Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Radio Free Northwest 5-25-2017


HAC talks about the ins and outs of practicing real freedom of speech, i.e. talking about things the regime doesn’t want White people talking or thinking about.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Thoughtcrime In Obama's America

Yes—despite the election of Donald Trump as president, this is still very much Obama’s America. Obama’s America transcends Obama himself, if you understand what we’re getting at. The liberal democratic power structure which has spent the past century embedding itself in American government and society is still very much entrenched. Even if Trump is sincere, and can even become somewhat effective, this is going to be Obama’s America for a long time.

We need to talk about language and the concept of thoughtcrime, which we’re sorry to say is a very real factor in 21st century American life. A racially conscious White man and a free man as well does not allow the present dictatorship to control or to command what we think or say or write, and that includes a number of forbidden words. You will hear on Radio Free Northwest and read in our publications that the Party  routinely uses words like nigger. kike, beaner and faggot. We use these words specifically because our lords and masters have forbidden us to do so, because the Jewish and liberal ruling élite does not want men and women of our race to use these words, and whatever the régime wants White people not to do is something, then we are under a moral obligation to do as often as possible.

This isn’t quite as simplistic or infantile an assertion as it sounds. There is hard reasoning behind it. I know we keep telling you guys to sit down and read big, thick books, but if any of you haven’t read George Orwell’s historic novel 1984, we recommend in the strongest possible terms that you obtain a copy and do so immediately. Even though the novel was written in 1948, it’s timeless. It explains much about the world we live in today.

When you get your copy of 1984, start with the appendix at the end of the book which discusses something called Newspeak. It’s an essay on the use and perversion of language in order to control thought, and it is even more applicable today that it was 60 years ago when it was first written.

Long story short, it’s not racial insensitivity or hurting the poor little monkoids’ feelings or anything like that which are the régime’s concern. The wealthy and powerful liberals and Jews who run this society don’t give a rat’s ass about some street nigger’s hurt feelings. What the liberals want to do is to control our very thoughts, by making us so afraid to speak certain words out loud for fear of economic retaliation, in Europe fear of legal punishment, or fear of psychopathic black violence, that we censor our own selves so effectively that we don’t even think such words—or think about the concepts and the ideas of racial difference and White superiority that those words convey.

The empowered liberal and Judaic élite in Western society doesn’t only want us afraid to say nigger, they don’t want us to even think nigger, or be able to think it. The wealthy liberals and Jews who rule us don’t want White people to think any thought that contradicts what we are taught in our politically correct classrooms, loony-left universities, or our state-controlled liberal media. The régime does not want White people to have in their minds words which can even so much as formulate forbidden thoughts, never mind express them. The long term goal, as stated in Orwell’s 1984, is to make so-called thoughtcrime impossible, because we will lack even the language necessary to formulate forbidden thoughts in our minds.

It is absolutely essential that White people break through this thought control process and recover true freedom of speech and thought, and that first and foremost represents the freedom to say nigger and kike and faggot. Because you see, the liberals who rule us are not just vicious and evil, they are wrong. 

There is no such thing as an “African-American.” There is no such thing as a black person—the term “person” implies an equality with White people which does not in fact exist anywhere in the real world. They are not people, at least not in the same sense that we are. They are a more primitive and rudimentary species of the genus homo than White people, true, but they are biologically and genetically different in many more important ways other than skin color. Skin color is merely the most obvious of racial differences; the most significant  ones are genetic.

Negroes have inborn differences from White people that cannot be altered, including among other things lesser intelligence, lower cognitive skills generally, and a brain incapable of developing moral thought to the same level as White people. One example is their inability to empathize with anyone outside their own immediate family grouping. It is no accident that all cannibalistic cultures in Africa and Papua New Guinea are black-skinned. On the other hand, it is significant that the green eco, tree-hugging movement is entirely White. White people are the only humans on the face of the earth who seem even to care about the environment.

These are not “black people,” they are niggers, and they know it even if we don’t. Why do you think they call themselves nigger all the time? They don’t respect themselves, so why should we respect them? Then again, we don’t respect ourselves either, since White people won’t fight for what we have and we let them do us such terrible harm, while we cower in a corner like whipped dogs, so why the hell should anyone respect us?

There is no such thing as a “gay” person. There is nothing gay about filthy and unsanitary perversions that spread loathsome diseases. The word homosexual is simply a descriptive term for certain unnatural sexual acts; it does not describe the people who commit those acts. Those people are faggots, queers, bugger boys, dykes, and other terms I won’t use but which are more colorful and descriptive. To refer to these people as gay or homosexual or without any pejorative wording at all is to imply that they and their perversions are somehow acceptable in civilized society. They are not.

You see what I’m getting at? White people and the defenders of Western civilization have to stop letting the enemy define the parameters of discussion and determine what is and is not acceptable by way of thought and language. We need to force that power out of the hands of the liberals and their media and their law, and back into ours. There are a lot of things we need to force out of the hands of the globalists and back into our own.

That’s another thing; we need to be free to at least think in those terms, to encompass in our imaginations the concept of liberals and Democrats and the government being forced to do things, being compelled to change their behavior, and being punished for what they have done in the past, and I don’t mean by being scolded on blogs. 

The thought is father to the deed, as liberals know full well. If we are free to think disrespectfully of minorities and perverts and the system itself, then it’s only a matter of time before we start thinking about other things. And that’s what they’re really terrified of. There is nothing that frightens a Jew or a liberal more than a White man whose mind is not under their control.

Let’s get your mind out of control, shall we? Contact the Northwest Front today. It’s time we got this show on the road. The genetic and demographic clock is ticking and we need to take heed. Otherwise a century from now, there will be no one remaining on earth who looks like us, and North America will resemble either a Chinese ant farm or Brazil.  We know what we’re going to do now, so let’s get on with it.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Northwest Front Recommended Listening List

Greetings, Comrades:

The Idabro has updated his Recommended Listening List viz specific episodes of Radio Free Northwest and other audio and video. It is very long, too long really for this blog, and is now available in .pdf format from nwnet@earthlink.net


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Secret Federal Court Dockets On Clandestine Decisions

Hello all:

Here at USP-Marion, there is a certain type of lunatic "sovereign citizen" who claims that there is a "secret docket" in which all of the decisions that show that we really are being held because our straw men are being sold on the stock market are kept.  Those decisions, of course, are never published -- part of the conspiracy -- and thus one has to know the secret formula or the magic words to access them.

While the "sovereign's" logic is entirely wrong, I am increasingly finding that these conspiracy theories about secret dockets and unpublished opinions are correct.

First, there is the mandamus action that I filed in the Third Circuit to unseal the docket and case number of Joshua Caleb Sutter, one of the federal informers apparently involved in framing me. There is good case law in the Fourth Circuit stating that the United States does use secret dockets to conceal the cases of informers that it later assigns to certain deep cover intelligence activities, a practice that the Fourth Circuit found unconstitutional in 2013.  In Sutter's case, I am able to bring the motion only because the clerk who sealed the criminal case failed to seal the related magisterial proceeding, allowing me to prove that I am not insane, and that a secret sealed docket case exists.

However, the thing that is bothering me today is the way that LEXIS-NEXIS chooses to report orders that are absolutely not secret. It does seem intended to limit the ability of a prisoner litigant to figure out exactly how to bring an action in federal court.

For instance, over the past few years I have won several cases against the dictatorship and won many, many more orders of various sorts. I won the case of Daniels v Owens in the Northern District of Illinois, a 2241 case about the constitutionality of the Bureau of Prison's halfway house escape policy. Mr. Daniels was released from custody about a year earlier than the BOP wanted as a result.  I also won United States v Davis, in which the United States dropped several charges against Nicholas Davis on the grounds that his indictment was obtained by the use of testimony that had previously been adjudicated to be perjured in an Illinois state proceeding.  Davis was also released from custody as a result
(Technically Davis filed my pleading pro se, and his appointed counsel, who was refusing to investigate the issue, adopted the pleading that I wrote.)  

In the past few months, I defeated a government motion to dismiss my own 2241 in the Northern District of Illinois (case was transferred to the Southern District), and won the release of a protective order in the Western District of Virginia as well as a sealing order in the Eastern District of Virginia.  None of these opinions or orders have been reported.

Now, in fairness, four of those orders, or opinions, were obtained after the dictatorship conceded my (or my side's) entitlement to relief, and thus the order merely reflects that the regime's motion to grant me my relief was granted, sometimes in one sentence, sometimes in depth.  

However, on the other side, just about everything that I have been denied in the past year has been immediately reported on LEXIS-NEXIS.  Judge Conrad's erroneous denial of my first new trial motion in the Western District of Virginia, which he recently decided that he did not have the power to reconsider, though my second new trial motion really mooted the issue, was reported.  Judge Gilbert's erroneous decision in the Southern District of Illinois screening out my FTCA case was reported, though it is still pending reconsideration.  And now the two opinions denying my motion to sanction the U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia for making deliberate misrepresentations to the court about the fact that their informant committed the acts that they attributed to me in the drawn out contempt proceedings in that court (which I eventually won on other grounds) have been reported.  The order issued the same day unsealing the sealed documents in that case, however, was not.

This kind of reporting double-standard really does feed the kind of paranoia that drives inmates to file frivolous things with the court.  Before I even knew that there was an update today, one of the con-men "sovereigns" (as opposed to the ones that really believe it) was interrogating me about why the various erroneous orders of last year haven't been reversed yet.  LOL.  He also thought that he would be released on tax day this year, and thinks that any proceedings can be wrapped up in six months.  

But the habit of only reporting orders that are unfavorable to an inmate on LEXIS-NEXIS is a real nuisance.  Originally, I thought that only orders terminating a proceeding were reported, but as I go, I see that erroneous interlocutory orders are reported, too -- when they are against the party adverse to the dictatorship.

I don't know what can be done about this.  LEXIS-NEXIS is free to report anything that they want.  But the exclusion from LEXIS-NEXIS of many orders favorable to prisoners really does make it seem that prisoners never win anything, and that no relief is possible through the legal system. 

While this is a legal fiction that I personally believe the dictator's servants encourage, as part of a general effort to interfere with prisoner appeals and lawsuits, it also feeds "alternative law" sovereign nonsense.  It seems to me that the courts have little to complain about when they get deluged with frivolous paperwork that they've encouraged.

-Bill White

Friday, May 19, 2017

Northwest Front Basics

The Northwest Front is a movement to establish a sovereign and independent Homeland for all White people here in the Pacific Northwest. 

This concept is based on the idea, fairly obvious by this point in our history, that any recovery of the entire North American continent all at once is now demographically impossible. It’s time for the White man to stop wasting time on endless dead ends that don’t work. The fact that you are in contact with the Northwest Front and that you are reading these words at all indicates that you probably already have some idea as to what we’re about, but I’ll do what I can to tell you about us in this short time available here.

It is a matter of the utmost urgency that you make this vitally important commitment to the future of our people, that you do so now, and that you come to the Northwest Homeland with only the minimum delay necessary to raise sufficient funds and put your affairs in order. 

The White race in North America is in danger of literal, physical extinction. If current destructive demographic trends continue, White people will be a minority in the United States and Canada by the year 2050, and we will have vanished completely from North America by 2100. The real point of no return, however, is far nearer in time. By the year 2030, the median age of the White population of North America will have become so high that we will no longer be capable of reproducing ourselves in sufficient numbers to overcome the tide of mud-colored Third World immigration which has been unleashed on North America by successive U.S. presidents, Canadian prime ministers, and a century of globalist political manipulation.

Radical dangers require radical solutions. Many White people placed their hopes in the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, but it didn’t take long for them to become disillusioned. Trump campaign promises such as the building of a border wall, the repeal of the catastrophic Obamacare, banning Muslim immigration, and the criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton seem to have been forgotten. Instead, he is playing grab-ass with North Korea and apparently trying to provoke World War Three with Russia. For the first time in history, Jews are actually living in the White House, and several them are standing behind the president whispering in his ear, almost like some old cartoon out of Der Stürmer.

We have only ourselves to blame. We knew that Trump was as kosher as lox and bagels before we voted him in, and only the fact that his opponent was a kind of liberal Jabba the Hut in the form of a humanoid female persuaded many of us to vote for him. We chose the lesser of two evils; the trouble is that lesser evil is pretty damned bad and now we have to live with it. Or die by it.

We as a people have wasted the past six decades on pointless, futile and impotent right-wing and kosher conservative organizations and strategies. The overwhelming majority of these past organizations and movements refused to recognize the vital central importance of race in all issues, and they refused to recognize the urgent need for state power in order to preserve the existence of our race. 

We spent entirely too much time standing on street corners in laughably tiny groups holding signs and chewing on rubber chicken in rented motel banquet rooms with several dozen people at a time, most of whom were over 60. The result of the past decades of right-wing failure and impotence is that we are now out of time.

There is only one strategy remaining to us that may be able to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Our last remaining hope to stave off extinction is the establishment of a sovereign and independent nation on the continent of North America for White people only, where we can raise a few more generations in physical health, mental sanity, and moral safety. Considerations of demographics, economics, (such as the need for a coastline) and a history of commitment and martyrdom in the persons of Bob Matthews, Sam and Vicky Weaver, Richard Butler, Jeff Hughes, Edgar Steele, and many others, dictate that the territory for this sovereign White republic must lie in the Pacific Northwest.

The First Step To Freedom: Read Things

The first step toward the establishment of the Northwest American Republic is a mass migration of the existing racially aware White community to the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and western Montana. Hispanics and Third World immigrants aren’t the only ones who can change demographics. The settlers in this mass migration must then form communities of responsible and functional-in-society White nationalists, people who live within half an hour’s drive of one another, and who regularly interact face-to-face in the real world as opposed to tapping or clicking on an electronic device.

The internet and social media, etc. are potentially invaluable tools for the establishment of this White ethnostate. They cannot replace human bodies with brave hearts and iron spirits.

You need to get hold of a copy of the Northwest Front Party Manual, which is called the White Book, and any other literature the Party can provide. If you didn’t get this material from the same source where you obtained this copy of NF Bulletin, go to www.northwestfront.org and either contact us through the website, or else by direct e-mail at nwnet@earthlink.net, and we’ll get that material to you. Or you can always write to the NF at P. O. Box 2188, Bremerton, Washington 98310.

In the White Book is a recommended reading list of books on all kinds of subjects, including race, political science, Communism, and the Jewish Question. There is also a section explaining about the five Northwest Independence novels.

The fact is that in order to fully understand what I am saying here, and in order to ask the right questions and get the right answers, you need to be familiar with a whole body of knowledge that White Americans are usually denied access to by the media and the public education system. 

The NF is in rather an unfortunate position, in that in order to bring you fully up to speed on everything we’re saying and convince you of the fact that we are right—and we are right, by the way—you have to sit down and read at least one or two big, thick books, and that’s a problem with 21st century White Americans. 

A large number of us, especially younger White people who were trapped in public schools as children, and whose parents could not afford to give them an actual education in private school, no longer have the ability, the concentration, or the basic literacy to read a long block of text for content. White people are kind of regressing into the past before reading and writing was invented, and we’re now reliant once again on pictures on electronic screens or in so-called graphic novels, rather like our prehistoric ancestors who drew pictures on the walls of caves.

The Party aren’t total Luddites. We are trying to adapt to audio and visual means of communication, hence our YouTube videos, DVDs and CDs, etc. We also have a weekly podcast called Radio Free Northwest, which can be downloaded from northwestfront.org, but the fact is that the bulk of the knowledge you need to know, and which we need to try to make you understand, is contained in actual, physical books.

You’re really going to need to read these books, especially the Northwest independence novels. Those were written with the specific intention of answering every question anyone might come up with, in as much detail as possible. It’s really hard to give detailed answers to questions with people who haven’t read those five Northwest novels, because the answers you’re looking are almost all there, spelled out in much greater specific detail than we could ever give you in 25 words or less here.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Casey Michel Interview

[Yes, I know this guy is as red as a London double-decker bus and he's part of the Clinton-left effort to incite a war with Russia. Unfortunately journalists at publications we really could use some coverage in never interview me, seeing as how us NF "extremists" are their competition. - HAC]  

From the perspective of a white nationalist, how would you assess the first few months of the Trump presidency? 

What you need to understand is that most of us, including myself, never drank the Trump kool-aid to begin with. Do not make the mistake of confusing the chatter of some kids and pretty silly people on Twitter calling themselves "alt.right" for some kind of serious movement. "Alt.right" and White nationalism are not the same thing, not by any means. We supported Trump as the lesser of two evils in order to save us from a catastrophic Hillary Clinton presidency, which would have meant the end of America in any recognizable form.

For the sake of argument, I'll grant Trump a certain basic sincerity of intention, which is questionable, but we'll let it pass. Trump's first 100 days was pretty much as I predicted it would be: he flailed and he floundered, and eventually the Zionist wing of the globalist movement as represented by Jared Kushner brought him more or less under control. He was balked and sabotaged at every turn by the Deep State and his own party, who are IMO plotting some kind of quasi-legal coup d'etat in order to overthrow Trump on 25th Amendment grounds or else collusion with the Democrats for some bogus impeachment. Ryan and his droids want to get Mike Pence installed in the Oval Office, where I gather he is so malleable that he will simply sign anything Ryan puts in front of him. 

Obamacare wasn't repealed because it is viewed as an entitlement now, and democratic (small d) politicians never repeal or take away an entitlement. His attempts to ban the entrance of Muslim murderers into the country have been blocked by liberal activist judges. These judges are not personally at any risk of being butchered by jihadists and who don't give a rat's ass about their fellow countrymen and women who are. Trump doesn't have either the balls or the muscle to defy those judges, and if necessary drag them down off their benches and beat them senseless to teach them some manners, so he's going to lose that one as well.

There pretty clearly isn't going to be any wall, for which he will presumably blame his fellow Republicans.

He dropped his promise to prosecute and imprison Bill and Hillary Clinton for their crimes and their breaches of human decency, which is what lost me insofar as he ever had me at all.

The two good things he has accomplished is numero uno, he got this Gorsuch guy confirmed to SCOTUS, so hopefully the Supreme Court won't become a total foil for the globalists and a weapon of outright genocide against White people as opposed to the creeping variety.

Secondly, he appointed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Sessions is reviving basic immigration enforcement, in the teeth of repeated attempts by the liberal judges to stop him, and at least the illegals are afraid of La Migra once again. At least the Border Patrol is no longer changing bambinos' diapers and giving busloads of illegals rides into the interior. 

What have white nationalists learned since Trump's inauguration, either about Republican leadership or overall support for white nationalist policies? 

We have learned not to trust democratic politicians, because we will be used and then betrayed at the first convenient moment. The Democrats have been doing it to the blacks and the Republicans have been doing it to us for decades, so this is something we should have known already, but what can I tell you? The purpose of democracy is to prevent change, and the Trump presidency is a living illustration of that.

 In conversations with other white nationalists, it seems Trump's first few months - especially as it pertains to things like bombing Syria, sidelining Bannon, and falling short in tax/health care reform - have been disappointing. What's been the most disappointing aspect of the Trump presidency thus far? 

Like I said, with me personally it was his refusal to indict, prosecute, and imprison the Clintons, but I repeat that most of us really didn't expect all that much. It's the babes in the woods of the alt.right who are sobbing and wringing their hands on Twitter about how that bad man Donald betrayed them and crushed their poor little snowflake spirits, and now they can never love again. For the first time in history, so far as I am aware, there are Jews actually living in the White House. Usually they always crept in by the back door to whisper in the President's ear; now Kushner does it over the breakfast table. The ascendancy of Jared Kushner merely formalizes an ancient arrangement; there have been hofjüden in Europe and in this country for many centuries.

In re Steve Bannon, will someone please explain to me how a former naval intelligence officer in the Pentagon who would have been vetted out the wazoo for Establishment bona fides and a former Goldman Sachs investment banker gets himself classified as a White nationalist?

What comes next for American white nationalists? 

Probably nothing, since we lack both the physical courage and the competence actually to do anything other than shitpost to the internet. When Trump goes and the Obamanables return to power, as they will, they will do so literally with a vengeance.

 There will be a massive left-wing purge from the internet, from American political and social life, and from the pop culture of anyone and anything even remotely to the right of center. Anyone who had anything at all to do with Trump or his election will be placed before some kind of Nuremberg-style kangaroo court and burned at the stake, rather like the old auto da fes of the Inquisition. The public punishment and abasement of White males whose minds are not under control will become even more state policy than it already is.

The "mainstream" liberal media must restore its monopoly of thought and information, that's priority number one, and all alternative media such as Breitbart, Infowars, assorted YouTube channels and websites etc. will be forcibly taken down. The SPLC is already targeting Andrew Anglin's Daily Stormer in an attempt to remove the site from the internet. 

So far the power structure has refrained from outright murder in all except a few cases such as Edgar Steele, Jeff Hughes, Seth Rich and Michael Hastings. When it's been done it was done subtly, at four in the morning with no witnesses around, or else behind locked doors. I am personally of the opinion that this policy will soon go out the window. We can expect bloodshed. The so-called "antifas" are carrying guns now. I suspect that if Trump cannot be removed any other way, the Soros crowd will simply have him murdered, under circumstances of suitably credible deniability.

What would you like to see come next for American white nationalists? 

I would like to see The Struggle That Dare Not Speak Its Name.  

How would you assess the quality of the current crop of white nationalism's most visible leaders? (Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, etc.) 

I have been accused of "purity spiraling," in that I believe the White resistance should be represented by sexually normal, genetically Gentile and fully Caucasian White men, and a few extraordinary women, who are equipped with a basic set of fundamental moral principles. There should be no weird sexual, financial, or behavioral skeletons in their closets. In this I am rather a minority view in our community. More specifically than that I will not comment.

Have you noticed any kind of uptick in interest in white nationalism since Trump was inaugurated? 

Oh, yes, definitely. It began about a year ago when the election itself was heating up. The NF is getting a lot more website traffic, although it's hard to tell if that means anything, and we are getting a lot more requests for introductory packets. Again, most of those are looky-loos, which I get, but the interest is there.  

What are your plans moving forward, especially as it pertains to increasing your audience or the visibility of the white nationalist movement in the US? 

The Northwest Front plans to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - May 18th, 2017


HAC goes on a long Q & A about the economy in the Northwest American Republic.