty. So some pathological case in the U.S. probation office or U.S. Attorney's office asserts something that is blatantly untrue--and not only does it not matter, that it is untrue and I deny it, but no one will even take the time to investigate whether I'm telling the truth, because the assumption is that it's not worth it. That means that I have to rely on a handful of people, usually untrained in legal matters, to help me, and even then, the assumption is that anyone helping me is doing something wrong.

Thus, for instance, my probation report says that I perjured myself here in Orlando by testifying falsely at trial. Now, in the real world, I didn't testify at trial, falsely or otherwise. Presumably someone will point this out to the cretin who wrote the report and this bizarre allegation will be withdrawn before sentencing--but what if it's not? Who will contradict it? The Orlando Sentinel? No. No media will attend. 

What keeps the judge from just editing the past the way that the dictatorship has edited the past by convicting me of a crime which everyone involved knows I did not commit? Who will stop them? Who ever does stop them? No one. Who wants to look closely enough to stop them? Because if you look closely enough, you will discover that all of modern society is based upon a false, edited narrative of what has happened in the past, is happening now, and will happen in the future. Who wants to see that when you're living off the fat of the land? Who wants to fear opening your eyes and being next?

The simple fact that a probation officer made about half a dozen meaningfully false statements like that in an official investigation report is important. It is part of the editing process. Had my lawyer not objected in time, these lies would have become the "truth." I am essentially helpless to change this.

In the Mahabharata the demon Maya creates a maze in which she traps the heroes. This Maya appears in Greek mythology as the mother of Hermes, the god who takes souls to Hades. The maze is hell, and this is why every site of the ancient world from Akargos to Knossos to Baalbek was built on top of a labyrinth. As demonic beings gain control of this world, we are increasingly separated from the divine order and trapped in the world of illusion.

Magic is the manipulation of Maya. When will we become magicians?


P. S. This jail, for whatever reason, has the inadvisable practice of walking tour groups [!!!! My emphasis - HAC] through our supposed maximum security section to gawk at us, rather like the keepers of Bedlam in the 18th century used to bring paying sight-seers into the asylum to gawk at the lunatics and poke them with sticks. Seeing them, I realize that long-term confinement like this causes one to forget how to be a human being. Delenda est America.

William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Radio Free Northwest - October 30th, 2014

HAC raps some more on the Rotary Club vs. the Secret Squirrel approach, we hear the tag end of Dueling Codgers from last week, Gretche reviews David Duke's My Awakening, and we hear part of an HAC interview with Joe Adams of the White Voice. Plus a selection of Halloween-ish type music.

Let De Niggaz Speak!


Time for some cyber-guerrilla warfare. Check this video out and then start posting all over everywhere that niggaz might see it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, Republicans are no better, let's take all that as read, but like it or not, until we get our act together and start engaging in real politics ourselves instead of hiding in our basements playing with our computers, we might as well use those computers to raise a little hell with the dictatorship.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bill White In The Land Of The Bath Salt Zombies

by Grimnir

Bill's adventures in America's capital of drug ridden zombies (aka Florida) are now winding down to a halt. As for myself, I have been somewhat quiet during this time due to pressing work commitments, but should be able to resume making regular posts now.
At Bill's end, not a lot is happening. He's still in the dingey Florida jail awaiting sentencing on some of the most ridiculous charges to ever surface in the legal system - i.e. 120 years for anonymous blog comments and Facebook posts.
Interestingly enough, I've noticed a corresponding decrease in anonymous blog comments to this website.
Bill is set to receive his no doubt horrific imprisonment for anonymous blog comments in November, and is then hoping to deal with the rest of the legal mess in previous cases. Other than that he's filling in time doing research.
The problem is of course, that every other country in the world has hatespeech laws. If Bill were overseas he'd just be prosecuted for hatespeech, which as we all know is the real issue in his cases. 
 But because America pretends to protect freedom of speech in its Constitution, in order to protect the political agenda of liberal democracy, the ruling powers have to invent new and creative ways to prosecute people for hatespeech. This means that disproportionate sentences and trials are created. In another country, Bill would be charged with three years or so for cultivating "hate" over the internet. In America, thanks to having to bypass laws surrounding the Constitution, this becomes 120 years for anonymous blog comments  presented as "extortion."
America needs to update its Constitution if the government no longer wishes to adhere to it - this would be more honest instead of having to stretch the truth  so that America can abide by the hatespeech laws present in other liberal democracies.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Democrats Try To Shut Down Drudge Report

The Democrats have been gunning for Matt Drudge ever since he blew the whistle on Billyboy and Monica Lewinsky. They don't like how he busts the media monopoly by bringing together all those little stories from around the world that otherwise only a tiny local audience would see and know about. 

That's always been the main power of the liberal media: not so much outright lying, as refusing to report certain stories or allow their true significance to be mentioned. The Drudge Report shatters that monopoly by allowing readers access to hundreds of media outlets at once, and giving certain stories the lefty-libs want buried "undue" prominence. 

That's why they want to shut Matt Drudge down, along with Rush Limbaugh through the "Fairness Act", otherwise known as the "Hush Rush Act."

Another Typical Initial Contact

Hello. I just wanted to send a quick email introduction. I won't take up too much of your time with the details of my situation, as I am sure you are very busy. Mostly I just wanted to say thank you. I'm just an average middle-aged guy living in NYC. Can you imagine a more hellish existence for a recently racially aware individual? That's a bit overly dramatic but some days it can feel a overwhelming dealing with people here. I try to just laugh as much as I can. Humor is always a great tool.
Luckily I won't be for too much longer, thanks to you.
I originally heard abou the Northwest Front after I stumbled across a web site called, which you may have heard of. It was refreshing to discover that web site as well as yours, because I was beginning to feel like I was the only one who felt like there is something very wrong with us as a society. 

All the things that most people find good, true and beautiful, I find ridiculous, disgusting or just plain weird. You can imagine how bad it is in NYC. It was a relief to discover and subsequently your web site, as I no longer feel like I am either crazy or deeply disturbed in some way. The radio broadcasts in particular have been a great help in my keeping my sanity until I can make arrangements to get to the Northwest next year.
I don't know that I will be part of the Northwest Front and for now I am just lurking for the most part, reading the Northwest novels and absorbing the material on the web page. After I have gotten my head around a few ideas, I'll be better able to decide what my next step will be. I don't need a welcome pack just yet, as I have more than enough material as it is, but I will likely be in touch once I get to Idaho next summer.
Until then keep up the good work, and again thank you so much for your tireless efforts.

-James B.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Radio Free Northwest - October 23rd, 2014

HAC speaks on European immigration and Andy pans gay marriage in Idaho, we hear from the Trucker and from Stefan and Annie, then we get another round of Dueling Codgers and Harold rants and raves to a finish.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The White Book (Fifth Edition Northwest Front Party Manual)


I get you're angry that the NW Front hasn't really taken off, but FFS you didn't include the Lulu link in the podcast. Put it in the audio and the podcast feed. I'm sure you'll get some money.

Guess what? I'm 37 years old and didn't "get it" until I took a job in my local urban area, five years ago. I'm not moving anytime soon, but I love you guys. Keep up the good work. 


Sunday, October 19, 2014

We'll Become ISIS

[My court Jew, James Howard Kunstler, speaks. He has the kosher credentials, so he can say these things. Know that I'm not the only one who sees what is coming. - HAC]

I played fiddle at a small-town, country dance last night with several other musicians and it was a merry enough time because that kind of self-made music has the power to fortify spirits. About half the dancers were over 40 and the rest were teenage girls. The absence of young men was conspicuous. Toward the end of the evening, it was just girls dancing with girls. A wonderful and fundamental tension was not present in the room.

The young men are out there somewhere in the country towns, but this society increasingly has no use or no place for them, except in the army. There is absolutely no public conversation about the near total devaluation of young men in the economic and social life of the USA, though there is near-hysterical triumphalism about the success of young women in every realm from sports to politics to business, and to go with that an equal amount of valorization for people who develop an ambiguous sexual identity.

There really is no local forum for public discussion in the flyover regions of the USA. The few remaining local newspapers are parodies of what newspapers once were, and the schools maintain a fog of sanctimony that penalizes thinking outside the bright-side box. Television and its step-child, the internet, offer only the worst temptations of hyper-sexual stimulation, artificial violence, and grandiose wealth-and-power fantasies. There aren’t even any taverns where people can gather for casual talk.

Many of the remaining jobs “out there” are jobs that can be done by anyone — certainly the office work, but also the jobs with near-zero meaning, minimal income, and no status in the national chain burger shacks and box stores — and young women are more reliably subject to control than young men jacked on testosterone, corn syrup, and Grand Theft Auto.

Of course, the idea that higher education can lift a population out of this vortex of anomie is a cruel joke, especially now with the college loan racket parasitizing that flickering wish to succeed, turning young people into debt donkeys. The shelf-life of that particular set of lies and swindles will hit its sell-by date soon in a massive debt repudiation — and the nation will come to marvel at the mendacious system it allowed itself to get sucked into. But this still only begs the question of what young men will do in such a deceitful system.

My guess is that they will shift their attention and activity from the mind-slavery of the current Potemkin economy to the very monster we find ourselves fighting overseas: a domestic ISIS-style explosion of wrath wrapped in an extreme ideology of one kind or another replete with savagery and vengeance-seeking. The most dangerous thing that any society can do is invalidate young men. When the explosion of youthful male wrath occurs in the USA, it will come along at exactly the same time as all the other benchmarks of order become unmoored — especially the ones in money and politics — which will shatter the faith of the non-young and the non-male, too. Also, just imagine for a moment the numbers of young men America has trained with military skills the past 20 years. Not all of them will be disabled with PTSD, or mollified with rinky-dink jobs at the Wal-Mart, or lost in the transports of heroin and methedrine.

The authorities will have no way to understand what is happening and we are certain to endure a long season of violence and social chaos as a result. The re-set from that will be an economy and a society that few now yammering in the HuffPo or the Tea Party will recognize. That society emerging from the ashes of the current matrix of rackets will desperately need young men to rebuild, and there will be plenty of opportunity for them — though it won’t feature fast cars, Kanye West downloads, or bottle service.

There are other ways for young men to find a useful and valued place in a society, but these are too far beyond the ken of our current meager narratives.